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There are a variety of warehouse types that can benefit businesses, large and small. The warehouse you choose to build (or use) for your business needs depends mainly on the type of business you’re operating. For example, inventory storage is becoming more and more critical as online businesses become more commonplace, or you may need ample space to complete manufacturing for your business to operate effectively. 

While warehouses may not seem like a glamorous topic, these types of buildings are the backbone for many business operations; modern warehouses are often clean, organized, and elegantly designed, even including comfortable office spaces inside for doing day-to-day paperwork. With our custom design tools and flexible options, you can make your commercial warehouse more than just a dreary facility for stored goods. 

Different types of businesses have different warehouse needs. So let’s discover eight different types of warehouses, from public warehouses to distribution centers, to help you determine which warehouse type is the right solution for your business. 

Public Warehouse

A public warehouse is a space owned by a third party or government warehouse that is rented to other private sector companies. These may also be known as third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses. Somebody can rent the space for business or personal use, and this type of warehouse often offers a warehouse management system for its renters. These can be a more affordable option for business owners who need to store products for a short period of time compared to other options that might be more expensive. Renters are typically charged on the number of goods stored, duration of storage, and other services provided, such as fulfillment process services. 

Private warehouse

A private warehouse facility is typically owned and operated by a private company, such as wholesalers, distributors, or manufacturers. Online marketplaces and large retail companies also have their own warehouses for storing inventory. While private warehouses typically have a significant up-front capital investment due to building costs, facility management, and regular maintenance, they can provide considerable benefits to growing your own business. With the help of Worldwide Steel Buildings, you can have a private metal warehouse that’s durable, cost-effective, and built in a shorter timeline. Plus, our customizable designs make it flexible to your business needs. Investing in a private warehouse gives you total control to determine how to best use and create the space. 

Cooperative Warehouse

Sometimes it makes sense to join forces with another company (or companies) to invest in a shared warehouse space. Joining forces in this way helps to reduce operational and storage costs. A cooperative warehouse is a storage facility that a group of businesses owns. Cooperative warehouses are a less common warehouse type but are practical and provide benefits to businesses that decide to combine their resources and needs. A cooperative warehouse is built or purchased with shared money from the partner companies. It is often organized as a limited liability company (LLC). The companies in this co-op are typically from a similar industry with comparable business needs. Since they have formed one larger entity, the members may also benefit from discounts on products and warehousing services for a larger inventory they wouldn’t have qualified for on their own. A common business that uses this warehouse option is wineries. 

Consolidated Warehouse

Consolidated warehouses are third-party facilities that collect small shipments from different suppliers to combine them into a bigger, more affordable shipping load. The shipments are usually going to one centralized location. This can be an attractive option for companies that have lower inventory. Still, because the consolidated shipments are only for one area, there may be limitations for companies trying to expand. Using a consolidation warehouse can reduce costs and improve your supply chain’s performance. 

Smart Warehouse

The smart warehouse might be the way of the future! These warehouses get their name from using advanced technology and automated AI, such as robots and drones, for their operations. This could include identifying and receiving orders, counting inventory, storing items, and sending orders to the right place. Smart warehouses can have nearly the entire operation automated. These automated technologies allow warehouse workers to increase the efficiency, productivity, and quality of their facility and decrease human errors. Smart warehouses are a go-to option for large companies like Amazon that want to expedite their order fulfillment process and inventory management system. 

Bonded Warehouse

A bonded warehouse will be helpful if a company wants to expand its business by importing international goods. A bonded warehouse is a secured area where imported goods are stored while customs duties are completed and paid for. The fees are only paid on the items once they are released from the facility. The merchandise can stay in the bonded warehouse for up to five years from its import date. The warehouse space is typically versatile enough to accommodate a variety of products. This is an ideal warehouse for businesses that deal with exporters and cross-border trade.

On-demand Warehouse

As ecommerce businesses continue to rise in popularity, the need for on-demand warehousing has also increased. Also known as on-demand storage, these warehouses allow businesses to connect with other companies with excess warehousing space. On-demand warehousing is a platform that connects warehouses that have extra space with companies that need short-term or seasonal storage. This option is flexible and more readily available, allowing businesses with fluctuating needs to utilize the service for their inventory storage. And it can be a more cost-effective option. These can be an ideal option for small businesses and ecommerce startups.

Distribution Center 

Distribution centers are comprehensive logistics operations that provide more than inventory storage to businesses, such as warehouse management. They also store, pick, pack, and ship items to customers. These centers also often offer extra warehousing services, such as overseeing returns and helping companies manage their supply chain. The products in a distribution center move much more than in a typical warehouse option. This is different from fulfillment centers which are typically used by third-party logistic companies. 

Benefits of a Metal Warehouse

No matter the type of warehousing your business needs, there are many benefits to choosing a metal warehouse for inventory storage space and fulfillment process. Building your own private warehouse gives you the ultimate control over how your business is run, or even making a consolidated warehouse your actual business is an option. Whatever the reason for your warehouse needs, here are five benefits to building a metal warehouse:


These metal buildings are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and regional snow loads. Plus, each building comes with a 50-year structural warranty. Steel structures can be ideal for facilities that need to withstand the elements. And each of our kits is made from the highest quality building materials available. 


With steel buildings, the sky is very nearly the limit. Worldwide Steel Buildings can feature clear spans up to 225 feet with added roll-up doors and many customizations to design the space you need. Building a large warehouse is just the start of the possibilities, with the option to partition the area as you need. You can also make these buildings extra wide and extended to create plenty of space for inventory storage. 


