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We love the look of our steel buildings, and we want to make sure our customers do, too. Our sheet metal siding comes in a wide range of colors which you can “try before you buy” using our 3-D Building Design Tool.

But a steel building doesn’t have to look like a steel building if you don’t want it to. Our customers have the benefit and flexibility of using a range of other exterior options if sheet metal isn’t your preference.

Aesthetics that match your vision

This flexibility can be particularly important when trying to match a look that may already exist on your property – or matching a new steel house to the surrounding neighborhood.

Worldwide Steel Buildings’ team has worked with many of our customers to design steel structures using a range of exterior finishes, including brick, stone, stucco, and even wood.

Strength you can depend on

Whatever exterior finishes you choose, you still get the strength and durability of our steel truss framing, backed by our unmatched 50-year guarantee. You also get the other benefits of our steel building kits, including full customization, clear interior spans giving you flexibility of interior layout, affordability, and ease of assembly.

Need some inspiration to get started on your project? Look at photos on the “Steel Buildings” tab, check out our 3-D Design Tool, or talk with a Building Consultant specialist to create a structure with the perfect look for your needs.

For more information about metal building kits contact us, or start designing your building with our online 3D Building Designer Tool by clicking the image below. 3D-Building-Designer-button

Summer is officially here – but we don’t need to tell you that. Cities across the country have been experiencing record heat and high temperatures, and fall is still months away. It’s hot out there!

Fortunately, air conditioning is available pretty much everywhere, and that certainly includes steel buildings. Each of our building kits is completely customizable to accommodate the specific climate control needs of your building usage. Keep in mind it will get cold again and you want to be prepared.

Flexibility to incorporate building systems

Whether you want to air condition the office space within a hybrid warehouse/office structure, or provide climate control for your entire garage, workshop, or single-family steel home, you can plan and layout your own HVAC (as well as power and other systems) for part or all of your building kit. Need a little help? Our experienced customer service team can work with you to understand your HVAC and systems needs and customize your building kit to achieve them.

Design elements to help you keep your cool

While HVAC is the primary means of keeping things cool in the warm weather, some of the most basic design elements can also be used to help manage climate and air circulation in your steel building:

  • Doorways / openings – with clear span buildings 24-225 feet, our steel building kits allow for large garage-style door openings on multiple sides of the building to provide cross-ventilation.
  • Windows – another obvious, but important one: our clear span designs also allow you to place windows to maximize (or minimize) natural light and ventilation based on your specific building site.
  • Ceilings / roofs – the open design of our building kits means you can customize the ceiling height and roof pitch to allow heat to rise to the top of your building, vent out of your building and away from your belongings, equipment – and from you.

Let us know how we can help – and stay cool! For more information about metal building kits contact us, or start designing your building with our online 3D Building Designer Tool by clicking the image below. 3D-Building-Designer-button

If you’ve owned a steel building in the past, or even if you’ve just been researching building options, you probably already know some of the benefits of steel: strength, durability, value.

But did you know steel is the #1 most recycled material in the world? According to the Steel Recycling Institute, between 60 and 80 million tons of scrap steel are recycled every year by North American steel mills into new steel products and components. In fact, scrap steel is an ingredient in producing new steel.

Our building kits at Worldwide Steel Buildings are made of approximately 94 percent recycled steel, all of it sourced from American steel mills. Using recycled steel gives our customers all the great features of steel – lighter yet stronger than other building materials; resistance to all types of weather; flexibility of design; and more – with the added benefits that come from recycling, including:

  • Performance. Because of steel’s properties, it can be repeatedly recycled from one use or product to another without compromising structural integrity or performance.
  • Environmental impact. Recycling steel reduces the amount of resources consumed and emissions produced involved in creating steel products, reducing its impact on our environment and our planet.
  • Economy. Not having to produce new steel for every new product also reduces the cost of steel products to consumers – enhancing the already great value of this high-quality building material.
  • American manufactured. Worldwide is proud to use exclusively American steel, which means – because U.S. steel mills use largely recycled materials – that buying recycled steel is an important part of keeping money and jobs in our country and our communities.
(Source: Recycled Steel Institute)

Be sure to check out all the custom styles, finishes, and other options we offer, and give us a call to let us help you with your next (recycled) steel building project!

For more information about metal building kits contact us, or start designing your building with our online 3D Building Designer Tool by clicking the image below.3D-Building-Designer-button

Worldwide Steel Buildings was recently honored by the Kansas City Business Journal as one of its 2018 Champions of Business. This annual program recognizes companies based in the Kansas City area that contribute to our community’s economic strength and quality of life.

