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Traditional metal and/or wood pole barn buildings (those raised with no concrete foundation) are suitable for some people who want a quick and easy agricultural building, but many who choose them wind up playing the coulda-shoulda-woulda game when they realize what they could have gotten by choosing a Worldwide Steel Building instead.

If you’re weighing your options, think beyond the basic wood pole barn kits. Consider how much more you get — immediately and into the future — with a metal barn instead. 

Check out these seven things you can get with a Worldwide Steel metal building that you can’t get with standard pole barn building construction:

1. Vertical Space (A.K.A. Clear Span)

Based on traditional pole barn construction, a pole barn can only rise so high for the sake of security in certain weather conditions. Even at limited height, it will tend to be more susceptible to the wear and tear of extreme weather.

With a steel building, the sky’s the limit for vertical space. The durability and strength of our steel trusses, girders, and framework offer incredible weather resistance. We like to say Worldwide Steel buildings can withstand anything Mother Nature has to offer.

A white yacht inside of an outdoor steel building.

2. More Roofing Options

With a pole barn, roof options are limited to designs that coordinate with the layout of pole supports. In other words, things can get complicated and expensive if you want to get more creative than a typical pitched shed.

Choosing a steel building with a custom steel frame can give you the roof style you want whether it’s shed, hip, gable or gambrel. Want to throw in some skylights for natural lighting? A steel building can do that, too.

3. Open Floor Plan

A mezzanine ceiling built inside of a metal building by Worldwide Steel Buildings.

The point of adding an auxiliary building is often to meet some sort of storage needs. If this is your main focus for your building, you’ll end up losing a lot of space with interior structural poles in the way. These also make it difficult to navigate large equipment. Prefab steel buildings help to get the most out of your potential storage space because they’re supported by trusses and framework that can create a completely open floor plan — no pesky steel columns impeding your open floor plan.

4. Mezzanine Ceilings

Because of the interference of support poles, it is practically impossible to integrate a mezzanine into a pole barn design.

If you need an elevated area in your structure to oversee work down below, or to create office or lounge space above, a steel building is your best option. Our prefab building kits can support lofted second stories for almost any purpose. 

5. Customizable Extras & Add-Ons

Nearly endless extras and add-ons make steel buildings a more attractive option than standard pole barns. For instance, a steel building’s frame can handle the load for free-hanging eve extensions and multiple types of large mechanical garage doors, while a pole barn’s can’t.

These custom features can be used to increase the functionality of your building, while also giving you more options to personalize the overall style of your structure.

6. Longer Lifespan

Here’s where building material really comes into play: longevity. Why spend loads of money on a wooden pole barn building that will rot in the ground or be compromised by termites over the years? A dirt floor and wood post frames have nothing on the concrete floor and high-quality trusses and girts that make up a steel frame building. Choose the stronger option that’s built to last. Concrete piers and sound anchoring increase our steel building’s structural integrity, which means it’ll be stronger and last much longer than a pole barn … and with way lower maintenance costs.

An outdoor steel garage built by Worldwide Steel Buildings.

7. Options For Growth

Think expansion may be necessary in the future? You’ll have to tear down that pole barn in order to expand. However, our steel buildings are easy to expand, thanks to the live trusses. This means that instead of starting from scratch in a few years, you can simply build upon what you already have!

So, what are you waiting for? The professionals at Worldwide Steel Buildings are waiting to answer your questions! Give us a call at (800) 825-0316 for more information on our industry-leading 50-year structural warranty and a free quote on your steel building price (here’s a hint — you might be pleasantly surprised by our metal pole barn prices). 

Want to try it before you buy it? Take advantage of our FREE 3D Building Designer! Click here to get started.

Imagine transforming your garage space from a basic storage area into a stunning showpiece of your home. For many homeowners, the garage is simply a spot to park cars and store items, but it holds the potential to be so much more. Our Top 10 Dream Garage Ideas guide is here to spark your imagination and guide you through this exciting transformation.

What if your garage could reflect your unique style and interests? Think beyond a standard garage remodel. With Worldwide Steel Buildings, creating a luxury garage that goes beyond the ordinary is within reach. Whether you’re an enthusiast with a prized car collection or someone who appreciates the practicality of a car lift, our design ideas are tailored to meet your specific desires.

These dream garage ideas aren’t just about organizing space; they’re about reinventing it. Each concept is a step towards turning your garage into a multifunctional area. From aesthetic improvements to functional upgrades, every element contributes to realizing your dream garage.

