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Steel Building Manufacturer Reviews & Customer Testimonials

Worldwide Steel has years of experience manufacturing and delivering high-quality steel building kits to customers around the United States. One of our favorite parts of the job is hearing from those customers after their metal building kit has been delivered. We love to hear from customers as they complete their building projects and discover how quick and easy it is to erect Worldwide Steel building systems, and further into the life of the building as they discover how functional and durable our steel buildings are.

Check out just a few of the customer reviews we’ve received, about all types of steel buildings in all kinds of circumstances:

“Everything went together as advertised. They said it was quick, they said it was easy, and it really was. I did have questions… and I always had someone there to answer them. I’m really happy with the building. I know it’s going to last a long time, it’s really well built and quality.”

Aaron McConnell

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“This metal building from Worldwide Steel turned out great! I had someone stop by during the build to look at it and mentioned they were interested in Worldwide after calling some other companies like I regrettably had done. I’m very satisfied with Worldwide Steel Buildings. Thank you for making the price, the process of purchase, and delivery very simple.”

James Williams

  • The steel structure of a new outdoor garage built by Worldwide Steel Buildings.

“Thought you’d want to know that a tornado came thru Nov. 30th. Wreaked havoc on my home’s metal roof, and consequently caused tons of water damage. Winds gusting 104 MPH. A nice night spent in the tub with my 2 Pit bulls while a tornado swirled over my property. Nerve-racking – to say the least. The garage withstood the winds with no damage whatsoever. Just some water that came in under the garage doors. No surprise there – and certainly NOT a big deal.
It is a testament to either the builder (Peter and myself…haha) or the building materials we used. Just glad my home is still standing, and I don’t have to “move-in” to the garage. Thank you for a wonderful product!”

Dawn Williams
Georgetown, TN

“I purchased my building (24 x 30 x 10 Garage Shop) back in May 2014. It has made it through some bad storms and recently made it through 130-150 mile per hour winds in a tornado with all metal intact. A month prior it went through a microburst with the wind hitting 100 miles an hour, no hail damage, the hail just bounces off with no dents. I built it myself in just three weekends, with a hand from one nephew and a few friends. It never leaks, and now I have insulated it. The building holds heat well in the winter. I did all the electric and insulation and drywall myself. I’m still working on it as I go along. It is my man-cave and the place I restore old cars. I would recommend Worldwide Steel Building to everybody I see. All the rest of the buildings around me blew apart in the wind last month and my building was unscathed. I am so proud of this product, I call it wind-proof-hail proof.”

Ernest G.
Kiowa, KS

“I guess I have the best hangar in the Country.”

Mijali Proestakis
Antofagasta, Chile

42×70 Building 

“I am just finishing the grading, placing stone around outside. Finishing the electrical and interior walls now. I am extremely happy with the building. Very well engineered , all the parts were there and it really fit well together. My contractor did an amazing job erecting it.”

Bill B.
Morganstown WV

“We haven’t finished the final grading but we have been getting a lot of use out of our building over the past few months. We enjoyed the process of putting it together and are proud of our work. The materials hold up well in our climate. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment out of our building.”

An outdoor, steel workshop designed and built by Worldwide Steel Buildings for a client in Colorado.

Cotopaxi CO.

“Dear Worldwide Steel Buildings:

I am writing this letter because I am impressed with your company’s product, and the way Worldwide does business.

I was first impressed that your buildings are engineered for strength, but still light weight. This was the major factor leading me to a conversation with John Turner, one of your sales representatives. I had never constructed a steel building before, and Mr. Turner was not only extremely knowledgeable about the major project that I considered undertaking, but equally, he was a great guidance in lining up the steps toward my personal vision.   There were more than a few days I was glad he was in my corner when construction was not going as I had planned. Mr. Turner was also my liaison to the many other helpful Worldwide employees in engineering, billing, logistics, and accounting, who helped me through the planning stages, assisted me through the delivery, and construction process. These people were the cornerstone in helping me to complete my vision of this beautiful building.

A red, outdoor, steel garage designed and built by Worldwide Steel Buildings for a client in Brenham, VA.

During the building process, I was amazed by the way your products are engineered for simplicity of construction, but moreover, the professional construction crews involved with the completion of my building were equally impressed by the minimal equipment needed for its construction, and were eager to know the name of the manufacturer. Like most of my projects, my building took longer to complete than I planned, but as a novice who has never undertaken a project of this magnitude before, I am overjoyed with the results, and look forward toward many years of enjoyment of your product.”

Paul R.
Brenham, VA.