We are particularly proud to be a Champion of Business because the qualities the selection panel looks for are the same thing we believe allow us to provide a great product and great service to our customers:


Our commitment to create steel buildings customized to each customer’s exact needs drives us to constantly find new and innovative ways to deliver on that promise. This includes our 3D Building Designer tool, which we developed to help you design every aspect of your dream building before you order. It also includes our approach to designing and manufacturing our steel building kits for easy DIY assembly to streamline budget and timeline. And, it’s why we love working with our customers to make their unique building ideas a reality – you are part of our innovation team!

Strength and Stability

Just like our building kits, Worldwide Steel Buildings starts from a solid foundation. We own and operate our own manufacturing facility so we control every aspect of quality and fabrication to meet your expectations. We work hard and smart to ensure you are getting an outstanding value, backed by our 50-year warranty. Our focus on giving customers a great product and great service with great value has kept us going and growing for 35 years, so you can be sure we will be here when you need us.

Giving Back

Most importantly, we are committed to being a great place to work to help our employees and our community thrive. As our owner, Jeff Snell, told the Business Journal: “Having an enjoyable place to work is part of the culture, but on top of that, we want our employees to feel empowered to make decisions and make the right decisions based on the customer experience and pride in their work.”

We take great pride in being able to give back to our community through creating jobs and contributing to the local economy. Also, by using exclusively American-made steel, we are not only ensuring high quality of our steel buildings, but by serving our customers in a way that supports our country’s economy as well.

This recognition couldn’t have happened without our tremendous employees and without the support of you, our customers. Thank you for your trust and confidence in us – you are our “Champions of Business”!

Check out our Champions of Business profile here. And as always, call us at any time with questions or to discuss your next project.

For more information about metal building kits contact us, or start designing your building with our online 3D Building Designer Tool by clicking the image below.3D-Building-Designer-button


When you take a look at our website or any of our materials, you may notice the words “We are certified by the American Welding Society (AWS) as a Certified Welding Fabricator.” For our company, it’s a source of pride and a recognition of our commitment to manufacture steel buildings of the highest quality. But what does it mean to our customers?


Top-Quality Craftsmanship

To be designated as a Certified Welding Fabricator (CWF), companies go through a rigorous and lengthy process. It starts with an application documenting quality processes, personnel experience, and capabilities. Then, an AWS expert reviews the company’s quality manual and recommends any improvements needed. Next, AWS performs an on-site audit of the manufacturing facility and another detailed review of the quality manual. The company then must make any changes needed to meet the AWS’ industry-recognized standards to produce the highest-quality steel fabricated structures.

Commitment to Excellence

Becoming a CWF means not only do we have the experience, knowledge, equipment, and capabilities to ensure the strength and durability of our structures. It also means we constantly maintain and improve our quality processes, and participate in yearly quality reviews, to keep our certification year after year. It takes time and dedication to maintain these high standards – that’s why only about 200 companies the U.S., Canada, and Mexico combined have earned this select designation.

Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, what really matters to our customers is that every weld in your steel building is durable, strong, and can withstand whatever weather conditions, loads, or special uses you require. Our steel buildings are backed by an unmatched 50-year warranty – and by the expertise and quality commitment of our Worldwide Steel Buildings employees. This means that not only are you getting an affordable steel building kit customized to the needs of your home or business, you are getting the highest quality our industry has to offer. So when you see the AWS CWF symbol – just like the Worldwide Steel Buildings name – you can have the confidence and peace of mind knowing your structure will maintain its integrity and appearance for years to come.

Let one of our skilled, professional staff members help you customize a high-quality steel building kit, or check out our 3D building designer tool to draft your own design. Either way, we will ensure your product is of the highest standards.

For more information about metal building kits contact us, or start designing your building with our online 3D Building Designer Tool by clicking the image below.3D-Building-Designer-button

Custom Steel Building Kit Lake House

How would you like a strong, long-lasting, and completely custom-made home? A home that is built from materials strong enough to protect your family from the harshest weather and secure them from intruders. Worldwide Steel Buildings makes it possible to build a home out of a steel building kit while giving you all of these features and more.

Steel Framed Residential Steel Building Homes

Steel Framed Residential Steel Building

Our steel framed residential buildings are just as rugged and tough as our commercial buildings. However, they can be customized to look as elegant as you want. In short, you’ll have complete control over the structure, feel, and look of your home.