Each metal building kit is built to our customer’s specific needs. From custom steel frames to wall panels, these metal warehouse kits can accommodate all your business needs. Each pre-engineered metal building is custom designed and formatted to your specs. 

Cost Effective

Worldwide Steel Buildings are precisely engineered for simple modular assembly with no on-site modification. Each of our metal building kits is cost-effective in time and money. Our designs make for quick construction, while our steel buildings are often more economical than conventional. 

Minimal Maintenance

Metal buildings need little maintenance to keep them looking new and operating effectively. These steel structures also have the added benefit of offering extra protection from termites, fire, and winds. 

Building Your Own Metal Warehouse

Ready to get started building the metal warehouse of your dreams? At Worldwide Steel, we’re happy to help you make all your steel building dreams come true. If you have an idea in mind but aren’t sure it’s possible, call (800) 825-0316. Our team is dedicated to providing support from the first phone call to the final assembly bolt. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Front of large black barndominium with sun shining over the roof.

Black barndominiums are popping up across the country as these metal structures have become increasingly popular among homeowners and business owners alike. Metal barndominiums have plenty of benefits to appeal to consumers, and as home trends change, so do barndominium trends.

When designing your own home or metal building, exterior color is one of the choices that will be displayed at the forefront of your design. It is, after all, on the outside! Black barndos showcase a striking, elegant appearance at a fraction of the cost of some high-dollar, traditional homes and buildings. Not only does this color choice showcase your personal style, it also dictates things like energy efficiency and temperature control. 

As you delve into the world of black barndominiums, allow us to be your guide to all topics related to designing the black barn of your dreams and creating a home that will be sleek and timeless. 

What is a Barndominium?

As home prices and construction prices continue to rise, barndominium builds have started to increase in popularity. In addition to being more cost-effective, barndominiums also offer the freedom and flexibility to create a home to your specific design wants and needs. Metal barndominiums are also incredibly durable and energy efficient. If you’re not familiar with the idea, a barndominium is essentially a metal home built using the basic shell of a pole barn. Many of these barn homes include an open floor plan designed to incorporate a living area with a workshop, large garage, bonus room, and more. They can be built strictly out of metal or wood hybrid. Barn house plans have as much design flexibility as a traditional home and a unique style that is truly eye-catching. 

3 Advantages of Building a Black Barndominium

While there are many advantages to building a black barndo, here are just a few to help you solidify your choice: 


There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the design and functionality of your barndominium. Open-floor plan options give you room to play with your layout, as well as the ability to add a second level. Barndominium house plans can feature living quarters and working spaces, such as a workshop, large garage, airplane hangar, and more. Our barndominium building kits are meant to be truly DIY, from the barndominium floor plan design all the way to construction. You hold all the design power when it comes to creating your dream home. 


Black barn homes have the benefit of being both stylish and unique. These metal barns can mix both modern and farmhouse styles to create a one-of-a-kind design, especially since they can be customized to your specific wants and needs. As the farmhouse style becomes more sought after, black barndominiums offer homeowners the perfect mix of modern materials with a farmhouse feel. 

Cost Effective

Worldwide Steel barndominiums kits are designed to be DIY friendly, from the layout to the construction. These kits include everything you need to build your home. A lot of the work is done through the manufacturing process, which can result in a shorter build time and lower labor costs. Depending on the complexity of your design (second floors, wraparound porch, etc.), the price per square footage starts at around $10.00 and can go up to about $30.00. In addition, barndominium homes can be more energy efficient, which lowers your monthly utility bills, and have lower maintenance and upkeep. 

Uses for a Black Barndominium

Barndominium builds aren’t just for homeowners (although we do love the modern-meets-farmhouse vibe). These metal structures are so versatile they can be used for a variety of commercial and personal uses. If you already have a home and are looking for an excuse to build a metal barn of your own, check out this lengthy list of other barndominium design options:

Event Space

Imagine an elegant, black barn sitting in a wide-open field against the natural landscape. The open-concept floor plan provides a blank canvas for any number of events, from weddings to retirement parties. The farmhouse wedding has become more and more popular as couples move toward the rustic-themed decor that graces many Pinterest boards of soon-to-be brides. A black, metal barn provides a versatile space to cater to many events.


Are you a hobbyist looking to create more workspace for your latest creations? Maybe your woodworking is finally outgrowing your garage. Whatever the case may be, a barndominium-style structure can provide the perfect solution to your workshop needs. These metal structures offer plenty of space to grow and are easy to maintain, so you can focus your time concentrating on your current project instead of building upkeep. 


Whether you’re a collector of classic cars or looking for somewhere to run your at-home mechanic shop, a custom barndominium can provide all the space you need to keep your tools – and cars – protected from the elements. Garage doors can be added at different heights and widths to account for even the largest of vehicles to easily park. 

Guest House

Barndominium homes don’t have to be huge; you can even add a standalone guest house on your property. Our customizable barndominium kits make it easy to select the dimensions and layout of your desires at a lower price than the cost of traditional construction. If you need to get a living space ready for your in-laws or parents and don’t have room in your current home, a modern barndominium could solve your problems. 

Shop House

A shop house (or shouse) is quickly gaining notoriety with consumers. In comparison to a barndominium, a shop house also includes a space for a living area and workspace. These were the first barndominium-style structures with a workshop and an attached living space. A shouse gives owners the convenience of having their workshop connected to their living area, so it isn’t necessary to walk outside to get to their workspace.