As you explore these top 10 features, envision how they can elevate your garage remodel. This is your opportunity to transform a conventional garage into an extension of your home, perfectly suited to both homeowners and their passions.

1. Add Windows

Is your current garage dark, dreary, and depressing? Let the light in with a few windows. Adding windows, garage doors or skylights will make your home garage look custom and will offer awesome natural lighting.

A metal garage with a beige exterior and a white garage door

2. Fix Up Your Flooring

A concrete floor may seem like the easy choice, but why not amp it up a bit with an epoxy floor? Adding an epoxy coating to your garage floor is an easy way to turn boring concrete into a work of art. These days, a floor coating is also durable, so you don’t need to worry about messing it up if you drop something heavy.

3. Wash Off with a SinkShelves and a tool bench inside of a metal garage

What happens in the garage should stay in the garage! If you’re constantly tracking grease and grime into your living space, adding a sink with some garage cabinets underneath (to store soap and paper towels) can help contain the mess. The ability to wash up where you work will not only keep your garage interior a cleaner space, but your home as well.

4. Stock Up On Storage

The garage is the top place for clutter to accumulate, but the right garage storage can help. Take a look at an unused garage wall and measure it for built-in cabinetry, overhead storage, shelves, and hooks. See if you can add to this storage system with a freestanding storage unit for bulkier items. You’ll be impressed by how much better your storage space gets and how easily you can reach the things you use often, all while getting rid of the messy, piled-up junk.

5. Power Up with Electricity

If you’re not wired for electricity, you’re wasting tons of potential in your space. Most of the tools used for woodworking, fixing up classic cars, and generally facilitating a garage workshop need electricity. Add outlets in convenient spaces to expand the opportunity for future electrical needs. Not to mention, without electricity, you can’t have these awesome features below…

6. Turn It Up with Audio/Sound

Who says the garage can’t double as a man cave? Install a sound system and flat-screen television. Enjoy the big game with the boys, fix up your dream car, and make DIY jobs a breeze by streaming instructional videos, right in your workshop.

7. Lock It Down with Security

You’ve invested in some really cool stuff. Make sure you protect it! Don’t forget to incorporate a security system and install security sensors on your new garage doors and windows. If you want to further control who has the keys to your castle, consider adding a keypad lock to your door with your own personalized security code.

8. Workbench

A man putting together a work bench with tool storage

A functional workbench is essential for any DIY enthusiast’s garage. It’s not just a workspace; it’s where your creative projects come to life. Strategically placing this workbench near your storage solution ensures tools are always within reach, enhancing both efficiency and organization. This setup transforms your garage into an inspiring workspace, perfect for any DIY project.

9. Lighting

Windows may improve natural lighting conditions, but some special projects (or those that keep your attention long after the sun has gone down) require special lighting. Add high-quality LED lighting overhead, and dimmers for more lighting options.

10. Keep Your Cool

Working on a project, or having your buddies over to enjoy your new digs, means you will need refreshments. Forget about trips back and forth to the kitchen! Install a refrigerator and keep your cold drinks right where they belong.

From Plans to Perfection: Finalizing Your Dream Garage Design

The journey to your dream garage makeover begins with a vision and a plan. Whether you’re starting with a basic one-car garage or expanding to accommodate a larger vision, your garage plans are the blueprint for transformation. Each feature we’ve discussed is a stepping stone toward creating a space that’s not only functional but also a reflection of your personal style and needs.

Remember, a garage makeover is more than just a renovation project; it’s an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle. From sleek design elements to practical upgrades, every change contributes to the overall feel and functionality of your garage.

Take these ideas, refine them to fit your unique requirements, and embark on the exciting journey of turning your ordinary garage into the space you’ve always imagined. Your dream garage is not just a concept—it’s a possibility waiting to be realized.

When you work with Worldwide Steel Buildings, the custom garage of your dreams is closer than it seems. Call us today for more information (800) 825-0316 or contact us online. We’ll help you find the best steel building kit to meet all of your dream garage needs.

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Unsure about building your own metal building? You’d be amazed how easy it can be with a prefab steel building kit from Worldwide Steel! Not only can you save money by choosing to DIY your steel building, but our building kits are designed for easy metal building assembly, making them a perfect choice for your new building project. Our prefab building components, including purlins, trusses, roof panels, and wall sheeting, make the building erection process straightforward and cost-effective.

Check out how simple the building process is, as well as the other benefits of purchasing a Worldwide Steel Building, a leading building manufacturer in the USA.

