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A metal building built by Worldwide Steel Buildings

Sometimes, you have to make a responsible, educated leap of faith to make your dreams come true. And when that dream involves a substantial home improvement project or acquiring a physical property — whether it’s finally becoming a homeowner by building a new metal home or barndominium for your family, constructing a new metal garage to support your independent vintage car repair shop, erecting a commercial building to expand the footprint of your small business, or a horse barn for agricultural purposes — the dream may well come before the dollars.

Worldwide Steel Buildings understands the importance of financing options in these endeavors. We don’t expect our customers to pay for their entire steel building kits upfront, no matter what their goal or financial situation. That’s why we offer comprehensive metal building financing options, designed to accommodate the diverse needs of borrowers, be it for homeowners or businesses.

Metal Buildings That Are Easy to Build and Easy to Afford

We know it’s crucial to your personal and corporate financial success to have the space you need when you need it. Oftentimes, that means you need to invest in your metal structure before the money can follow. That is why we provide a range of financing options, available on every building kit to those who meet the basic criteria, including a straightforward credit check.

Worldwide Steel Buildings is delighted to offer financing services that can streamline your metal building project. Our building specialists are here to assist you in navigating the financing process, ensuring you can build when the time is right.

Plus, our metal building kits are cost-effective (especially compared to a traditional home), so the monthly payments you’ll make on your low-maintenance, long-lasting steel structure should be reasonable and affordable. Our financing program offers competitive rates and flexible payment options, catering to different financial situations.

How to Qualify for Financing

Securing financing for a metal building kit is straightforward. There are no upfront fees, no prepayment penalties, and no appraisal required. Unlike with many other contracting agencies, equity is not a prerequisite for steel building financing.
Concerned that your credit score or credit history might impact your approval process for metal building financing? We encourage you to enquire regardless. The lenders we work with, including New Century Bank, will tailor your loan terms based on factors like building cost, down payment, and other elements within your control. Our lending partners offer competitive interest rates and specialize in construction loans, ensuring you work with experts who understand the nuances of financing your metal building.

What Kind of Metal Building Kit Will You Finance?

The inside of a recreational metal building with exercise bikes and a wrestling mat

We can’t emphasize this enough: it’s whatever kind you need! Worldwide Steel offers a wide array of steel and metal buildings in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. From a modest carport to an imposing storage building or a crowd-ready community building, no construction project is too big or too small.

You can select the size and style that aligns with your needs. Visit our steel building kits page to explore different types of buildings, the assembly process, and the tools and equipment needed to complete your construction projects. Begin designing your building online with our 3D Building Designer Tool to discover the extensive customizability of our building kits.

Did You Say Customize?

Absolutely. Worldwide Steel buildings are extraordinarily versatile. With over 42 million variations of designs and add-ons, our building accessories allow you to customize every aspect — from dimensions, colors, and exterior finishes, to adding lofts, cupolas, skylights, and more. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can achieve with a steel building!

We can’t wait for you to experience this firsthand.

Let’s find the perfect type of loan for your new metal building project, together. Contact us or call (800) 825-0316 for a free quote and to learn more about beginning the financing process. Our team is ready to guide you through every step, from the application process to the final approval, ensuring a smooth journey to finance your metal building.

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An indoor basketball court inside of a metal building constructed by Worldwide Steel Buildings

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we’re used to surprising our customers with high-quality building components and bells and whistles they never thought were possible in a steel structure. If you thought metal buildings were big metal boxes with little opportunity for customization, you’re in for a big surprise. We offer a wide variety of steel building accessories and metal building add ons to improve the character and functionality of your building project. Discover the benefits of metal buildings and take a look at some of these options for add-ons that are available when you invest in a metal building kit from Worldwide Steel:

Mezzanine bar joist system for adding lofts in steel buildingAdd a Mezzanine

Imagine a balcony above the main space of your building. It’s possible in one of our prefabricated metal buildings, and is a fantastic, cost-effective way to increase the usable space in your building. Use it for extra storage in your workshop, an office in your garage, or a cool game room in your man cave. Our mezzanine bar joist system lets you easily add a loft anywhere. No matter what you use it for, it’s a great way to provide extra space without increasing the building’s footprint.

Skylights Let the Sun Shine In

Rethink the lighting in your steel building with the addition of skylights. They allow natural sunlight to pour in, brightening spaces like your home, workshop, or metal garage. This infusion of natural light not only enhances the ambiance but also offers practical benefits, such as energy savings and improved mood. It’s a simple yet effective way to bring a touch of the outdoors inside, making your environment more pleasant and productive. Embrace the natural light; it’s good for both your space and your well-being.

Insulation Keeps You Warm & Cozy

Steel buildings may seem cold, but in reality, they are as warm and cozy as you want to make them, thanks to our high-quality insulation options. We can install insulation in any metal structure, no matter what you’re using it for. Many homeowners build homes and enjoy a snug home with no drafts and energy efficiency (that means lower energy bills, too).

Modified Roof Designs Keep It Interesting

Contrary to popular belief, not all steel buildings look alike. You have plenty of roofline styles to choose from, including single slope, asymmetrical, and gabled, complete with various color options and roof panels. You can change the size of your eave extensions. You can even add a cupola! Check out your options with our 3D Building Designer.

A Metal Building Add-On Expands an Existing Structure

Expanding your existing building is straightforward and efficient with our prefab metal buildings. These precision-engineered kits are ideal for seamless metal building additions, whether you’re looking to enlarge the entire footprint of your building or just add a functional element like a carport. Our metal building expansion solutions are designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing structure, enhancing its utility and value. From practical carports to significant expansions, we make the process simple and effective, ensuring your new addition complements your existing building perfectly. Choose our prefab metal buildings for a hassle-free expansion that meets your specific needs.

Choose from Many Different Exterior Facades

Think your steel building has to look industrial or plain from the outside? Think again. Our buildings break the mold of traditional aesthetics, offering you a range of customization options. Whether it’s a vibrant color palette or transforming the exterior with materials like brick, stucco, concrete, or wood, the possibilities are endless. Explore these options to give your metal structure a unique and appealing look. You can add character with architectural features like cupolas, overhangs, gutters, downspouts, and Dutch doors. These enhancements prove that these building materials can be as visually striking as they are functional, reflecting your style and meeting your practical needs.

A Beautiful Metal Building That Will Last for Decades
A metal building designed and constructed by Worldwide Steel Buildings

Considering the durability and versatility of our steel buildings compared to wooden structures, it’s clear that investing in a metal structure is a wise decision. Our buildings are not only robust, backed by a 50-year structural warranty, but also offer unparalleled flexibility in design. The ease of assembly and the overall adaptability of our prefabricated metal structures cater to a variety of needs, fitting perfectly within your budget. With our steel building additions, you can enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your new building project. Whether you’re looking to expand your current location or move to a new site, our building manufacturers are equipped to assist you every step of the way.

So, if concerns about aesthetics or functionality are holding you back, it’s time to move forward and build the structure of your dreams with a building from Worldwide Steel! Our budget-friendly solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your new building project aligns perfectly with your vision and needs.

For a free quote on your new building project, give us a call at (800) 825-0316. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to guide you through the process of choosing Worldwide Steel structures. For more information on the versatility of metal structures, the construction process, or to explore our range of metal building add ons, download our Steel Building Info Guide for more details. Just click on the image below:

Link to an informational guide to help you decide if a steel building is the best solution for you

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