Black Barndominium Styles and Design Options

Barndominium designs come in many shapes, styles, and sizes, and they are customizable to your own specifications. The interior has as much versatility as a traditional home and can be laid out to your specific needs. That being said, here are just a few design ideas for the exterior to inspire you:

Black Barndominium with Wood Accents

Black barndominium with reddish-brown wood accents.

Black barndominiums with wood are an all-time favorite of consumers as sleek, elegant metal meets the natural warmth of wood accents. This mix of modern and natural aesthetics creates a beautiful blend that showcases the contrast between the black exterior with amber wood details. The organic material and wood grain stand out against the black backdrop and draw the eye to make this a striking design. 

Black Barndominium with White Trim

If you really want to make your trim pop, then a black exterior can be an excellent counterpoint. Choosing black as your main home color gives you the opportunity to be creative in other aspects of the home exterior, like the trim and doors. This makes these accents stand out and draws attention to specific design elements. Black and white is a classic color combination that creates a contrasting design for your modern barndominium. 

Black Barndominium with Copper Roof

The roof can be as much of a design choice as the rest of the exterior. A copper roof is an unexpected feature that causes your barndominium design to stand out from the rest. Similar to the contrast created between black metal and natural wood, these color differences draw attention in a unique way. 

Our Favorite Black Barndominiums

Worldwide Steel Buildings has been serving consumers since 1983; in that time, we’ve seen and manufactured tons of metal building homes. In recent years, barndominiums have become more popular with homeowners. Here are a few of our favorite home designs that we’ve helped our customers bring to life:

Bartlett Barndominium

Front porch of black barndominium with large wood posts.

This 4,000 sq. ft. modern farmhouse in Michigan makes striking use of its black metal exterior by contrasting it with the bright, reddish-brown wood porch timbers. The garage doors are made of the same wood and stand out against the metal material. 

The interior of this home includes all our modern-day necessities, including an open great room with a gas fireplace, herringbone tile backsplash, and pendant lights over the waterfall kitchen island. This home design mixes rustic and modern finishes in a way that is both timeless and beautiful.

View the Bartlett Barndominium Project

Single Slope Barndominium

Single slope black barndominium under construction.

This single slope black barndominium has all the promises of a great, functional living space. The project pictures showcase a finished exterior and foundation, while the interior is full of potential. Windows and doors have been added for a second level in the future. At 3,360 square feet, there is plenty of room to create an interior living space and 2-car garage. 

View the Single Slope Barndominium Project

Post Family Barndo

Two-story black barndominium with four-car garage.

The largest of our black barndominiums, the Post Family Barndo project sits at 5,400 square feet. This structure features a 4-car garage with a second-story living space. The open-concept living room has a breathtaking stone fireplace with high ceilings and loads of natural light. These modern barndominiums don’t skimp on the living space luxuries! The kitchen features an extended island with stone countertops and a walk-in pantry with a barn door. The master bedroom also has a walk-in closet with additional drawers and closet shelves for storing all your belongings. 

View the Post Family Barndo Project

Create the Black Barndominium of Your Dreams

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming a barndo owner? Worldwide Steel makes it easy to design, create and build the barndominium of your dreams. Whether a black barndominium is your style or you choose to go another direction, we have a variety of options for you to choose from for your own barndominium. Give us a call at 1-800-825-0316 to get started today! Our experts are ready to answer all your questions.

Newly-constructed steel garage from Worldwide Steel Buildings.

Like any big concept-to-execution project, the design and construction of a metal building is complicated, and there are plenty of points in the process where mistakes could happen.

At their most innocuous, mistakes in the metal building process can cause you headaches and trips back to the proverbial drawing board (or to the hardware store). At their most harmful, mistakes could cost you thousands of dollars and life-threatening injuries.

When you work with Worldwide Steel Buildings, we’ll help you navigate any potential oversights and miscalculations, which means you’ll avoid most of these areas of risk.

Still, we still think it’s important to know where errors can occur, so you know how to identify where they might come up and steer clear. Here are five common metal building mistakes to avoid:

  1. Choosing the wrong size building. It’s important to accurately consider how much land you have to work with and how much room you’ll need inside the building. If the building is too small, you may need to expand sooner than you’d hoped to. While it’s pretty easy to expand a metal building, compared to traditional construction, it’s still a project you probably don’t want to undertake any time soon. If the building is too large, you may end up paying for unnecessary materials and labor.
  2. Being careless with the foundation. A metal building kit needs a stable foundation to sit on. Skipping this step or using a subpar foundation can result in building shifts that lead to costly repairs down the line.
  3. Failing to follow directions. Our metal building kits come with detailed assembly instructions that should be followed carefully. If you do, the construction should be easy — really. But if you decide to wing it and disregard the directions, you could compromise the integrity of the building, require costly repairs and jeopardize the safety of whoever’s working on the building project.
  4. Neglecting local building codes. Once you start working with Worldwide Steel, we’ll do the legwork to ensure your building is up to code. But it’s a mistake to make big plans or purchase a building without understanding whether you’re actually allowed to build it. Different areas have different building codes that must be followed. Failing to check and adhere to these codes could result in fines or the need to make costly modifications to the building.
  5. Choosing the wrong manufacturer. It can be tempting to try to save money by purchasing a metal building kit off the shelf from a big box store, but in almost every case, this decision ends up costing more in the long run. Cheaper materials and less precise configuration can result in lower quality buildings that don’t stand up to the elements as well as a Worldwide Steel building. Our high-quality materials and top-of-the-line manufacturing process are a big part of what ensures the longevity and durability of your building.