Steel Building Kits Designed for Easy Assembly


If you have the tools and the time, our DIY building systems are so easy to assemble, streamlining your building construction process. We make it so easy that you can completely forego hiring a contractor for your building project. All trusses in our metal building kit are pre-punched, and the purlin and girt clips are factory-welded, simplifying the metal building assembly. Even the screws are self-sealing to prevent leaks in your new building. With our building installation guidance, all you need are the tools, a concrete slab, and a little bit of talent!

Afraid to buy it before you try it? That’s ok! Check out our online assembly manual, complete with building solutions, to see if you’re up to the task before committing to the purchase.

Tools Needed to Assemble a Worldwide Steel Building

An additional benefit of choosing a Worldwide Steel building kit is that, outside of a few basic tools – which you most likely already have – everything is included in the kit. This means you’ll have less ordering, less traveling to pick materials up, and most importantly, lower costs in your building installation! The kit includes anchor bolts, fasteners, and clear span components, ensuring a comprehensive package for your construction process. Want to see if you’ve got the necessary tools? Click here to see the 4 tools you’ll need, besides your toolbox basics.

How DIY Steel Building Kits Can Save You Money

Not only can you save money by not hiring an outside contractor, but you’ll also save time because our DIY building kits come with everything you need, all in one, cost-effective, ready-to-assemble package. Our prefabricated steel building kits include overhead doors, eave struts, roof sheeting, and steel frames, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers. This integrated approach ensures you can focus more on the building project and less on managing supplies.

If you’ve ever had a hand in putting together a building, you know one of the great hassles (and costs) is getting all the materials together from many different sources. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you with our engineered steel building kits, which means you can skip the additional markup costs and hassle of finding the best deal amongst many different sources.

Comparing Steel to Other Building Materials

When considering a DIY building project, the choice of material is crucial. Steel offers several advantages over traditional materials like wood or concrete. For starters, steel is incredibly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it a more reliable choice for long-term stability. It’s also fire-resistant and pest-resistant, unlike wood. In terms of cost, steel can be more economical in the long run due to its low maintenance requirements and longer lifespan. This makes steel an ideal choice for your building project, ensuring a sturdy and lasting structure.

Customization Options for Your Metal Building

With Worldwide Steel Buildings, the possibilities for customization are nearly endless. Whether you’re looking for a specific size, color, or layout, our steel building kits can be tailored to fit your unique needs and preferences. You can choose from a variety of door and window configurations, roof styles, and even interior finishes. Our flexible design options ensure that your metal building is not just functional but also visually appealing, perfectly aligning with your vision for the project.

Future Expansion and Scalability

One of the fantastic features of our steel structures is their scalability. As your needs grow, so can your building. Our building designs allow for easy expansion, whether you need to extend the length, add new sections, or even stack additional stories. This scalability ensures that your investment is future-proof, adapting to your changing needs without the need for a complete rebuild.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Maintaining your metal building is straightforward and low-cost. Regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris, checking for any signs of moisture or damage, and ensuring proper ventilation are usually all that’s needed. Unlike wood structures, metal buildings don’t require treatments for pests or rot, and they’re less susceptible to weather damage. A little bit of care goes a long way in keeping your metal building in top condition for years to come.

Moving Forward with Your Metal Building

Embarking on your DIY journey with a Worldwide Steel building kit means embracing an experience that is cost-effective, customizable, and tailored to your specific needs. From the ease of assembly to the long-term benefits of a durable steel structure, our kits offer an unparalleled solution for your building projects. Whether you are planning a small metal garage, a large storage building, or anything in between, our steel building kits are designed to meet and exceed your expectations. And with the flexibility for future expansion and minimal maintenance requirements, a Worldwide Steel building is not just a purchase; it’s a long-term investment in efficiency and quality. Contact us to get your free quote today.

Ready to take the first step toward your new steel structure? Explore our range of steel building kits, customize your own design with our 3D Building Designer, or get in touch with our team for expert advice. Your perfect steel building design is just a few clicks away – start your project with Worldwide Steel Buildings now and bring your vision to life! Click the image below to try it out!

A self-storage facility with multiple mini storage buildings in a row

It’s a crazy world out there. The economy is uncertain, real estate costs and rent prices keep going up, and wages aren’t increasing at the same rate. These factors combined lead to a couple of different truths: First, many people are downsizing. They may realize they need a smaller square foot house than they’ve been living in. But then, what do they do with belongings they don’t want to part with? Second, a lot of other people are looking for ways to bring in more income and increase their cash flow. The more passive that income is, the better. 

