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Metal Building Homes

Residential home built from metal building home kit.

Home Sweet Steel Home

In the face of an ever-changing economic landscape, homeowners are on the quest for new homes that promise affordability and stability against market fluctuations. The answer for many lies in high-quality metal building homes, an innovative solution offered by industry leaders like Worldwide Steel. These homes stand out for their notable savings in construction costs, making them a cost-effective choice.

The trend towards metal building homes is on the rise, with construction data revealing a 15% uptick in preference over traditional home construction. This shift is hardly surprising. Opting for a metal building home translates to a savvy investment in durability and cost-effectiveness, not to mention the advantages of maximized square footage, low maintenance requirements, versatile floor plans, and superior energy efficiency. This building type redefines home construction, merging practicality with modern living standards.

Over the past five years, an increase in the use of metal buildings as homes has allowed Worldwide Steel Buildings to refine its simple, specialized building system. We make it easy for you to take charge of your building design, work through the creation of your metal building house, and move into your dream home … so much faster than you’d expect.

Wood and metal frame for metal building home.

Our metal building home packages allow you – whether you’re a DIYer or you hire a contractor – to quickly and easily build a prefab home that goes up faster and costs less per square foot than traditional wood-based construction. Our house kits allow for spacious floor plans and adaptable living spaces to support any budget and any lifestyle, with extensive customization options to meet specific needs.

Open living area inside a metal building home.

If you’re concerned a steel home might feel cold or impersonal, don’t worry. You won’t feel like you’re living in a pole barn or a quonset hut (… unless you want to). Thanks to the versatility of our interior finish options, the living quarters of a steel building can be customized to look and feel just like a traditional home. 

The Cost Savings of a Steel Frame Home

Opting for a metal building home from Worldwide Steel Buildings introduces significant building cost savings compared to traditional home construction. Depending on what high end finishing is done, a building kit from Worldwide Steel Buildings should range between $70 – $100 per square foot—that’s significantly cheaper than the national average, which often exceeds $100. Metal building homes built with Worldwide use only the highest quality steel building materials, which can withstand the harshest weather conditions, including your local area’s snow loads, so you can be confident in your building project’s lasting value.

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Not only do Worldwide Steel building kits cost less in the short-term, they cost much less over the life of the home. Steel homes are less susceptible to many of the challenges of traditional homes (like wood rot, pest infestation, mold, mildew or fire), so they cost less (and take less effort) to maintain over the decades. If your metal house does need some attention outside the scope of normal use? Worldwide Steel Buildings offers a limited 50-year warranty on every one of its custom metal buildings. 

Additional Benefits

  • Steel homes offer reduced construction cost per sq. ft. versus traditional home construction.
  • Worldwide Steel Buildings can design your new home (or you can DIY the design), giving you a custom open-concept steel frame home that can be finished out however you like.
  • Steel exteriors (including steel roofing) have less maintenance cost and upkeep per square foot.
  • Potential for better insurance rates due to the increased durability of our metal buildings.
  • Steel buildings can be more energy efficient than conventional construction.
  • Steel homes are easier to repair, resulting in reduced repair costs.
  • Renovating and expanding with a Worldwide Steel metal building kit is easy. Want to add a metal garage or carport after a few years? No problem. 
Bathroom vanity and shower in home.

Experience You Can Trust

Two story residential home built from metal building kit.

Worldwide Steel Buildings has more than 30 years of experience in the custom metal building manufacturing business. Since 1983, Worldwide Steel Buildings has been helping homeowners plan, design, and build custom homes made of steel and metal. 

With building sizes ranging from 576 square feet to more than 6,000 square feet, Worldwide Steel Buildings can help you create just about any metal building home that you can dream up, from a barn home (barndominium) to a finished building that looks just like traditional construction. 

Our metal home kits come with everything needed to erect and build the structure, including trusses, studs, nuts and bolts, and everything in between to build your new home. And if you ever get stuck at any part of the construction process, our team is just a phone call away, ready and willing to help you get back on track. 

We can help you design your custom exterior to incorporate any finish you want and add porches, overhangs, garages, or even an airplane hangar. Many steel building home finishes can be used with our secondary framing on 2’ centers. You can use building materials such as stucco, brick, wainscot, and many other options. We supply the sheet metal, and you can supply your other building materials. Worldwide Steel Buildings produces the strongest, most versatile metal home building kits that the home construction industry has to offer, tailored to your specific needs with a variety of customization options.

Interior of metal garage with truck, airplane and motorcycle.
This video shows an introduction into residential steel building kits from Worldwide Steel Buildings. The video shows the features of the building as well as the construction process

We are also experts in building codes, clear span requirements, and all the other nitty-gritty details that sometimes deter first-timers from metal home kits. When you work with Worldwide Steel Buildings, you’re never alone. Whenever you have a question about the building plans of your steel house, no matter how big or small, we’re there to answer. 

Steel Building Custom Options
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Metal Building Homes Floor Plans

Want to see just how a metal home could come to life? Check out these blueprints and 3D renderings of metal building homes in varying sizes, with varying layouts to imagine what life could be like in a metal home: 

(Other Sizes Available)
30x36 Structure30x60 Structure40x60 Structure50x60 Structure

30×36 Residential Structure

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30×60 Residential Structure

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40×60 Residential Structure

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50×60 Residential Structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Worldwide supply a steel home kit in my area?

Worldwide has supplied steel building kits in all 50 states and several other countries. Metal building homes are designed and manufactured to meet specific local building codes.

What is the final cost to build a steel home?

Based on national averages and depending on what high end finishing is included in your steel building kit from Worldwide Steel Buildings, cost should range between $70 – $100 per square foot. Traditional home construction often runs higher than $100 per square foot. This makes Worldwide Steel Buildings a cost-effective solution for home construction. This number would not include things like driveways and sidewalks. Worldwide supplies the structure only.

Does Worldwide offer financing on its building systems?

Worldwide Steel Buildings partners with New Century Bank for financing options. New Century understands the steel home market and is able to assist our customers with their metal house financing needs.

Front door of metal building home.

Learn More about Metal Home Kits

Still have more questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page to get more answers, or download our informational guide.

Informational Guide

Informational Guide

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Unlike many other steel building companies, Worldwide Steel operates as more than just a middleman. We’re your building manufacturer, your expert advisor (questions about clear span, job site requirements or local snow load recommendations? We’ve got answers) and your steel building project champions – from idea to completion.

When you need your metal barn, metal garage or other metal building kit to be high quality, cost-effective and fully-customizable, you need to work with Worldwide Steel Buildings.

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