You can avoid mistake number five entirely by choosing Worldwide Steel. And when you work with us, we’ll make sure you avoid the first four (and any other potential blunders along the way) too.

Our building kits aren’t just pretty darn tough … they’re pretty darn tough to mess up, too. That’s one of the things that sets Worldwide Steel apart from the rest: we make our buildings essentially foolproof.

We ensure smooth, easy DIY design, build and use from start to finish:

  • First, we partner with you throughout the whole process. In addition to the automated self-service tools we offer, like our 3D building designer, we offer close human partnership, as well. We’ll never leave you on your own to create and customize your metal building. Our team of experts is there to make sure your needs are understood, your building is suitable for its location, and you know exactly what needs to happen during and after delivery.
  • Second, we manufacture our components with precision. When your metal building kit is delivered, you can feel confident that its parts will fit together perfectly, which means your structural integrity won’t be compromised and the construction process will be straightforward.
  • Third, our buildings are made to last. We even offer a 50-year warranty on all our building components, since we’re so confident they’ll last through decades of regular use.

By avoiding these mistakes and carefully planning and executing the installation of your metal building kit, you can save money and ensure that your building is safe and functional for years to come. Ready to start building? Give us a call at 1-800-825-0316!

We’re all feeling the effects of inflation: At the grocery store, at the gas pump, and in our utility bills. In many ways, there’s not much to do but ride it out. However, there are ways to cut costs where you can, and lots of people are looking to take advantage of as many of those ways as possible. 

You already know that metal buildings have the potential to be much more energy efficient than traditional construction. With a quality HVAC installation, sufficient insulation, and the inherent conductive properties of steel, a metal building can stay comfortable and temperate inside, no matter the conditions outside. And of course, depending on the location of your building, it can be incredibly easy to outfit it with electricity either during the construction process or through a later retrofit. 

But what if you want your metal building to be even more energy efficient, add more value to your property and save on your utility bills? You’ve probably started thinking about solar energy. 

Steel Home and Garage with Large Solar Panel Array

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity. Because of an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and renewable energy, solar power is becoming much more popular and in some cases, is even being incentivised. 

In perpetually sunny areas of the United States, solar panels on new construction provide ROI very quickly. But even in colder, cloudier states, utility companies are feeling pressure from both the government and constituents to incentivize renewable energy solutions. That means you could get a kickback from utilizing solar power in your metal building. Plus, as solar tech improves, the price of personal use PV will continue to decrease, making it an even more affordable option. 

Depending on the size of your roof, incorporating solar could mean saving hundreds or thousands annually on electricity. And because of the mentioned incentives to incorporate renewable energy, you’ll likely be able to find low-cost loans, rebates, tax credits and other money-saving opportunities if you go the solar route. 

But can you install solar panels on a metal building with a metal roof? You can! 

In many ways, metal roofs are a fantastic host for solar panels:

  • Metal buildings often have lower-pitched roofs that are a great match for solar panels
  • Metal roofs are excellent for easy installation compared with traditional roofs
  • Metal roofs have a very long lifespan compared to traditional roofs, so you will get more longevity from your PV panel installation

However, there are some things to consider before diving head-first into solar power for your steel building:

  1. Figure out which type of installation is best for your building. Your two main choices are a crystalline panel array, which has been around for a long time, but may have to be drilled into your roof, which isn’t always optimal. With a metal roof, however, installers can almost always mount the panels using brackets or clips. There’s also a new product, laminate solar panels, which are extremely lightweight, installed using peel and stick materials, have a very low profile, and work very well on metal roofs. However, they aren’t as efficient as crystalline panels. 
  2. Consider the effect solar panels may have on your building’s warranty. Depending on which type of solar panels you choose and how you want to install them, they may affect any warranty that is active on your metal roof. We recommend reaching out to the experts at Worldwide Steel before investing in solar technology for your steel building to discuss. 
  3. Ensure your building kit can handle the weight. If you plan to install solar panels on your steel building’s roof at any point in the future, you’ll need to make sure the additional weight of the panels is accounted for during manufacturing. Since Worldwide Steel manufactures all our own metal building kits in-house, this is an easy process. 
  4. Think about the directional positioning of your building. For our US customers, solar panels generally are most effective when facing south or southwest. Roofs facing the west are also able to gather a lot of solar energy during peak hours. However, this is all dependent on where your building is positioned relative to its surroundings, like other buildings and tall trees. We recommend consulting with a professional for optimal installation. 
  5. Research your installation options. This goes beyond the installation methods mentioned above. Like a Worldwide Steel building kit, there are lots of routes to solar installation. If you want to DIY, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct tools, wiring and know-how. If you want to hire a professional, you’ll want to connect with someone who has metal building-specific experience. 
  6. Know whether you’ll be hooked into the grid or using standalone solar. There are pros and cons to each. A grid-connected solar system augments your local utility grid and can be used as a surplus or backup. In some states, you can also resell your unused energy back to the utility company if your solar panels generate more energy than you’re using (potentially generating revenue, depending on how your building is used). Standalone solar systems work by charging a battery bank that stores the solar energy for when you need it. If your metal building is located somewhere off-grid, this is probably your only option, and it’s a great one! 
Steel Garage and Home with Solar Panels by a Lake

Want to learn more about increasing the value and sustainability of your Worldwide Steel building using solar power? Give us a call at 1-800-825-0316! We think renewable energy is an amazing idea, but again, we want to reiterate that just like any other aftermarket changes or upgrades you make to your Worldwide Steel building, the addition of solar panels could have an effect on our industry-leading 50-year structural warranty. Let’s chat before you make any final decisions.