One idea? An independently owned self-storage business. Seems like a great idea, right? Fill a need for all the folks downsizing and start making money without many operating expenses beyond the development cost. Especially if you already own property (meaning you don’t have any additional up-front land costs to contend with), a collection of storage units, with various storage unit sizes to cater to different needs, sounds like a pretty great idea. 

Still, no small business venture or construction project should kick off without thorough research. If you’re wondering about the average cost to build a mini storage building and turn your property into a mini self-storage facility, Worldwide Steel Buildings is here to get you started: 

Assess the Situation

At first glance, the self-storage business may seem like a simple endeavor. After all, unlike most other businesses, there is no product ordering, no inventory tracking or storage, no spoilage or obsolescence issues, staffing and scheduling are minimal, and consumables and product liability are virtually nonexistent. But beware: silent waters often run very deep. Jumping head-first into the self-storage business because it looks easy may cause a bigger splash than you may be prepared to handle, especially considering the operating costs.

Make sure you’re educated on zoning restrictions for your property, prepared to handle climate control for your business’s buildings, and are thoroughly versed in occupancy regulations. Additionally, understanding the material costs involved in constructing your storage units is crucial (after all, desperate times call for desperate measures, and the cost of living continues to increase …). 

Consider your Budget

Starting a self-storage building business as a startup can certainly be cost-effective up front and lucrative beyond that. Done correctly, it can also be pretty simple. We recommend starting modestly, with a limited, easy-to-handle number of single-story self-storage units in a couple of different unit sizes, considering both storage solutions and storage unit costs. When your business plan eventually calls for expansion, it will be easy to do so: especially if you choose a metal building kit for your self storage construction. 

The building costs of a mini storage facility can vary greatly, but the total cost of building a mini storage facility does not need to break the bank. A prefab metal mini storage kit has proven to be among the most economical (not least because its DIY nature will require almost zero additional construction budget), and offers some of the most durable storage building systems around.

Then, once you’ve determined your initial investment (the building kit itself plus limited construction costs, including material costs), think about what you’ll need to set aside for maintenance and climate control. From there, you can begin to determine market rental rates and how many renters you’ll need to make your storage space business profitable. 

Choose the Right Contractor

Worldwide Steel Buildings offers the highest quality storage unit kits at the lowest possible prices, optimizing storage solutions for every client. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes and finish options, designed specifically to maximize the use of your individual area. 

Make your self-storage project your own by choosing your colors, door types, and roof pitches to suit the environment in your area and the storage needs of your potential customers. 

Worldwide Steel Buildings works with customers in all fifty states, offering the best steel building solutions for every individual climate and elemental conditions, at the lowest possible mini storage building cost offered by anyone, anywhere! We can handle just about any storage need from private to commercial applications in the most economical fashion available, including open storage units for boat and recreational vehicle storage. 

Plus, our metal building kits come with industry-leading, 50-year structural warranties, so you can feel confident your Worldwide Steel Building is a sound investment for today, tomorrow, and many years to come.

Ready to start your new business and get that increased cash flow rolling? 

Contact Worldwide Steel Buildings today at (800) 825-0316 to find out more about Worldwide Steel Buildings mini storage packages and get a free quote on your new steel mini storage project.

A metal building designed and built by Worldwide Steel Buildings

When you look at an old home, the design and architecture are probably the first things that jump out at you. The intricate detailing and now-quirky components are often beautiful, sometimes strange and occasionally just baffling. But sure enough, the durability and lifespan of the property are always what we find most impressive. After all, if the structural integrity of the building wasn’t there, the beautiful details would have disappeared decades ago. It’s the historic construction and solid building material that allows these buildings to stand the test of time.

You’ve heard people say “They don’t make them like they used to,” I bet. Changes in our economy, technology, priorities and culture have led to definite differences (read: low-quality workmanship and cheap construction materials) in many of today’s mass-produced buildings. And it’s sad but true. Traditional construction today compared to traditional construction 100 years ago is certainly lacking. Is it still possible to erect a beautiful, thoughtful wood building today? Absolutely. But it won’t be quick and it definitely won’t be cost-effective. But don’t give up! There are new building techniques and building designs available that are always durable (even backed by a one-of-a-kind warranty that guarantees them to stand strong for 50 years, even when put up against harsh working conditions and extreme weather) and attractive, and are also quick to build, cost-effective and low-maintenance. 

We are speaking, of course, of metal and steel buildings. Unfortunately, some people are wary of the durability and strength of steel structures, primarily due to their ease of construction and low cost. They assume that because steel framing can be erected quickly and relatively inexpensively, it’s likely to fail just as quickly. But the exact opposite is true — metal structures give you the best of all worlds. You get the strength of steel combined with the value and ease of prefab, precision-fit framing systems. 

