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The inside of a metal building with two trucks and a tractor inside
The empty interior of a metal building designed and built by Worldwide Steel Buildings

Making a decision about adding the building you want to add to your property can be difficult. It can feel like a single choice — stainless steel, traditional wood, or a hybrid of wood, stone and steel components — but it’s one that involves many other choices before you even break ground on your construction site. It’s also a choice that has a lasting impact on the quality and longevity of your finished product, so it’s smart to do your research on the best material for building structures. When considering factors such as quality, durability, style and price, we think it quickly becomes clear: A metal building is often the best option when choosing a material for constructing large buildings without breaking the bank.

Steel is Durable

When deciding on a building material, longevity and durability are among the most important factors. There are a lot of inexpensive ways to erect a building on a property, but if you want the high strength to withstand the forces of Mother Nature, steel is the way to go. There are Worldwide Steel Buildings in all 50 states, including those that are prone to high winds and heavy snows, so need the higher strength and durability of steel. Plus, in nearly 30 years of building projects and our customers’ heavy use, we have never had a building fail due to structural design. (Hey, if steel is good enough for skyscrapers, it’s good enough for our customers’ homes, commercial buildings and garages!) Steel structures are also nearly immune to some of the other long-term maintenance issues that plague those who choose the traditional construction industry, like dry rot, wood deterioration, fire damage (thanks to steel’s high melting point) and termite infestations. 

Steel is Versatile

Another quality that makes steel the best material for building structures is its versatility. Steel buildings can be designed to suit any purpose, and Worldwide Steel Buildings designs and manufactures all types of steel buildings. They can be used for agricultural purposes, storage, youth centers, horse arenas and more. All of this customization doesn’t come at a cost to quality. Worldwide Steel Buildings reviews the blueprints for every structure built to ensure it meets the needs of the customer and that it can stand up to Mother Nature. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t offer a 50-year structural warranty.

And if you’re thinking about the sustainability of your new building, look no further than steel. Steel is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

Steel is Cost-Effective

Steel is an excellent construction material for business owners because it helps keep building costs down. Besides being durable, steel framing is light enough that, normally, no cranes are needed when you buy a structure from Worldwide Steel Buildings. Additionally, steel products from Worldwide Steel Buildings don’t need a full foundation poured, nor do they need to be welded. The money saved can be used to buy a larger building than would be possible if another building material was used.

Why Worldwide Steel?

Of course, there is more to consider when planning a building than the technical issues and the price. The building must be aesthetically pleasing and match the style of other structures on the property. Structures from Worldwide Steel Buildings can be finished with colored sheet metal panels and roofing (which come with a 40-year limited warranty) so your building doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. When you read how a customer of Worldwide Steel Buildings reviews their new structure, it’s undeniable that steel buildings are a perfect mixture of function and form.

And when you choose Worldwide Steel, you’re choosing to partner with a team that guides your decisions every step of the way. Our experts are there to help you design buildings, to assure you about your building’s structural engineering, to ensure the precision-welding done in our midwestern manufacturing facility, and to make sure you aren’t overlooking any of the little things (like eave overhangs, railings and other finishes). 

Have more questions? Check out our blog to learn more about the benefits of steel, the ways in which Worldwide Steel stands out from the competition, the basics of a structural steel construction project and more.  

And if you’re interested in getting a steel building for your personal or business use, contact us today.

After 30 years in the business of selling and manufacturing steel buildings, we’ve talked to a lot of people who were unhappy with products they bought from other dealers. There may be a lot of vendors out there, but you need to pick a steel building company who has the experience and professionalism to deliver a high-quality and affordable product. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the same position as the people who come to Worldwide Steel Buildings with complaints about the other guy. So you know what we mean, here are four of the most common complaints of steel building owners and how buying from Worldwide Steel Buildings steers you clear of those pitfalls.

2014-10-22 13_05_55-Residential Steel Buildings _ Steel Buildings and Metal Buildings _ Worldwide St

Structures That Are Not Built to Last

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, the most common complaint we hear is that other dealers aren’t selling structures that are built to last. We take quality very seriously at Worldwide Steel Buildings and enshrine high-quality standards into each step of the process. Worldwide uses only American recycled steel and trusses are built on jig tables to maintain the same quality on every truss. Each truss is then inspected prior to being dipped in our rust inhibitor / primer tank.

We stand by the quality of our work vigorously.  Worldwide Steel Buildings offers a 50-year structural warranty, far longer than the standard 1-2 year warranties offered by other steel building companies. Additionally, the premium sheet metal we use also offers a 40-year warranty, giving consumers a maintenance-free building with the durability to last a life time.

Paying Too Much

Another complaint we hear far too often is that other dealers overcharge customers for the quality of product they produce. At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we pride ourselves on being both high-quality and affordable. Because of our 30 years of experience and team of experts, Worldwide Steel Buildings is uniquely able to deliver long-lasting building packages at a truly affordable price. Our consultants work with our architects and engineers to put together the highest performance building package at the lowest cost; making our buildings the best value available. And we mean affordable to everyday consumers as well as businesses. Over the years, Worldwide Steel Buildings has provided economical solutions to hundreds of commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial applications.

2014-10-22 13_05_03-Residential Steel Buildings _ Steel Buildings and Metal Buildings _ Worldwide St

Structures That Don’t Meet Local Requirements

When designing structures that must withstand the elements, cookie cutter solutions just won’t do. A building that would be structurally sound in one part of the country may not be in another. A structure built to withstand hurricane winds may not be built to withstand heavy loads of snows. It may even be a legal matter, so it’s important to find a manufacturer that’s experienced at navigating the various rules of each state and jurisdiction. All of the steel buildings Worldwide manufactures are designed to the required loads and codes for the location they are erected. We have buildings in all 50 states that have been designed for high winds or heavy snows. In nearly 30 years, we have never had a building fail do to structural design.

Structures that Don’t Meet Needs of Clients

A common complaint we hear from customers who first bought from other dealers is that the structure doesn’t fit their needs. This could be because the design had less usable space than they originally thought, there wasn’t a plan that suited their needs, or because their needs changed over time. These aren’t reasons for complaints when a customer buys a structure from Worldwide Steel Buildings. Every Worldwide building has 100 percent usable space clear to the peak. There are also many different modification options so the structures can be designed for any type of application. A second floor or loft storage can be added with a Worldwide-exclusive bar joist system. There’s a 14’ self-supporting overhang for additional roofed storage outside the building. And the building can grow with the needs of the user. All Worldwide Steel buildings offer an expandable end wall for future expansion.

When you buy from a qualified steel buildings company like Worldwide Steel Buildings, there’s no reason for complaints. From start to finish, we strive for high-quality, affordability, and accountability. To learn more about our products, warranties, or to get started, visit our contact page.

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