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Want to try it before you buy it? Go ahead and design your house right now! Jump over to our 3-D designer and create the type of home you want. Afterward, use our exterior color picker to choose your colors.


The Worldwide Steel Difference

Our residential steel building kits were designed with the DIY-er in mind, or if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can choose to work with a local contractor. Check out just a few ways our buildings are a cut above the competition:Steel Building House from Worldwide Steel Buildings

  • Made from recycled steel in the United States
  • Designed to meet your local building codes
  • Designed to withstand harsh weather
  • Shipped directly from our factory
  • Buildings arrive with pre-welded trusses
  • Include 16-gauge door frames
  • MIG welded steel
  • Dipped in rust preventing primer


And one other thing, try asking your local custom home builder if he’ll give you a 50-year warranty on a wood frame house. Didn’t go for it? Don’t worry! We have a 50-year warranty on all of our buildings including residential homes. We also offer financing options for both residential and commercial steel buildings.

Who We Are at Worldwide Steel Buildings

Worldwide Steel Buildings has over 100 years of building experience and are a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential steel buildings. We have satisfied and continue to satisfy returning customers all over the world thanks to our unparalleled customer service. We are with you from choosing a building to putting in the last bolt.

Learn how you can have a long-lasting home built to your exact specifications. Call Worldwide Steel at (800) 825-0316 and talk to our experts. You’ll be surprised how close you are to having your own one-of-a-kind home.


Steel Building Kit Home

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we understand that your home is an expression of the people who live there. Many people think steel buildings  are only made of sheet metal siding, or that the interior of a steel building is cold with a blocky floor plan configuration, but that’s not true with a Worldwide Steel Building. We make it possible to completely customize your home from the ground up with our wide array of add-ons and unique finishings. Here are some different customizable options available to personalize your steel building to fit your specific needs.

Choose from High-Quality Exterior Siding Options

Our steel framing enables your home to be extremely strong and durable. This, in turn, makes materials such as stucco, brick, wood, and vinyl siding, possibilities for your exterior. If you desire a unified look with the other buildings on your property, or want to blend seamlessly into the neighborhood, these exterior choices make customizing the curb appeal of your house a breeze! The exterior possibilities are endless for steel built homes and they have the ability to be as unique as you are!

Interior Options

Just because your house isn’t stick framed with lumber doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to customize your interior floor plan. Our building consultants can help you plan the layout, get just the right room sizes, and ensure that your home is exactly how you want it.

Our steel building kits for homes are easily customizable. And the best part is, they are the fastest and most affordable way to put up a house! Everything you need is in the kit. With its great ratings on stability and durability, along with eliminating issues of buckling, settling, or twisting, you will feel safe and secure in your new house. The house you choose and customize to be your own will withstand the test of time and weather!

Having a steel built home is about having options available to you while keeping the structural integrity you want in a dwelling. Contact us today for more information or click the image below to design your steel building with our 3D Building Designer.


save-money-steel-building-kits-worldwide-steelPutting up your own steel building can be an expensive process, but choosing a DIY building kit from Worldwide Steel can save you big time.

Read more to see how the pros at Worldwide Steel Buildings can save you money with our building kits.

How Our DIY Steel Building Kits Can Save You Money

There are two main ways purchasing a DIY kit will save you money. The first way’s simple. If you are putting the building together yourself then you are cutting out the contractor. Contractors will charge you thousands of dollars to construct your building, but with our easy-to-assemble building kits, you can forego that price by doing the work yourself with our specially designed, easy to assemble building kits.

The second way our DIY kit will save you money is by providing you with all the building materials you’ll need, all in one package. You’ll get everything you need for one inclusive price, which is much less than buying all your materials separately. Even better, outside of a few common tools, which you most likely already have, all you’ll need are 4 simple tools to assemble your steel building.

Building Kit Options for Every Need

garage-worldwide-steel-building-kit-diyAnother great thing about Worldwide Steel’s DIY building kits is that there’s is something for everyone. Need a modest workspace or a large machine shed? We have custom kits for those. Maybe you’re in the market for a massive community center or a greenhouse. Whatever it is, Worldwide Steel has you covered. Click here to check out the many options we have available!

Try It Before You Buy It

Purchasing a DIY building kit can be a big commitment. There’s no doubt about it. Luckily, we offer our valued customers the ability to construct their dream building using our 3D Building Designer. With this tool you can adjust the building’s width, length, height, roof type, roof rise, and a whole host of other options like the color and the placement of the windows and doors. It’s the ultimate tool for those who want to experience the Worldwide Steel advantage.