Steel buildings are made of the strongest metals on earth, and are designed in a way that allows the building to stand up to absolutely anything you could throw its way: they’re fire resistant, impermeable to termites and other pests, not prone to corrosion or water damage, dependable in the face of high winds and natural disasters, and provide excellent energy efficiency. When all these benefits combine, they add up to a building that can last just as long as the antique homes we admire today. 

At Worldwide Steel, we’re strong, vocal proponents of this and many, many other benefits of steel buildings. And why wouldn’t we be? The more proof of quality you have, the more confident you can be. Seeing these buildings in action is enough to calm any nerves. This is why our steel and metal building kits come with a 50-year structural warranty directly from the manufacturer. It is our promise that your building will be designed and manufactured to meet your specific building codes and withstand the test of age, whatever that may include.

Metal buildings also offer better sustainability than wood framing materials (yep, really!) and unmatched versatility, perfect for everything from outdoor storage to residential homes. Steel buildings are ideal for all sorts of needs, from barns and stables to garages, workshops and commercial buildings. The steel buildings are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, functioning as commercial and residential properties just as easily as an airplane hangar.

Whatever building projects you’re considering, a metal or steel building kit can meet your purposes and meet them well. When you opt for a metal building, you know you are finding a budget-friendly solution to your building needs—one that will last a lifetime without issue.

For more information about Worldwide Steel building systems, construction processes and midwest-manufactured materials, give us a call at (800) 825-0316 or request a quote online.

A steel building with snow covering its roof and surrounding the building

When it comes to constructing steel buildings, understanding and planning for heavy snow load is imperative, particularly in regions known for significant snowfall. The termheavy snow load” refers to the weight of snow and its impact on buildings, which can vary depending on the type and amount of snow, as well as the structure’s design. Worldwide Steel Buildings recognizes the critical nature of this issue and prioritizes the design of metal buildings that can confidently withstand these challenging conditions. This blog delves into the importance of considering heavy snow load in the construction and maintenance of steel structures. We will explore the potential effects of snow accumulation on steel buildings, key design considerations to ensure structural integrity, best practices for maintenance, and the importance of adhering to building codes. Worldwide Steel Buildings is committed to delivering steel structures – from metal garages to large-scale storage buildings – that meet and exceed the demands of heavy snow load environments.

What Snow Means For Your Building Needs

Heavy snow loads can pose serious risks to steel structures. The weight of snow accumulation, especially during blizzards or heavy snowfall, can lead to potential structural damage. This includes stress on trusses, eaves, and the building roof. Safety concerns for occupants cannot be overstated, as the risk of collapse or damage increases under heavy snow load. Additionally, the economic impacts due to damage or downtime can be significant, especially in commercial storage buildings or steel garages.

The good news is that steel and metal buildings from Worldwide Steel are built with what it takes to handle the heavy and harsh snow pile-ups required in each area of the country. In fact, it is found that metal and steel buildings may actually be better suited to handling higher snow loads than traditionally framed homes.

Key Considerations for Designing Steel Buildings in Heavy Snow Load Areas

In designing buildings for areas prone to heavy snowfall, Worldwide Steel Buildings considers several key factors. Structural reinforcement is a crucial aspect, including the use of sturdy trusses and robust building kits. Roof design, particularly the pitch, plays a significant role; a steeper roof pitch can help reduce snow buildup, enhancing the building’s ability to shed snow. Professional engineering evaluations are essential to ensure compliance with building codes, considering factors like ground snow load, wind load, and roof snow load.

Best Practices for Maintaining Steel Buildings in Heavy Snow Load Areas

Proper maintenance is essential for steel buildings in heavy snow load areas. Effective snow removal strategies and the use of specialized equipment can prevent issues like ice dams and excessive snow accumulation. Regular inspections are important for identifying and addressing damage or wear, especially after the winter season. Proactive maintenance, backed by the comprehensive warranty offered by Worldwide Steel Buildings, is vital for ensuring the longevity and safety of metal structures, including garages, carports, and larger buildings.


Snow is the heaviest and most dangerous when it is compacted. If you live in a climate where compacted snow could develop, then it is important to take weather precautions under consideration when building your structure. Compacted snow is heavy due to the layers of ice that form in between the layers of snow. Be educated about the weather risks in your area and know what you need your building to stand up against when making your choice of materials. Steel and metal buildings can be used for garages, workshops, and residential and commercial needs, and are easily insulated to make the inside just as comfortable as the outside is sturdy. 

