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Steel & Metal Home Building Kits by Worldwide Steel Buildings

For more than 30 years, custom steel and metal home building kits from Worldwide Steel Buildings have been designed and engineered to the highest level.

As homeowners continue to look for ways to build affordable new homes, many are turning to metal home buildings kits. Recent construction data shows that there’s been a 15% increase in building metal homes compared to conventional construction. With reduced maintenance needs, metal home kits are a popular alternative for new construction.

Worldwide Steel Buildings has more than 30 years’ experience in the custom metal building manufacturing business. Open since 1983, Worldwide Steel Buildings has been helping homeowners plan, design, and build custom homes made out of steel and metal. With sizes ranging from 576 square feet to more than 6,000 square feet, Worldwide Steel Buildings can help you create just about any home that you can dream up. Our metal home kits come with everything needed to erect and build the structure, including trusses, studs, nuts and bolts, and everything in-between to build your new home.

In the past five years, an increase in the use of metal buildings as homes has allowed Worldwide Steel Buildings to create a simple specialized building system in order to create and finish a new home. This package allows our customers – whether you’re a DIYer or you hire a contractor – to quickly and easily build a home that not only goes up faster, but cost less per square foot to build. While many steel and metal home manufacturers provide plans for an unfinished interior, Worldwide Steel Buildings can help you plan all your interior walls, additional levels, doorways, storage space, and more. We can even help you design your exterior to incorporate any finish you want, as well as add porches, overhangs, garages, or even an airplane hangar if you want. Worldwide Steel Buildings offer the strongest, most versatile metal home building kits our industry has to offer.

With many options available, let our team of metal home building specialists help you plan and design your next dream home. Contact our team today to get started.

Residential Structure Sampling

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30x36 Structure30x60 Structure40x60 Structure50x60 Structure

30×36 Residential Structure

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30×60 Residential Structure

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40×60 Residential Structure

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50×60 Residential Structure

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Worldwide Steel Buildings provides all the necessary documentation to construct your new residential metal home kit. Worldwide Steel Buildings provides all the necessary framing information to construct your new residential metal home kit.

A few reasons to consider a steel or metal home building kit from Worldwide Steel Buildings

Cost savings:

  • Reduced construction cost versus conventional construction
  • Worldwide Steel Buildings can design and engineer your home, saving you from having to hire architects and engineers
  • Steel exteriors have less maintenance cost and upkeep
  • Potential for better insurance rates due to the increased durability of our buildings
  • Steel buildings can be more energy efficient than conventional construction
  • Easier to repair, resulting in reduced repair costs

Benefits of open web truss system:

  • 50 year structural warranty and 40 year sheet metal warranty
  • Steel buildings are easy and less expensive to build
  • Won’t rot or mold, and steel buildings are less vulnerable to termites, bore bees or other pests
  • Steel won’t warp, split or shrink
  • Easy to insulate with multiple solutions, which can reduce utility costs
  • Structural strength, making them safer during storms of all types
  • No requirements for additional perimeter walls
  • Girts located for easy sheetrock finish
  • Easy to customize exterior finish
  • Multiple roof pitches available, allowing for a custom look
  • No need for roof replacement every 15 year
  • Steel holds it’s value


Steel Home Being Built

If you are looking to build a sturdy home that you can lay out the interior the way you want, contact one of our building consultants and discuss all of our available options including overhangs without post up to 14’. Call 800-825-0316 or click here to fill out our contact form.

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