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Worldwide Steel Buildings’ Story

Worldwide Steel buildings is an independent operating company of Fall River Holdings, LLC. Worldwide Steel Buildings has been serving the public since 1983 when we opened our truss factory in Peculiar, Missouri. Unlike most building companies, we have our own factory dedicated solely to building steel trusses and secondary framing for our customers eliminating the middle man mark up.

Since we manufacture our own trusses from American made steel, Worldwide Steel Buildings can be designed for any snow or wind load in the United States. All of our trusses are welded in precision jigs for accuracy, double dipped in a rust proof coating and then inspected to insure that when they get to you they are of the highest quality. Our open web truss framing carries a 50 year warranty unmatched in the industry and our sheet metal is designed to maintain its appearance regardless of weather conditions

We make all of our 2 x 6 purlins and 2 x 4 girts out of 20 gauge galvanized rolls inspected to maintain the highest quality. This gives you more strength and accuracy over wood and these are on 2′ centers to give you the strongest building possible. We never have to screw sheet metal to sheet metal (which tends to leak over time) like buildings on larger centers. Every time you fasten our sheet metal, it is to a support (purlin or girt) which gives you the most stable attachment possible.

You will find that when you compare the features of a Worldwide all steel building, it stands above the rest in quality, design, durability and long maintenance-free life.

 Worldwide Steel Buildings Plant, Peculiar, Mo.

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