Recognizing the importance of heavy snow load considerations in the design and maintenance of steel buildings is crucial. Worldwide Steel Buildings is dedicated to providing structures that are not only capable of withstanding the challenges of heavy snowfall but are also designed with safety, longevity, and efficiency in mind. We invite potential clients to consult with our team of building specialists and experts to benefit from our extensive experience in creating durable, reliable steel buildings for various needs and environments.

Are you planning a new building project in an area with heavy snowfall? Don’t let the winter weather catch you off guard. Contact Worldwide Steel Buildings now to discuss your project needs. Our team of building experts and specialists are ready to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your structure is perfectly suited to withstand heavy snow loads. When the snow does fall, you want to rest assured that you have the strongest building design in the business. From small garages to massive work equipment sheds, you can get the confidence you need that you have a solid building that will stand up no matter the weather.

At Worldwide Steel, we’ve noticed something interesting. Often, when potential customers are researching their new building project, they’re drawn to a metal building (and for good reason — there are so many benefits to a steel structure). But they’re immediately wary of metal building prices. For some reason, the price of steel has gotten a reputation for being more volatile than the price of other building materials. And yes, the price of steel does fluctuate along with the economy. But so does the price of every other material. Look at what happens to the price of wood, tile and brick as the economy fluctuates!

So rather than looking at just the cost of building materials, it makes sense to consider the cost of metal building kits against traditional construction from start to finish. And when you do that, you’ll see steel building cost benefits begin with construction and last a lifetime. 

Affordability is Key

Steel and metal buildings are cost-effective from the very beginning. Because they are so customizable, you’re largely in control of the final price tag. With Worldwide Steel, you can design something well within your price range. Of course, larger buildings with more add-ons will come at an additional cost, but your design will be very affordable per square foot regardless of building size. 

From there, it is up to you what materials you use to finish the building, which means that you have even further control over the total cost. Exterior finishes are available in sheet metal, vinyl, stucco, wood or brick, and while all offer enhanced durability and strength, each can provide your building with a unique finishing touch.

You’ll also see metal building cost savings beginning with construction costs. Because your metal building is so simple to erect, it will go up quickly with minimal construction needed. That means a smaller crew, fewer days dedicated to building, and less need to rent equipment, all of which ultimately add up to a more affordable construction process.

Another factor that makes the steel building construction process so affordable is how comprehensive Worldwide Steel building kits are. Our steel building kits include everything necessary for your metal building, from the trusses to the last fastener. That means:

  • Buildings are able to be erected in minimal time, oftentimes within just a matter of days
  • Steel buildings can be constructed with unskilled labor, thanks to comprehensive building kits and an easy-to-follow manual. When putting together a building is truly a simple, DIY task, you’ll save big on labor costs.
  • No heavy equipment is necessary for construction, which further reduces labor and rental
  • Steel kits are lightweight, which makes for an easier construction process

While it can be tough to think past the initial costs when you’re about to make a big financial investment, it’s crucial — especially when it comes to a new building. When you’re investing in something you’ll own and maintain for years to come, the cost of that maintenance is a major factor in the cost of the building over its lifetime. 

Steel frame buildings are extremely low-maintenance, durable and energy-efficient, all of which means they’re cheaper to own over the decades as well as upfront. Because our steel frames are designed to stand up to harsh winds, heavy snow loads and other environmental concerns, they’re less likely to fail under normal circumstances. They’re also less susceptible to common annoying building issues, like rot and insect infestation.

We’re so confident in our building systems that each one is backed by an industry-leading 50-year structural warranty. 

Affordable Steel Buildings From Worldwide Steel

Ready to see exactly how much your prefab metal building will cost? Worldwide Steel Buildings offers top-of-the-line steel building kits at affordable prices. Call us at (800) 825-0316 for a free building quote, or request a quote online.

A Worldwide Steel Buildings expert can help you determine what size and material types are best for your project (for example, a metal barn used to house animals may have different requirements than a metal garage built to store heavy machinery). That means you won’t have to waste precious funds on unnecessary building materials or put money into a project that doesn’t meet your needs. 

Contact us for more information about steel building prices! Financing options are available to make the construction process even more affordable. 

The frame of a clearance metal building kit from Worldwide Steel Metal

The decision to begin a construction project isn’t one that comes lightly. There’s a long process of planning and organizing exactly where the structure will go and how you need the building set up so that it fits your needs exactly. When it comes to actually constructing the building, the easier the process is, the better. This is why so many homeowners and businesses turn to steel construction, and Worldwide Steel Buildings offers state-of-the-art metal building kits that are top-of-the-line in stability and cost-effectiveness, with high-quality design and ease of construction for the do-it-yourselfer.

