​10 Benefits of a Steel Building

Posted on June 20, 2014
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When the average person thinks of a steel building, they probably think about a garage or a workshop, a storage shed … maybe even an airplane hanger. But steel construction doesn’t stop there. There is so much more to steel buildings than meets the eye. You can create nearly any type of room or building that your mind can imagine, like a guest house, a man cave, a riding arena, or even a distillery. And why would you want to? The reasons are nearly endless … but we’ve narrowed down the top ten for you.

Get ready to explore Worldwide Steel Buildings’ top ten benefits of steel buildings: 

1. Durability and longevity

The steel used in our metal buildings can withstand even the most severe of weather conditions. Large balls of hail, lightning strikes and high winds are no match for steel structures. Not only do the construction materials used in metal buildings hold up well in all types of weather, they also stand the test of time and will last decades without showing much (if any) wear and tear.

Steel buildings in general are known for being long-lasting, and their roofs are a great example of that. We make our roofs from tough, U.S. manufactured steel. They are pre-treated to withstand the harshest of weather. The typical shingled roof has a life expectancy of around two decades. A metal roof has a minimum life expectancy of over 40 years. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors estimates metal roofs have a life expectancy up to 80 years.

2. Ease of maintenance

When you invest in a steel building, you’re investing in years of low-maintenance functionality. Our steel is pre-treated at the factory to be rust and corrosion resistant. Metal walls, roofs, and beams maintain their structural integrity through the toughest of elements. Our buildings have withstood decades of rain, heat, and snow. That means you won’t have to worry about replacing the roof shingles every fifteen years, monitoring slowly deteriorating exterior materials, or scrubbing hard-to-clean surfaces on a steel building — all things that come along with caring for traditional construction. A simple hose-down periodically will keep your steel frame building clean and looking excellent. Who doesn’t want less maintenance? 

3. Simplicity

There are few materials involved in the steel building construction process, and the structure itself is deceivingly simple. Your steel building kit will be easy to put together in a short amount of time because of its simple nature. On a prepared slab, a 1200 ft. structure can go up in as little as a few hours.

4. Flexibility and versatility

You can build and customize nearly every aspect of a steel building. Add doors of any type, windows, porches, even incorporate luxury interior finishes. When you work with the building specialists at Worldwide Steel, the sky’s the limit.  

Plus, steel buildings grow with your needs. Metal buildings are easy to expand, so if you outgrow your building, you can order additional material and install an expansion with minimal disruption to your life or business.

5. Affordability

Looking for the best bang for your buck? That’s just another one of the advantages of steel. The materials used to create a steel building are far less expensive than the concrete, lumber, brick, etc. needed to construct other types of structures. Construction costs are lower, because the process is so simple and can be completed by beginners with just some simple equipment. And you’ll keep saving money throughout the life of the building, because pre-engineered steel buildings require so little upkeep. As a bonus, property taxes and insurance premiums tend to be lower on a steel building than on traditional construction. 

6. Easy to handle

Safety precautions are always a necessity on a construction project, but overall, there aren’t many pieces to a steel building that are difficult to handle. The steel tubing is not as heavy as you may think, and the sheet metal can be easy to deal with. Most of our customers find their first Worldwide Steel building project to be even faster and easier than expected.

7. Fire resistant

Steel doesn’t burn, so your building and the valuables within it are protected from any potential blaze. The fireproof qualities of steel makes your new building a great place to store historical or expensive cars, to work on crafting projects, and more. In areas where summers are hot and wildfires are common, this makes for excellent peace of mind.

8. Energy efficiency

Designing your building with sustainability in mind? The environmental benefits of steel start with the manufacturing process and continue for decades. The energy efficiency of metal structures contributes to their eco-friendly nature. Steel buildings can be insulated with a spray insulation that is very energy efficient and the insulation can also seal up leaks or spaces, keeping the needs for cooling and heating to a minimum. An insulated building will save you money on your energy bill and keeps people comfortable. If you choose a low-profile roof and an energy-saving color, you will save even more money.

9. Bug-proof and moisture-resistant

Owners of a steel building won’t ever have to worry about structural damage due to an infestation of termites or other bugs eating away at the building materials … simply because there are no bugs that can eat through steel. And while wood will eventually rot, steel is resistant to moisture, corrosion and rust. 

10. Inexpensive Repairs

Metal building systems are less likely to be damaged than other buildings, but accidents can happen. If your building is in need of repair for one reason or another, you can simply patch the damaged area with an additional panel of sheeting. If the damage is larger or you’d like to invest in the aesthetics of your building, it is inexpensive and simple to replace the entire section of metal panels.

Let’s get started

There are so many benefits to prefabricated steel buildings, and even more uses than there are benefits. Ready to save money on your new building project? Reach out to the experts at Worldwide Steel Buildings! Call (800) 825-0316 to learn more about our 50-year structural warranty or request a quote online.

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