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garage workshop building customer testimonial

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we are proud of our processes that make building a steel structure of any kind, anywhere, as painless and streamlined as possible. However, for one of our customers, timing, communication and follow through were of utmost importance. Here is his experience in his words:

A Challenging Location to Build a Steel Building

For most people, any undertaking of a construction project requires major consideration with regard to time money and frustration. Most would prefer to leave these challenges up to a general contractor and in the end, enjoy all the rewards and just write the check.

Our situation in Juneau has additional considerations. First, we live in a remote community 900 miles away from major shipping ports and access is by boat or plane only. Along with our geographical location, we live in a rainforest that receives approx. 120 inches of rain yearly and annual snowfall that can reach 200 inches. All of this provides for approximately 5 months of sensible building time in a calendar year, so a commitment to a timeline and follow through is essential.

Expectations Were Set Low Due to Previous Experiences

Having lived here for 30-plus years has demonstrated that even the best of companies and corporations from the lower forty eight have and are unable to overcome the many challenges that Juneau presents. And for them to oversell and under execute is more often the norm rather than the exception.

All that said, to maintain control of all factors, I decided to be my own general contractor, designer and banker. And with the help from my lovely assistant and wife Pamela, would construct and build our new garage. I knew what I wanted, where I wanted it and how much I could spend.

(Our 3D Building Designer tool helps you get started on the design of your steel building project!)

Worldwide Steel Was Great from the First Contact

After a year of research and planning, I sent out emails to over a dozen steel building providers. This email contained what I would consider a comprehensive list of details and overview of my project. For comparison’s sake, I was patient and waited for many to respond. Perhaps comparison is the wrong term, for it was more of a contrast as replies came in.

Right from the start, Worldwide steel and more specifically, Mr. John Turner, immediately responded, providing information, answering questions, going over options and discussing details. The information Mr. Turner provided seemed to be more confirmed, confident and backed by firsthand knowledge and industry experience than did others who replied.

Communication Was Convenient

In short order, I knew exactly who he was, what he did and how he could help me with our project. Although there was a three hour time difference, Mr. Turner gave me multiple points of contact: email, phone numbers, etc., and I was encouraged to reach out at any time, after hours and on weekends. Other companies literally took months to return any reply, or deferred me to someone else, or someone would have someone else call me back, or sent me to an automated voicemail tree.

The Construction Process Was Seamless

After deciding to go with Worldwide Steel, John and the team at Worldwide put together a seamless chain of events and efforts from architects, engineers, logistics, shipping departments, finalizing plan details and setting up time schedules, as well as providing necessary plans, documentation, and certifications needed for the local permitting process.

At Worldwide I had one contact, John Turner with a direct line, who always answered the phone or called me back within minutes. But more importantly, John was always in line and up to date with the specifics of my project and its progress. I never felt as if my little garage got lost in the day-to-day shuffle of people being too busy to take the time.

My Steel Garage Is On Schedule and Under Budget

As a result of John and the many others at Worldwide, my little garage has become a reality. We are currently on schedule and under budget working on interior and final details. We are able to look back on this project and experience in a positive light (the wife and I are still talking to each other).

If an honest and truthful recommendation based on deeds, performance and proven abilities was ever deserved, well, my hat’s off to Mr. John Turner and the team from Worldwide Steel. Good job!

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If you have a steel building in your future, trust the experienced team at Worldwide Steel Buildings. Call us at (800) 825-0316.

Link to an informational guide to help you decide if a steel building is the best solution for you

steel building for pool

Are you a homeowner dreaming of enhancing your poolside experience? Imagine having a custom-built pool house that not only serves as a storage space for pool toys but also as a stylish extension of your home, complete with a living room or lounge area. Worldwide Steel Buildings offers a unique solution: steel building kits that can be transformed into a fabulous pool house. Our clients, like Rob H., have shared their success stories in creating pool houses that stand out both in durability and design, offering a significant reduction in pool house cost compared to traditional construction methods.

Real Life Customer Shares Their Experience

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we’re always amazed at the uses our customers come up with for our outstanding buildings. Check out this steel building kit that makes swimming a year-round activity. Rob H. shares how the steel structure not only houses pool equipment but also features a cozy lounge area:

“The steel structure is incredibly strong and stable. We can get up to 1.5 feet of snow in our area and the frame can easily handle that weight load. We also can get high winds here and the structure hasn’t budged an inch. It is also very unique in appearance: the frame inside of the pool space has a geometric look that blends well with the rounded style of our pool. Externally, the frame has a clean look and gives very nice ‘curb appeal’. The steel frame design itself makes it very easy to safely mount any kind of accoutrements we’d like in the space (lights, wireless speakers, things like that). This structure, combined with the polycarbonate siding we chose, gives us a pool space we can use all year. We can cool the building with our fan system during the summer and warm it with area heating in the winter.”pool covered by steel building kit with clear sides

“We couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out. We have a pool house we can use anytime, any season, and this is something that really adds value to the investment we made for our pool space. We can’t wait to do some swimming when it’s snowing outside! Again, thanks for all of your help with this, it took quite the effort but really turned out sensational! Thanks, Rob H.”

Robust and Adaptable Steel Structures for Your Pool House

Steel building kits from Worldwide Steel Buildings are renowned for their strength and stability. Rob H.’s experience highlights this, as his pool house design effortlessly withstands up to 1.5 feet of snow and endures high winds without compromise. The geometric frame not only provides a strong foundation but also adds a unique aesthetic that complements the rounded contours of a swimming pool. This blend of functionality and design makes our steel structures an ideal choice for your new pool house project, seamlessly integrating with your main house and enhancing the overall aesthetic of your property.

Customization Options for Your Dream Pool House

Tailor your pool house to your exact needs with our wide array of customization options. Imagine a pool house with glass doors opening to the backyard pool, or a custom build with a built-in bar and ample space for outdoor furniture. Our kits enable you to create a pool house that’s not just an add-on but a significant enhancement to your outdoor living space, offering a variety of pool house features to suit your lifestyle, whether it’s a simple changing room for swimmers or a fully equipped living space.

All-Season Enjoyment in Your Custom Pool House

Our customer Rob H. also showcased how the addition of polycarbonate siding to his pool house facilitates year-round usage. This adaptability means you can enjoy your pool area in all seasons, whether it’s cooling down in the summer with a fan system or staying warm in the winter with area heating. A Worldwide Steel pool house offers homeowners like you the opportunity to swim even when it’s snowing outside, transforming your pool area into an all-encompassing recreational space.

The Cost-Effective, DIY-Friendly Pool House Solution

Building a pool house with our steel kits is not only a cost-effective solution but also a DIY-friendly project. This approach allows you to design and build a pool house that meets your specific needs, from landscaping integration to incorporating a prefab pool house structure. The result is a personalized, custom pool house that enhances your swimming pool area and adds significant value to your property.

Navigate Zoning and Pool House Construction with Ease

Embarking on pool house construction requires understanding local zoning laws. Worldwide Steel Buildings provides the expertise to navigate these regulations, ensuring your pool house meets all requirements. Our steel kits offer the flexibility to create a variety of pool house ideas, from a simple poolside shed to an elaborate, custom-built structure, perfect for any type of pool house you envision.

Start Building Your Ideal Pool House Today

Ready to dive into your pool house project? Worldwide Steel Buildings is here to assist you every step of the way. To explore more about our metal building kits and how they can be used to build a pool house, visit our testimonials page. For further information and to start planning your dream pool house, call us at (800) 825-0316 or download our building planning kit. Embrace the opportunity to create a unique, durable, and stylish pool house that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

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