When the option comes to save money on the product you need, you don’t turn it down. We shop sales for clothing, food, and even specials on travel and vacation destinations. But when it comes to a construction process, you don’t usually think of what sales you can find. Thanks to Worldwide Steel Buildings, this way of thinking is a thing of the past. Their clearance metal buildings and steel building kits are not just affordable but also of high quality.

Worldwide Steel Buildings has a large compilation of manufactured parts that are at discounted and clearance prices, making it more affordable than ever to construct the custom metal building that you need. From metal garages to storage buildings, these kits meet all building codes and come with options like roll-up doors for your convenience.

Save Money, Still Build New

Why should you buy new? Here are a few reasons why steel building kits are the way to go for your budget project:

  • Reduce the risk of manufacturing issues with controlled products that meet high standards.
  • No issues with potential damage from previously owned buildings.
  • Guaranteed parts that are pre-manufactured at the factory, meaning you know the product you get in the end.
  • Steel buildings are 100% customizable to your needs and versatile in their applications.

Worldwide Steel Buildings offers a range of metal buildings for sale, including steel garages, horse barns, and commercial buildings, all customizable to your specific needs. These building kits come with color options and are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including snow load. 

When you think of ways to save money on a building, you may first consider that the only way to do this is by purchasing a pre-constructed building—often one that may have experienced some wear and tear and may not be in its prime stage of life anymore at a location maybe not where you wanted it. However, this is actually not the case. When you purchase a used building, you are imposing a series of limitations on your business options, as well as opening yourself up to a world of potential financial barriers and improvement projects that will add up in the long run. Discount materials are available in steel or hybrid steel packages, ready to be constructed in your ideal location, and at an affordable price.

Constructing a steel building allows you to control the building cost of your project. It puts the construction process in your hands and gives you the opportunity to start with something fresh and new that comes with a warranty, giving you the security of knowing you’ve controlled your future expenses. On your terms, on your property, and within your timeline and budget, prefab metal building packages offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for your construction needs.

The Advantages of Clearance Metal Buildings

Opting for clearance metal buildings offers a plethora of benefits, especially for budget-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on quality. Here are some key advantages:

  • Cost Savings: One of the most compelling reasons to choose clearance metal buildings is the significant cost savings. These buildings, which include everything from storage sheds to RV carports with a vertical roof, are offered at reduced building prices, making them a financially savvy choice without sacrificing quality.
  • Immediate Availability: Clearance items are typically ready for immediate delivery, ensuring that your building specialist can get your project off the ground quickly.
  • Quality Assurance: Even though these buildings are on clearance, they still adhere to the same high-quality standards as regular-priced items. You get the same durability and strength, backed by a 50-year warranty, at a more affordable price.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: By choosing clearance buildings, you’re also making an environmentally friendly choice. These buildings are often surplus from previous orders, and utilizing them helps in reducing waste.
  • Flexibility in Design: Clearance metal buildings can still offer a degree of customization. They can be adapted for various uses, whether for storage, workshops, garages, or commercial purposes.

With these benefits, clearance metal buildings represent an outstanding value, combining affordability with the high standards of new construction.

Your Ideal Building Awaits

In conclusion, whether you’re embarking on a new construction project for personal, business, or industrial use, steel buildings offer a unique combination of affordability, quality, and versatility. Worldwide Steel Buildings stands out with its range of high-quality, customizable, and affordable clearance metal buildings. These buildings are not just a cost-effective solution; they are a smart investment in durability and functionality.

Ready to find the perfect fit for your needs? Explore our collection of clearance metal buildings for sale, including garage kits and metal barns, all designed to meet the needs of USA homeowners and businesses. With a variety of options available, you’re sure to find a building that meets your specifications and budget. Don’t miss this opportunity to save on your next construction project while still ensuring the highest quality. Contact us today for a free quote and take the first step towards your new steel building.

Worldwide Steel Buildings offers the best deals on steel buildings, including steel garages, sheds and workshops, making it an easy choice when it comes to finding the best building options and materials for your workshop needs.

There are a few things that you want to look for when choosing the right material for your workshop. These include:

  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Reliability

Steel buildings offers all three of these fundamental needs, putting other options like wood to rest.

