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Different Types of Steel Buildings

No matter your building needs, Worldwide Steel Buildings can custom design and prepare a steel building kit just the way you want it. Check out the building types below, or get started designing your own custom metal building with our 3D Designer.

Don’t see the building application you have in mind below? Worldwide Steel Buildings can design and fabricate a custom steel building kit to meet your exact needs. Contact one of our steel building specialists today to get started.

Choosing a Steel Building for Your Next Project

When planning your next building, consider a few of the benefits of purchasing a building kit from Worldwide Steel Buildings.

Faster to Assemble

Our metal building kits arrive at your site in ready-to-assemble sections. To assemble, all you need to do is lay out each section and erect the structure with our included materials and hardware*. Because our kits arrive with the necessary components, we’ve taken the guess work out of assembly, which makes construction easier, faster, and provides a cost savings on labor.
*Some tools and machinery will be required, as well as a couple sets of helping hands.

Accurately Designed

Worldwide Steel Buildings manufactures each building kit in our own warehouse on custom designed jigs. That means that when your building kit arrives, each piece has been precisely designed to fit together the first time. By designing and fabricating everything ourselves, quality control is at the highest level, and you won’t need to try to figure out workarounds on the jobsite.

Increased Safety

Designed to be structurally sound and very strong, our pre-fab metal building can withstand severe weather conditions. Worldwide Steel Buildings designs each of our products to withstand increase snow and ice loads, as well as high wind speeds for your area. One of our buildings even withstood the F5 tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas in 2007.

Energy Efficient

By using high quality insulation and construction materials, steel and metal buildings can be very energy efficient. Your Worldwide Steel Buildings consultant can provide you with insulation options to ensure your investment – both inside and out – is well protected, leading to long-term energy efficiency.

Agricultural steel buildings from Worldwide Steel Buildings are built to your specifications with American-made steel parts. Store your airplane in a custom steel airplane hangar made with high quality steel from Worldwide Steel Buildings.Worldwide Steel Buildings can manufacture a custom steel building kit for your church or community recreation center.Commercial buildings at a reasonable price manufactured to meet your need are available from Worldwide Steel Buildings.Worldwide Steel Buildings manufactures durable steel buildings for garages and workshops with custom steel building kits.Horse arenas and barns made with custom steel building kits are available from Worldwide Steel Buildings.Steel building kits for industrial uses like warehouses and manufacturing are available from Worldwide Steel Buildings.Worldwide Steel Buildings produces steel building kits for custom production greenhouses and other custom metal buildings.Custom steel recreational buildings manufactured to meet your needs are available from Worldwide Steel Buildings.Steel building kits can be used for residential homes and designed to your specifications by Worldwide Steel Buildings. Custom built steel mini storage units made with steel building kits from Worldwide Steel Buildings.


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Watch a video testimonial by a satisfied Worldwide Steel Buildings customer talking about his new steel building kit.
Use our 3D Building Designer to plan and design your own custom steel building and see what the final product will look like from Worldwide Steel Buildings.
Worldwide Steel Buildings provides a wide variety of custom options for steel building kits to produce the metal building that works best for you.

Download These Helpful Guides

Plan your custom steel garage, workshop, greenhouse, or other metal building with this free building planning kit from Worldwide Steel Buildings.

Free Building
Planning Kit

The Steel Building Info Guide from Worldwide Steel Buildings provides all the info you need for planning and building a custom steel building.

Steel Building
Info Guide

Worldwide Steel Buildings provides a free Steel Building DIY Instructions guide to help you construct your own custom metal building.

Steel Building
DIY Instructions

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