It’s that time of year again! Time to start shopping for the holidays. And you probably have a person in your life that’s incredibly difficult to shop for. It doesn’t matter why: Maybe they already have everything they need, don’t put much stock into material things, or have champagne tastes that don’t quite fit your beer budget … regardless, you’re left racking your brain. 

Then it hits you — they’ve been talking a lot about growing their business … or needing additional storage for their tools and equipment … or wanting to work on another hobby vehicle, if only they had somewhere to put it. 

So you start asking yourself … would a steel building make a good gift? 

Steel Workshop with Drive-through Garage Doors

You know how easy and fun it is to design a Worldwide Steel building, you’ve seen how quick and painless the construction process is, and you’ve seen some of the amazing projects customers have built with our steel building kits

But a building is still an investment, so you want to make sure you’re really thinking things through.

Do steel buildings make good gifts?

Yes! A steel building kit can make a fantastic gift, if you go about it the right way. 

A steel building can make a great gift because it can make a big day-to-day difference in your loved one’s life, last for decades, and in some cases (like when used for a small business) even make money in the long run. 

Steel Garage with Office and Automotive Lift

And when you’re looking to give the highest quality metal building on the market, you’re looking at Worldwide Steel. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • We’re a manufacturer, not a broker. All Worldwide Steel buildings are built in-house in the Midwest, USA. 
  • We custom-craft your structure to local wind and snow load requirements, to ensure it always stands up to the elements. 
  • Our precision-engineered trusses bolt together so easily you won’t need to rent heavy machinery to erect your building. 
  • Our steel components are pre-welded and precision-aligned for a perfect fit the first time. 
  • Our wide variety of building components, accessories and features make Worldwide Steel buildings almost endlessly customizable. 

Because Worldwide Steel building kits are so customizable, however, we’d say they don’t always make very good surprise gifts. This isn’t the type of gift you’d want to slap a bow on and present to your loved one completely out of the blue. 

Worldwide Steel buildings are affordable, with 50-year structural warranties and financing options. But like any structure, they’re still an investment. That’s why it’s a good idea to involve the recipient in the details. 

Unless you’re 100% sure you know exactly what they’re looking for, we don’t recommend secretly making all the design, dimensions and finish decisions on your own and surprising them on delivery day. But don’t get discouraged! There are still ways to make giving a steel building as a gift fun and exciting for both the giver and the recipient. 

Here’s an idea: Get in touch with the Worldwide Steel team today and start letting them know what you’re planning. Guarantee they’ll be just as thrilled as you are to bring your plan to life. They can walk you through your options, start talking about pricing so you know what to expect, and send you some beautiful brochures about our products. 

A Steel Recreation Building with a Basketball Court

While you’re waiting for all that to come together, sit down with your gift recipient and show them how cool our online 3D building designer is! You can chat through all the cool options and elements, learn a bit more about which components they’d include in their dream building, and even start getting a feel for what colors and finishes they want. They don’t need to know you’re actually scheming to make that design a reality. Then, you can get back in touch with your Worldwide Steel consultant and pass along the intel. By the time you’re ready to surprise your loved one with your plan to give them a steel building kit, all the research will be done and you’ll just have the details to confirm and finalize. 

Want to make this holiday the most magical one yet? What are you waiting for? Call us at 1-800-825-0316.

Steel home in winter, at the end of a long snow-covered driveway

Despite the fact that steel is the material of choice for skyscrapers, storm shelters and storage for private airplanes, there’s a pervasive idea that a steel house isn’t a safe choice for a family home. That somehow, steel not only won’t keep you safe from inclement weather, natural disasters and fire damage, but in some cases can actively put you at risk. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

If you’re considering a steel home for yourself or your family, rest assured: you’re on the right path. Living in a steel home is incredibly safe. Steel offers far more natural strength, inherent durability and fire resistance than traditional wood buildings. 

Looking for specifics? You got ‘em: 

Are metal buildings safe from lightning?

Yes. First, a metal building is not inherently more likely to be struck by lightning than a wood building. It may seem that way, however, because lighting is more likely to strike tall buildings, like skyscrapers. It’s their height that’s a beacon for the lightning, not their framing material. And what material is used to frame most skyscrapers? That’s right, steel. Steel is chosen, in part, because it actually performs better than wood in a lightning strike. Here’s why: 

A properly grounded steel building is a fantastic electrical current conductor, which makes it a safer place to be during a lightning storm. Because the lightning current can pass smoothly through steel framing and into the ground, it is less likely to send currents elsewhere. And because steel buildings are fire resistant, they can survive a lightning strike without much damage to the structure.

Wood, however, does not conduct electricity efficiently at all. So when a traditional wood-framed home (or a tree, which is more common) is hit by lightning, it’s more likely to catch fire and more likely to send shockwaves of that current outward, potentially striking anyone who happens to be nearby.

Are metal buildings safe in a tornado?

Yes. Tornadoes really like the United States — and they like certain midwestern states, known collectively as Tornado Alley, more than anything. 