Steel: The Best Choice for Workshops

Workshops are an extension of your home and workplace. They are an environment dedicated wholly to the hobbies, hand crafts and projects that you put your time and energy into working on. Whether your workshop is for personal projects or is necessary out of industrial concerns, you want to make sure that you find a workshop that will stand up to the elements and keep your materials safe and secure. Steel workshops are not susceptible to termites and other insects, the walls don’t break down and crack after time and exposure to moisture, and they are easily reinforced to make theft incredibly difficult.

Of course, there are other reasons why steel is the ideal building material, well beyond the security of what goes inside the building. Steel is a flexible building material that can be manipulated under certain forms of pressure to fit the design that you need. Once in place, the steel is not going to budge. However, as you are designing your steel workshop you can take into account certain needs, such as higher ceilings or smaller alcoves.

Steel workshops are also one of the most affordable options on the market when it comes to the development of smaller buildings. There is a wide selection of carports and steel reinforced walls that makes purchasing a steel workshop simple. What is more, the construction is also affordable, simple and quick, which means that you can get to work in your workshop faster than you would be able to with a traditional building model.

Steel buildings can be upgraded, updated and remodeled as needed to accommodate future needs. The nature of steel buildings makes it easy to adjust the building size to the needs of the property, and as the property availability changes, so can the size of the steel building.

If you are looking for a new workshop, steel building construction is the way to go. Contact us for more information.

After 30 years in the business of selling and manufacturing steel buildings, we’ve talked to a lot of people who were unhappy with products they bought from other dealers. There may be a lot of vendors out there, but you need to pick a steel building company who has the experience and professionalism to deliver a high-quality and affordable product. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the same position as the people who come to Worldwide Steel Buildings with complaints about the other guy. So you know what we mean, here are four of the most common complaints of steel building owners and how buying from Worldwide Steel Buildings steers you clear of those pitfalls.

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Structures That Are Not Built to Last

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, the most common complaint we hear is that other dealers aren’t selling structures that are built to last. We take quality very seriously at Worldwide Steel Buildings and enshrine high-quality standards into each step of the process. Worldwide uses only American recycled steel and trusses are built on jig tables to maintain the same quality on every truss. Each truss is then inspected prior to being dipped in our rust inhibitor / primer tank.

We stand by the quality of our work vigorously.  Worldwide Steel Buildings offers a 50-year structural warranty, far longer than the standard 1-2 year warranties offered by other steel building companies. Additionally, the premium sheet metal we use also offers a 40-year warranty, giving consumers a maintenance-free building with the durability to last a life time.

Paying Too Much

Another complaint we hear far too often is that other dealers overcharge customers for the quality of product they produce. At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we pride ourselves on being both high-quality and affordable. Because of our 30 years of experience and team of experts, Worldwide Steel Buildings is uniquely able to deliver long-lasting building packages at a truly affordable price. Our consultants work with our architects and engineers to put together the highest performance building package at the lowest cost; making our buildings the best value available. And we mean affordable to everyday consumers as well as businesses. Over the years, Worldwide Steel Buildings has provided economical solutions to hundreds of commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial applications.

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Structures That Don’t Meet Local Requirements

When designing structures that must withstand the elements, cookie cutter solutions just won’t do. A building that would be structurally sound in one part of the country may not be in another. A structure built to withstand hurricane winds may not be built to withstand heavy loads of snows. It may even be a legal matter, so it’s important to find a manufacturer that’s experienced at navigating the various rules of each state and jurisdiction. All of the steel buildings Worldwide manufactures are designed to the required loads and codes for the location they are erected. We have buildings in all 50 states that have been designed for high winds or heavy snows. In nearly 30 years, we have never had a building fail do to structural design.

Structures that Don’t Meet Needs of Clients

A common complaint we hear from customers who first bought from other dealers is that the structure doesn’t fit their needs. This could be because the design had less usable space than they originally thought, there wasn’t a plan that suited their needs, or because their needs changed over time. These aren’t reasons for complaints when a customer buys a structure from Worldwide Steel Buildings. Every Worldwide building has 100 percent usable space clear to the peak. There are also many different modification options so the structures can be designed for any type of application. A second floor or loft storage can be added with a Worldwide-exclusive bar joist system. There’s a 14’ self-supporting overhang for additional roofed storage outside the building. And the building can grow with the needs of the user. All Worldwide Steel buildings offer an expandable end wall for future expansion.

When you buy from a qualified steel buildings company like Worldwide Steel Buildings, there’s no reason for complaints. From start to finish, we strive for high-quality, affordability, and accountability. To learn more about our products, warranties, or to get started, visit our contact page.

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