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Residential Steel Buildings & Home Building Kits

More and more people are building their homes out of steel trusses and steel building kits. Not only are they strong, but they allow the owner to make the choice in the room sizes and locations.

Worldwide Steel Buildings system offers the owner the opportunity to use steel or wood for the secondary framing and with the secondary framing on 2’ centers the interior can be finished off without having to build additional interior walls. If you are looking to build a home that you can layout the interior the way you want it, contact one of our building consultants and discuss all of our available options including overhangs without post up to 14’.


Why Choose Worldwide?

  • Quality

    High quality products throughout the building process.

  • Durability

    Durable materials with a 50 year structure warranty.

  • Experience

    More than 100 years of building experience.

  • Factory Direct Advantage

    Shipped direct from our factory.

  • Strength

    Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

  • Ease of Assembly

    Engineered for simple modular assembly.

  • Versatility

    100% usable space clear to the peak.

  • Design

    Designed to meet required loads and codes for your area.

  • Service

    Dedicated support from first phone call to final bolt of assembly.

  • Value

    The longest lasting metal building kits at an affordable price.

Residential buildings available in all steel and Hybrid packages. Contact us today for a free quote 800-825-0316.

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