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Metal buildings managed to get a bit of a reputation over the years. Not “bad” … but maybe “not for me.” When most people thought of steel and metal buildings, they had a pretty narrow viewpoint.

All function, no form. All workhorse, no wow factor.

This reputation likely stems from their more historic uses. A century ago, opulent buildings were made of stone, cheaper buildings (due to availability of materials) were made of wood. Steel buildings didn’t start gaining popularity until World War II, when orders for other steel products (bomb casings, shells, airplane parts, etc) skyrocketed. But at that point, the whole world was unadorned, solemn, concerned with little but survival. So the steel buildings were austere. They were built to house artillery, heavy machinery, and all the trappings of the war.

But … they sure did come together quickly. And hold up well. Steel buildings were money well-spent. The American people were on to something.

So following the war, the popularity of steel for buildings didn’t decline, but it remained pretty limited to functional usage: garages, pole barns, you know the type. And for decades, that’s kind of where they stayed.

But improved materials, processes and computer-aided design programs (like our 3D building designer) mean that today, that’s far from true. Today, steel buildings can be just as warm, inviting and multi-functional as a building made out of anything else.

Of course, here at Worldwide Steel, we’re passionate about proving that to be true. We aren’t shy about spreading the word of steel: it’s structurally sound, can be built quickly, is energy efficient, cost-effective and nearly maintenance-free. And ― surprise ― it sure can look good.

Here are just some of the ways our customers have designed, built and used their metal building kits:

Metal homes: One of the biggest headaches of traditional home ownership is the maintenance. It seems like there’s always something: pest control, mold, fire hazards … but these all disappear with steel. A steel home requires much less maintenance as a traditional wood home, and can be finished out to feel just as cozy.

Barndominiums: Keeping up on the latest trends? Think bigger than a metal home: think a barndominium, among the best examples of multi-purpose buildings. If you want to combine your living space and your workshop, garage,  horse stable or whatever else, you want a barndominium.

Horse arenas: Metal buildings can hold your horses and everything that comes along with them, no matter how messy. Plus, Worldwide Steel offers clear spans up to 225’, so you can get the unobstructed riding space you’re looking for.

Airplane hangars: Two of the biggest benefits to building an aircraft hangar from a steel kit are their resistance to damage (natural or otherwise) and the wide range of … wide … door options available to fit your wingspan.

Churches and rec centers: When you need to build a gathering place, steel is a great option. Metal churches and recreation centers are a great use for a steel building, because it’s easy to build them big and expand as needed. Plus, the natural climate control of steel (especially with the right vent components) is top-notch.

Greenhouses: Hydroponic or non-hydroponic? Backyard or production? Our fully-customizable steel building kits can handle it all. Give your greenery the best ― check out steel for your greenhouse project..

What can you build out of steel? Just about anything. You dream it, and we can help you design it. Have an idea you think would stump the Worldwide Steel team? Try us. Call us at 1-800-825-0316 ― we do love a challenge!

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