Know what’s right in the path of Tornado Alley? The Worldwide Steel Buildings manufacturing facility. So you could say we know a thing or two about these destructive forces of nature. 

So do many of our midwestern customers, who all chose to purchase a steel building kit despite the risk of tornadoes, and felt confident doing so, given metal buildings’ high wind rating (the amount of pressure the building is designed to withstand). 

No building can avoid the path of a tornado entirely, but when steel buildings do get caught up in a cyclone, they’re less likely to suffer structural damage. That’s because instead of breaking in strong winds, steel can bend. So you’d still have some repair work to do once the storm passed, but the interior of your metal home will have had superior protection against high wind speeds as well as debris thrown around by the storm and fires originating from wood frame buildings. 

Are metal buildings safe in a snowstorm?

Yes. There’s nothing better than watching a snowstorm from safely inside your home … until you realize the damage heavy snow and ice can do to your roof and your windows. 

However, much of the snow damage inflicted on traditional wood homes comes from the weight of compacted snow and the moisture seeping into susceptible materials. 

Because metal homes won’t rot, mold, mildew or expand and contract due to temperature, the moisture isn’t a concern. And when your metal building is designed to withstand the snow load in your area (which it will be – our team makes sure of it), the weight on your roof isn’t an issue either. 

Worldwide Steel buildings are designed to withstand even the heaviest snowfall, and can perform even better depending on the roof you choose. In snowy climates, the steeper the better. An acute angle makes it much easier for snow to slide off the roof and melt into the ground. 

With a steep roof pitch, eave extensions and the strength of a metal roof, you can design a building that protects you from any snowstorm.

Is a metal building safe from natural disasters?

When it comes down to it, no man-made structure is completely invincible when it’s faced with the forces of Mother Nature. But just like in the other examples, a steel building will perform as well as or better than any other type of traditional construction. 

An earthquake that would cause a wood-framed home to splinter and break should only cause a steel-framed home to warp. 

A hurricane that would destroy a wood-framed home should only dent the siding of a metal home. 

A wildfire that would incinerate a wood-framed home wouldn’t even touch the framing of a metal home.

Feeling at home in a metal building

Perhaps the skepticism surrounding steel homes stems from peoples’ perception of them rather than the reality. If the only steel buildings you’ve been in have been barns, shelters and airplane hangars, then of course you won’t think they’re a place to make yourself at home. 

But once you add in proper insulation, the interior walls of your choice, and fill the house with your friends and family, a steel frame home offers safety, security and a place to feel at home just like any other home. 

Garage kits and workshop kits are available from Worldwide Steel Buildings, and can be delivered anywhere in the US.
Our customers turn to us and trust us with a lot of their big building projects. You know: The buildings they design for running businesses, protecting heavy equipment, and keeping their loved ones safe.

But not everyone is ready for that level of metal building project. And that’s okay! Especially around this time of year, a lot of people start to realize that what they want and need isn’t a gigantic airplane hangar, community center or barndominium, but a simple storage shed. Is a steel shed the sexiest building around? Maybe not. But it’s definitely one of the most functional.

If you’re thinking about how nice it would be to have a separate storage building for your lawn tools, mower, bikes or snowblower — all those standard personal use tools and toys that seem to multiply and take up more room as the years go on — you’re probably thinking about your options. Metal sheds vs. wood sheds vs. plastic sheds. Which is best for your needs? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these types of storage buildings:

Plastic (vinyl or resin)

The two things a vinyl or resin storage shed has going for it are that it’s fairly resistant to rot, insects and rust, and that it’s lightweight. However, the flipside of lightweightness is flimsiness. A plastic shed won’t hold up well to inclement weather, and is highly flammable in case of fire. It’s also susceptible to critters other than insects, like squirrels and rabbits, and is not very secure against theft. The very chainsaw you store in a plastic building could cut right through its walls with ease. Plastic buildings can also stain and bleach in the sun, making them look worn well before they should.


A wood storage building is probably going to be easy to find and build no matter where you live, and can be quite visually attractive if done correctly. Wood frame construction is very customizable both structurally and in its finishes, which is appealing. But it’s also very expensive, makes for an incredibly heavy building, and is subject to fire damage, rot, warping, mold, insect infestation, and so much more. Over time, a wood storage building is likely to need a lot of maintenance.


A steel storage building or shed has the potential to look industrial. But with the customization options available from Worldwide Steel, it doesn’t have to. A metal building can be finished to blend in perfectly with the homes or the landscape around it while still being appealing in its own right. And that — the potential to look purely industrial if purchased elsewhere — is about the only downside we see. Everything else is coming up roses for metal buildings.

On purchase, steel storage buildings are cost-effective and come together with ease, even for first time builders. And with use, steel buildings’ true upsides start to shine: they’re fireproof, durable, resistant to all types of weather and natural disasters, and are integrally theft-proof. They resist rot, rust, insects and other critters. They’re also sustainable, energy-efficient and low maintenance for years to come. And at Worldwide Steel, they’re guaranteed. We offer an industry-leading 50-year structural warranty on every building kit we sell, so you can sleep knowing your building and what’s inside is protected for decades.

And working with Worldwide Steel is different than getting a backyard storage building from a big box store. Our team isn’t made up of retail employees, but of building specialists who can guide you through the design and construction processes, plus research any building codes or zoning regulations for your local area.

It’s a great time of year to finally take the plunge into adding a storage building to your property. Have more questions about the differences between metal sheds, wood sheds and plastic sheds? Give us a call at (800) 825-0316! Know what you want? Test out your ideas in our 3D Building Designer or request a quote online.