Not sure what you would like your building to look like? That’s ok, give it a shot using our FREE 3D Building Designer online and then contact us for more information! We’ll be happy to work with you through the process.

Custom 3D Building Designer



What is it you need? A garage, horse barn, or maybe a man cave? Good news! Worldwide Steel Buildings offers affordable steel building kits for every need. It’s time to get what you need with all the features you want. Here’s how we make that happen at Worldwide Steel Buildings.

Get the Worldwide Steel Advantage

As for strength, the type of steel and amount matter. Many manufacturers of prefabricated building kits use the word “steel” to describe their products. However, when you look closely and read the description carefully you may discover a building that is only “steel sided”.  Worldwide Steel Buildings are constructed through-and-through with steel. From the supporting trusses to the sheet metal roofing, our buildings are made of solid steel and are built to last.

We Offer Plenty of Building Kit Options for Your Every Need

wwsb-diy-garage-steel-building-kitFrom aircraft hangars to custom homes, we have a building kit to meet every need. For more than a quarter of a century Worldwide Steel Buildings has been meeting the needs of the agricultural industry with barns, arenas, and greenhouses.

We are  the leaders in industrial structures for aircraft and heavy equipment storage, warehousing, and manufacturing. We’re proud to offer economic DIY kits so you have exactly what you need to build a self-storage building, personal residence, garage, recreational building, church or community center.

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What You’ll Get from Your Steel Building Kit

You get it all! Everything you need to erect your steel building comes in our steel building kits. Specially designed for simple assembly, all you need to do when it arrives is spend some time assembling your very own DIY Steel Building. Not into the idea of DIY? You can always call your local handyman to put it together for you.

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Get Customizable Options

inside-steel-garage-building-kit-wwsbVersatility is just one more reason to prefer Worldwide Steel. For instance, opt for a custom steel garage and enjoy a space that is 100% usable. The self-supporting structural design has no interior support to obstruct your use.

Customize how many garage or walk-through doors you want and where they are placed. Decide if you want windows. Opt for a shingled roof and install solar panels. Customization is not just about selecting a color, it’s about optimizing your building’s functionality.

Want to design your own steel building? Try out all your options with our 3D Building Designer!

Want to know more? Click the guide below and get your FREE steel building info guide!

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Already know what you want? Contact us for a free quote. A skilled representative will discuss all your options for a long-lasting metal building. We offer direct shipping from our factory, and back all of our buildings with a 50-year structure warranty.

Steel Building Kit with Wood Exterior

Use a Worldwide Steel Buildings Kit to Erect Your Pre-Engineered Steel Building

So, you’ve decided a steel building might be right for your new expansion. But you still have a lot of questions and don’t know where to turn. Never fear, the experts at Worldwide Steel Buildings are the best metal building manufacturers and provide not only complete, ready to assemble engineered steel building kits, they are available to answer all your questions and/or address your concerns. Just give them a call today at 888-229-9972.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You Should Ask When Shopping for a Steel Building

Are You Buying from the Manufacturer? Or from a Broker Buying a Building from Whoever has the Cheapest Price That Day?

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we have designed and built the best metal buildings available for 30+ years. Our highly trained, professional consultants will stay with you through every step of the process; ensuring your Worldwide Steel Buildings project is a complete success that will last for many years to come.

Is the Building You Are Buying Manufactured Using 26 Gauge Steel on 5’ Centers? Or 29 Gauge Steel with Framing on 2’ Centers?

This is how a Worldwide Steel Building kit compares with our competition:

  • 26ga on 5′ centers live load approx. 22 PSF Worldwide Steel Building 29ga on 2′ centers live load 108 PSF
  • 26ga on 5′ centers wind load approx. 30 PSF Worldwide Steel Building 29ga on 2′ centers Wind load 144 PSF

Is the Manufacturer Using Galvalume? Or a Lower Quality Galvanized Steel?

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we offer a full 40-year warranty on painted panels.

Is the Warranty the Typical 1 year Offered by Most Brokers and Manufacturers?

At Worldwide Steel Buildings we offer the best metal buildings and the best structural warranty in the industry; a full 50 years!

Is the Building a Complete Bolt up System? Or are You Required to do Field Welding?

A Worldwide Steel Buildings kit is completely bolt & screw together system, eliminating the need for any on site welding.

To get answers to all your questions, and learn what other questions you need to ask, contact WorldWide Steel Buildings today at (800) 825-0316. Let’s get started on your steel building project. The building you build today should be designed and built to serve you for many tomorrows.