“The building has been going together perfectly and everything fits surprisingly well! As someone in the engineering and design field, I have to say that you must have a very good, conscientious design team and a good QA process for the drawings and manufacturing, especially considering this was a one-off, custom design.”

Mike H.
Portsmouth, VA.

“…I abandoned a sizeable deposit from one “manufacturer” because it turned out they were nothing but a broker. Even though the company experienced no significant expense on my behalf, they wouldn’t refund a penny of my deposit. I ended up working with John Turner of WorldWide Steel Buildings. It has been a great experience so far, not to mention that AOPA members get a 10% discount. Considering the broker markup from the previous company and the 10% discount, my cost of steel was less with WorldWide even considering the lost deposit…”

Leesburg, VA

Modus Group LLC

“Thank you for your prompt response regarding this latest building addition. It has been great working with you and Worldwide Steel Buildings on our facility. As you know we put up the first 80′x100′ web truss building in spring 2011. We needed a quick turn around and the building arrived on site only 30 days after the order meeting our rush schedule. By the end of 2011, we ordered and installed another 100′x100′ add on to the existing facility. Now we just placed our third order from Worldwide Steel building to add onto the last building. The lead time and quality is great. The way these are set up make it easy to modify, add windows and install a mezzanine.”

Tom Hoffman
Modus Group LLC

“We have been extremely pleased with the buildings as is evidenced by our third purchase. The buildings are easy to erect, made from solid components and durable. They are the perfect solution for winterizing our mud treatment plant in Missouri. Thanks again for all your help and fast action in getting the buildings to us.”

Max -Vice President of Bencor Corporation of America
Bencor Corporation of Missouri
Building Size: 30′x45′x26′

“I’d like to thank you and your organization, I received help from the bldg. planning stage, (interior/exterior design) to the final product installation. The bldg./foundation engineering drawings were provided for our area (130mph winds). The bldg. permit process was a breeze. The steel delivery arrived on time, at our convenience; and the super-experienced bldg. installation crew also arrived at the appointed time (shortly after the concrete was installed). The entire structure was a permanent structure within the business work-week, all within the exact projected cost; and as they drove off, I was already parking in our new structure. I should have done it sooner. I would highly recommend Worldwide Steel Buildings to anyone who’s looking for great, experienced metal bldg. specialists who have all the answers and very competitive prices.”

Newport, NC

A steel horse arena built by Worldwide Steel Buildings for Almosta Ranch in Texas.

Christine and Steve Seat of Houston Texas were in the worst possible position with their partially built Worldwide Steel Building when Hurricane Ike showed up. A building that only has its framing complete is very volatile to wind until it is sheeted. Read below for the outcome.


“We are happy to advise that the Hurricane Ike pounded our partially built arena with 80–85 mph winds from the East, North and Westerly directions for several hours and it stood strong. The only damage was the bending of 15 purlins out of the 480 installed. My wife and I purchased the building from Worldwide Steel Buildings on May 30th and it was delivered on schedule in early August. The structural designers at WWSB designed the arena for the code required 105 mph winds. We are erecting the arena ourselves and had just finished installing the purlins when Ike was forecast to hit the Houston area. We completed the installation of the roof wind bracing one day before the hurricane arrived. Without the roof sheet metal installed I was concerned about the purlins and as a last ditch effort installed½″ rope down the center of each bay over and under alternating purlins. By cinching the ropes tight, I was hoping that the rope would act to dampen the vortex vibrations in the 15′ long purlins. We completed 10 of the 12 bays before the winds got too high to safely stay up in the man lift. The damaged members were in the 2 bays that we did not have time to complete.

In addition to the purlins, I was concerned about the integrity of the main structure since the wind load on purlins would act on both sides of the arena roof, almost doubling the load that a completed arena would experience with wind load on one side of the roof sheet metal. Needless to say, the main structure survived the storm without damage. The westerly edge of Hurricane Ike’s eyewall passed about 5 miles to the east of us. Prior to the hurricane passing, we had winds from the East, broadside on the arena. The winds shifted to the North as the hurricane passed us, and then came from the West for a few more hours. The structure was definitely subjected to a full load test.


The roof of a steel horse arena that was built by Worldwide Steel Buildings.

I would like to commend everyone at Worldwide Steel Buildings for not only delivering a building that can be self erected but also for providing a product that is proven to withstand hurricane-force winds.”

Christine & Steve Seat
Almosta Ranch

Worldwide Steel is so committed to customer satisfaction and delivering a quality product every single time, that we offer a 50-year structural warranty on all our steel building kits.

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