Barndominium decorated for the holidays

You know the pride that comes with doing something all on your own? Something challenging, that maybe you weren’t quite sure you’d be able to pull off? Now imagine feeling that way about something tangible. Something functional. Something big. Something like an entire building.

It’s more achievable than you might think, and with Worldwide Steel, it’s the last piece of the true DIY puzzle.

You dreamt your ideal metal building. Using the Worldwide Steel 3D Building Designer (with a little assistance and reassurance from our experts), you designed your own metal building. But can you really build your own metal building? Yep.

Consider this your pre-decision pep talk:

When you work with Worldwide Steel, yes, you can build your metal building with your own two hands.

Our prefab steel building kits are designed for DIYers like you — people who aren’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty, but don’t have construction experience. Barring any exceptional circumstances like disabilities or medical conditions, you can erect your building without hiring a crew, buying special materials, or worrying about making an irreparable mistake.

How? It starts at our manufacturing plant. Worldwide Steel manufactures all the materials that comprise our building kits at our own Midwestern plant, with all-American materials. No middle man, no brokers — just your design and our steel. Here’s what really makes the difference: we do extra work at the plant so you have less work to do on site.

Upon delivery (when all you need is a safe way to offload materials from our truck and enough clear space to assemble your building), you’ll find a lot of the work is done for you. The work that has to be done on-site is explained, step-by-step, very clearly, in the instructions that are delivered alongside your building materials.

You start by anchoring your building’s legs into piers. Then you’ll install the columns and attach a couple of your girts onto pre-welded clips. Again, all this will be explained and diagrammed in your instruction manual. Next, you’ll lay out the girders (the two halves that make up your steel trusses) and bolt them together, then bolt them to the legs you anchored. That’s the skeleton of your building. Then, you’ll frame in your doors and windows with well-packaged, clearly labeled materials.

You’ll notice perfect hole alignment at every step of construction. That’s because we pre-weld our trusses on jigs at the plant, for exemplary precision.

After that, it’s all sheeting and finishes. Worldwide Steel buildings have no sheet metal-to-sheet metal connections: it’s all sheet metal (which is just for aesthetics and sealing) to steel secondary members (attached with self-tapping, self-sealing fasteners). That means superior strength and durability, plus additional peace of mind for you. Roof panels go on just as easily.

Sure, that’s the short version, but there really isn’t much more to it.

From the beginning, we’ve prioritized design perfection and material quality to make the construction process simple. Step-by-step instructions, pre-punched, pre-drilled and pre-welded materials, and Quinton Ayler, our full-time customer support person is just a phone call away (816-779-7518).

There’s no need for advanced skill, experience or general contractors. We have customers every day who grab a buddy or two and have our buildings completed in just a few weekends.

Last but not least, we make sure to include some insurance with your building kit. You’ll find extra closures, framing, bolts and more, just in case anything rolls away or gets forgotten in yesterday’s pocket.

Still skeptical? Check out some of our customer stories and see what people like you accomplished with Worldwide Steel. Then let’s talk! Give us a call at (800) 825-0316 or request a quote online.

Barndominium decorated for the holidays

Our customers prove over and over again, at every time of year, that living in a metal home or barndominium can be just as warm, cozy and comfortable as living in traditional construction. That’s true around the holidays, as well.

If it’s your first holiday season in a metal home, you might be thinking you need to celebrate and decorate differently than you did before. After all, how can you hang lights and wreaths outside when you can’t hammer in nails to hang them from? Worse yet, will your loved ones worry a holiday celebration won’t feel the same in a metal home?

This is the winter you can prove them wrong. A metal home is a home, plain and simple.

In fact, the winter holidays are one of the best times to live in a metal home, because steel construction makes decorating and gathering easier than ever before.

Let us show you what we mean:

Hanging Christmas lights on a metal roof?

Okay, so we won’t try to tell you hanging Christmas lights on a steel roof is fun, necessarily. But that’s true about any roof, right? As long as you’re up there on a ladder, a metal roof might actually make hanging lights easier. Know why? It’s magnetic. That means no more fumbling with nails or plastic clips. If you already have lights to string, you can buy magnetic clips and just pop them onto your roofline and string the lights from there. If you need new lights anyway, you’re in luck — they actually make magnetic lights now. Isn’t that awesome? Not only are they a breeze to hang on a metal home, but they ensure your lights are all pointing in the exact same direction, which means your Christmas lights will be perfectly positioned. Metal hooks are also good for hanging wreaths, stockings, or whatever else you use to decorate.

Porch with holiday lights

Gathering with friends and family?

First of all, celebrating with loved ones is about the people, not the place. Gather the people you love in any old building — steel, brick, wood or straw — and that’s what matters. But because a metal home gives you such an opportunity for enormous clear span and a truly open floor plan, you can actually gather more people together in one room than you could in most traditional homes. No more deciding who has to eat on the couch in the living room! Break out the folding tables and celebrate with everyone you love in one place.

Baby, it’s cold outside?

No problem. Metal homes, properly insulated, can do a better job of maintaining temperature than traditional construction, thanks to the conduction properties of steel. It’s also less likely to develop any cracks where critters looking to escape the cold could make their way inside — a common occurrence in many homes during winter.

Cozy home for the holidays

Expecting a snowstorm?

