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dan-property-tornadoBefore a tornado hit in May of 2013, Dan had four metal buildings on his property in Marysville, Kansas. After the tornado, only one of those buildings was still standing. Find out why Dan chose to replace the buildings he lost with another Worldwide Steel Building.

“Large but Slow” Tornado Strikes Kansas

Twitter-storm-postIn the spring of 2013, a widespread tornadic event produced strong winds and tornadoes across the Great Plains. During this storm-spree, an EF2 tornado, capable of up to 135 mph winds, blew through Dan’s property.

When the storm cleared away, only one of Dan’s four building was still standing. His two pole barns and Quonset (a rounded, metal structure) had been destroyed by the storm. However, the single Worldwide Steel Building on his property had survived the storm with hardly a scratch.

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The Obvious Choice to Rebuild

Unfortunately, Dan lost a lot of possessions in the storm. In fact, so many of his belongings were lost when the three buildings collapsed, Dan only needed to replace all three buildings with one new one. After losing so much to one storm, choosing to build a second Worldwide Steel Building was the obvious choice.

Since the storm, Dan has referred several friends and neighbors to Worldwide Steel Buildings, and he’s told the story of his building’s strength to many more.  

Often times, the fear of construction stops homeowners from building their dream garage or workshop. Many worry that the assembly process for a sturdy steel building will require hours of professional labor, or thousands of dollars spent on heavy equipment.

To make sure you get the most building for your budget, Worldwide Steel Buildings designs their buildings for an easy assembly process. This video outlines that quick assembly process in easy to follow steps. Click play on the video below to get started!

Why choose a steel building over a steel-sided building? We’re glad you asked.

Steps of the Steel Building Assembly Process

For a quick overview, please refer to the list below.

1.) Set the legs

2.) Add girts: Also known as wall studs, these are placed on two foot centers for superior strength.

3.) Set girders: Assemble these on the ground first, and then hoist them into position.

4.) Add purlins: These are also placed on two foot centers to ensure your building is the strongest on the market.

5.) Complete end walls.

6.) Frame your openings: A representative from Worldwide Steel will discuss the size of any doors and windows with you when you order, so the pieces of your steel building will fit like a glove.

7.) Install any doors or windows.

8.) Sheet walls and roof.

9.) Add your deluxe trim kit.

10.) Enjoy your new steel building! Whether you’ve built a the workshop you’ve always wanted, or you’ve finally got a garage big enough for all your toys, you know your Worldwide Steel Building will stand up to anything mother nature can throw at it.

If building your own steel building seems like a daunting process, don’t forget that there are many experienced contractors near you that can help with the building process. And because your steel building goes together in a snap, you pay less in labor costs.

To get a look at your new garage or workshop today, try out the Worldwide Steel Building – 3D Designer.

garage steel building rainbowIf you’ve looked into building a steel building, you know that the strength and maintenance of a Worldwide Steel building can’t be beat. However, you might not know that when you purchase a building from Worldwide Steel, you’re also getting a team of experts to help you through the process. Our manufacturing teams offer over a century of combined experience ensuring that your building will be exactly what you need it to be. Find out what else sets Worldwide Steel apart when it comes to building your garage, hangar, or home.

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We Have the Experience

At Worldwide Steel, we take pride in our product. Our buildings are made to last, right here in America. We fabricate them ourselves and ship them straight to you, bringing over 100 years of combined experience to the table to make sure you get the best product, and cutting out the middleman to make sure you get the best price. That’s the factory direct advantage we offer at Worldwide Steel.

Our Experts Know Steel Buildings…

Our consultants are ready to work with you to ensure you get a first-rate, steel structure suited to your specific needs while keeping costs down and your return on investment high. Our buildings stand tall in all 50 states, and no matter where you live, our experts will work with you to design a building ready to meet all required loads and codes local to its destination.

…and Help You Along the Way

Not sure what you need? Not a problem. Our specialists have handled every type of structure for every purpose, from agricultural buildings to aircraft hangars, from garages to churches, from workshops to residential buildings, and too many more to count. They can help you hone in on the right size, height, or add-ons to set up the perfect structure for you.

Want to do your own planning? Make sure you’ve got these basics covered, before you build.

Custom Solutions

As a steel fabricator, we take things one step further. We offer a huge range of standard options, but if none of these works for you, we will gladly design a custom solution to meet your needs. Since we make our buildings ourselves, there is almost no limit to what we can create for you.

Ready for your building? See it today with the Worldwide Steel Building – 3D Designer!

pole barn vs steel buildingWith over a quarter-century of experience designing and building steel structures, Worldwide Steel Buildings is a solid choice for getting the sturdiest and most dependable buildings money can buy. Because of their many advantages over traditional building construction methods, steel buildings are quickly becoming the preferred method of building for anyone who needs a building that’s as tough as mother nature.

Why Choose a Steel Building?

Many people point to the durability of steel buildings as their chief advantage. While it’s true that steel buildings are some of the strongest in the industry, that’s not the only reason to choose a steel building today.

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Simple to Assemble

Among their many advantages, steel buildings are also quick and easy to assemble. This is possible because companies are beginning to offer pre-engineered structures that are sent directly to the site where construction is set to take place.

Customized for Your Needs

Steel buildings are also exceptionally versatile. Some come with adjustable panels that make customization and future expansions easy and hassle-free. Your steel building can grow with you as your needs change.

Low Maintenance Costs

Long term maintenance is a significant factor, and while a steel building may cost more upfront, that price is nothing compared to the many dollars, and nerves, that will be spent repairing and maintaining a building damaged by fires, unfavorable weather, and termites. All of these factors are constant threats to steel-sided buildings, and all can be avoided with a building made entirely of steel.

Ready to start designing your own steel building? Check out the Worldwide Steel Building – 3D Designer to design your dream garage, hangar, or home today!