Free Building Planning Kit

DIY Building Planning Made Easy by Downloading This Planning Kit.

We know you have questions, well so do we. This quick-start guide prepares you for the next step in speaking to one of our Steel Building Consultants by walking you through questions you will need to answer before an estimate can be given for your new building kit. Here’s just a hint of what you will find…

  • What you need to research for building codes in your area?
  • What overall width and length of building do you need?
  • Would you ever want to expand your building?
  • What doors and windows will you need?
  • What’s the proper roof pitch for your building and area?

Plus many, many more considerations such as Design, Features, Functionality, Aesthetics, Timeframe and Warranties. So get a jump start on your project and create a spec list to begin your journey to a new, most durable steel building made. Download now by filling out the form.

Bonus: Design Template included for planning the specs for estimating and engineering.

Get Your Free Info Guide!

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