You can sleep easier in a metal home. Steel is less susceptible to water damage and less likely to be damaged structurally in the case of a heavy snow load, wind speeds or fallen tree limb. Just salt the walks before guests arrive and focus on the fun parts.

If you’re getting ready to celebrate your first holiday season in a metal home, cheers! We can’t wait for you to experience just how sweet a metal home can be. If you’re tired of just thinking about your metal home project, now is the time to reach out to the team at Worldwide Steel. We’ll help you start designing the building of your dreams so it can be ready in time for next winter. Contact us today to take advantage of 2021 pricing! Call (800) 825-0316 or request a quote online.

Like most passions that require a heavy investment of time, commitment and finances, there’s something about the transition from renting to buying that just feels good. For pilots, buying that first aircraft is almost always a milestone. The one that makes you feel like a real pilot rather than someone who just dabbles in flying. The step that confirms this isn’t just a hobby you might outgrow or lose interest in. This is for life.

In aviation, there’s another monumental transition after purchasing your own aircraft: When you make the choice to take ownership of where you keep that aircraft.

When should you build your own aircraft hangar?

You should consider building your own hangar after you’ve done the math and realized renting hangar space just isn’t the best choice anymore. Or maybe you’re running a business that’s dependent on your personal aircraft and don’t want any aspect of that  business to be at the mercy of someone else’s decisions. 

When you design and build your own hangar, you get to choose where you want it located, include all the features you could possibly imagine, and enjoy 24/7 private access with no chance of hangar rash (unless you’re building a hangar for multiple planes … in that case, just factor in some additional square footage to stay safe and comfortable). 

Sounds like a dream come true? For our customers, it has been. Designing your own hangar from the ground up means you can customize it to your individual needs — the size of your airplane (down to wingspan and tail height), the way you use it (are you loading it up with goods for regional flights? Flying customers with deep pockets to and from business meetings? Enjoying the freedom of destinationless joy rides?), plus additional space for equipment storage, utilities, facilities, even living quarters. 

How to start designing your own metal hangar

With all that choice can come a bit of uncertainty as well, especially for first-time builders. You know how important this project is, and you don’t want to mishandle any aspect of it. At Worldwide Steel, we understand the gravity of each and every decision, and work with you to shoulder the responsibility of each and every consideration — so the entire process is enjoyable and rewarding for you, not stressful. 

Here are just a few aspects you’ll need to consider when building your own hangar, and why Worldwide Steel is the right partner for this project

1. Material quality. A hangar isn’t just an investment in and of itself — it’s literally protection for another investment. That means it isn’t a place to cut corners or make guesses. Worldwide Steel is an ideal partner in this respect for four primary reasons.

  • First, unlike some other metal building companies, we’re the manufacturer of our products, not just the broker. 
  • Second, we offer an industry-leading 50-year structural warranty that guarantees the materials and workmanship of your hangar will be defect-free for decades.
  • Third, we’ve been doing this a long time. We have expertise in things you may never think of on your own — like how an aircraft hangar needs to be built on a significantly thicker concrete slab than a metal building that isn’t designed to support so much weight on such a small surface area, or things to watch out for when choosing a site (like grade and soil quality).
  • Fourth, we’re an APOA Lifestyle member, which means we have access to information on the latest aviation regulations, new advancements in the industry and more. If there’s a question our years of experience building hangars doesn’t answer, we can reach out to the world’s largest aviation community for support.

2. Accessibility.  One of the most important choices when designing a hangar is its doors. Worldwide Steel offers three types of doors that are often chosen for hangars:

  • Traditional bi-fold doors fold in half when opening, like an accordion. They open outwards, which means you don’t have to account for interior space to accommodate them — your plane(s) and equipment can take up the entire interior.
  • Hydraulic doors operate like a standard garage door on a house. They open upwards and rise as a single unit. Some customers appreciate that they can be built with windows to let in light. They do take up vertical space when they’re open, so hangars with hydraulic doors need to be designed slightly taller than they would otherwise be. 
  • Stack doors aren’t a super common choice, since their size is constrained by the overall width of the hangar and limit the space in which a plane can maneuver straight in and out of the building. Think of a barn door that slides along the wall to open. The upside of stack doors is that they can be opened manually, in case of a power outage. Sometimes we recommend a fly-through hangar (with doors on both sides) that has bi-fold or hydraulic doors on the front and stack doors on the back, so you’re covered in case of emergency.

3. Customization options. Because Worldwide Steel manufactures hangars ourselves, you’re not limited to off-the-shelf components. The customization options are almost literally endless.  You can check it out yourself with our 3D Building Designer, which lets you test out hangar ideas visually before committing. The tool even lets you add a little guy and a personal aircraft for scale. Fun, right?

4. Big ol’ clearspans. Yes, that’s the technical term. But really. With available clearspans from 24′ through 100′ wide — no need for columns — our hangars can be designed to accommodate everything from a helicopter or single-engine to a small fleet of jets. That also means you can factor in space for everything you’ll need to maintain and repair your crafts, like ramps, stairs and lifts.

5. Hassle-free assembly. Worldwide Steel building kits use a pre-punched truss system that bolts together easily, which makes assembly a snap. Often, you won’t even need to rent heavy equipment or hire a crew to erect your hangar. For larger structures, however, some customers have found having access to a forklift or tractor makes the process even easier. 

When it’s time to level up your passion for planes, it’s time to get in touch with the team at Worldwide Steel Buildings. We can’t wait to get started on your custom aircraft hangar — just give us a call at (800) 825-0316 or request a quote online

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