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Choose the Right Contractor

Ever wondered what it might cost to build a mini storage building and turn your property into a mini self-storage facility? Here at Worldwide Steel Buildings, we offer the highest quality structures at the lowest possible prices to do just that for you. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes, designed specifically to maximize the use of your individual area. We offer not only different sizes, shapes and colors, but a huge selection of doors and roof pitches to suit the environment in your area, and the storage needs of your potential customers. Worldwide Steel Buildings works with customers in all fifty states, offering the best steel building solutions for every individual climate and elemental conditions, at the lowest possible mini storage building cost offered by anyone, anywhere! Worldwide Steel Buildings even offers open storage units for boat and recreational vehicle storage. We can handle just about any storage need from private to commercial applications in the most economical fashion available. Worldwide Steel Buildings offers the lowest mini storage construction cost available in today’s market. Steel buildings offer some of the lowest cost to build a mini storage, making your Worldwide Steel Building a sound investment for today, tomorrow, and many years to come.

Assess the Situation

At first glance, the self-storage business may seem quite simple by comparison. After all, unlike most other businesses, there is no product ordering, no inventory tracking or storage, no spoilage or obsolescence issues, staffing and scheduling are minimal, and consumables and product liability are virtually nonexistent. But beware, silent waters oftentimes run very deep. Jumping head first into the self-storage business because it looks easy may cause a bigger splash than you may be prepared to handle.

First off, an “if you build it they will come” mentality will not work in the mini storage business. Even the best marketing campaign and cheapest prices will not create a need where none exists. Oftentimes, people can be tricked into believing they are missing out by not having the latest gadget, eating the best fast food, or driving the fastest car; but telling someone they need to incur an additional monthly expense just to store their stuff will most often simply fall on deaf ears, no matter how nicely appointed or low priced your storage facility happens to be.

When the need exists, and you’re ready to embark on what has many times in the past proven to be a lucrative endeavor, the building costs of a mini storage facility can vary greatly. The cost of building a mini storage facility does not need to break the bank. The building cost of a metal mini storage has proven to be among the most economical, and offers some of most durable storage facilities around, and Worldwide Steel Buildings offers some of the lowest costs of building a mini storage you’ll find anywhere.

Contact Worldwide Steel Buildings today at 888•211•9524 to find out more about a Worldwide Steel Buildings mini storage package and discuss your new steel mini storage project.

Superior Quality Metal Buildings for ANY Application

With well over a quarter of a century experience as metal building manufacturers, Worldwide Steel Buildings is among the best steel building manufacturers in the industry. Since our design and manufacturing facility opened its doors in 1983, Worldwide Steel Buildings has continued as the industry’s largest open-web truss manufacturing facility in existence. Our extensive design and manufacturing experience guarantees your pre manufactured steel building is the most durable, state of the art metal building money can buy.

When you choose Worldwide Steel Buildings as your steel building manufacturer, you will know you are making a sound economic decision by completely eliminating the “middle man”; we are the manufacturer, from design to implementation, we do it all! Worldwide Steel Building kits are manufactured from only the highest quality American steel. Each Worldwide Steel Buildings metal building is designed with the area where it will be erected in mind, ensuring the elements like wind load and snow fall are taken into consideration.

Buy directly from the Worldwide Steel Buildings, your metal building manufacturer and realize a huge savings in both time and money. Each pre manufactured metal building comes complete with all the components and concise, easy to understand plans so you will get your building built and in use easily and in a very timely manner.

With Worldwide Steel Buildings, You Have Options

Worldwide Steel Buildings, your pre manufactured steel building provider offers a huge selection of structural building systems ensuring you will get exactly what you need; every time! All our DIY (Do It Yourself) steel building kits include our versatile open web truss design in all steel or hybrid. Worldwide Steel Buildings also offers solid web rigid frame, tapered rigid frame, and straight column rigid frames. Each of these steel building options is available in standard or long bay options, custom designed to fit any dimensions. Worldwide Steel Buildings provides DIY kits for all applications, including but not limited to:

  • Garages and Workshops
  • Residential Steel Buildings
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Churches and Recreation Buildings
  • Mini Storage Facilities
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • So Much More

Contact Worldwide Steel Buildings today at (800) 825-0316 to let us help you design the perfect building for your application.