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Steel Building Financing

Does a brand new metal building — one custom designed to your exact specifications and preferences — sound like a pipe dream? It doesn’t have to be. If you’re thrilled about your metal building project, but a bit overwhelmed with the idea of paying for it, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. No matter your financial situation, we’re here to help guide you through the financing process for funding your metal home or building.

The custom metal building kits available through Worldwide Steel Buildings are affordable and cost-effective as far as steel building kits go. But many of our customers struggle with the idea of paying for an entire building upfront and are interested in the idea of a construction loan to spread their investment into monthly payments rather than cover their steel structures outright. 

This is very common. Most construction projects are paid for through a financing program. After all, whether you’re homeowners working on a home improvement (adding a two-car garage building to your A-frame), land owners building a metal barn, or entrepreneurs with inventory needs that have outgrown your current metal structure, you’ll probably want to take advantage of your financing options, so all your money isn’t tied up in your new building. 

No matter your building type, building cost, or reasons for taking out a loan, Worldwide Steel has you covered. We offer multiple metal building financing options that take the stress out of your metal building and allow you to focus on the exciting parts (it’s a much better deal than anything available in an off-the-shelf, rent-to-own (RTO) situation.) 

Worldwide Steel Buildings has partnered with New Century Bank and First Federal Bank of Kansas City to provide our customers the advantage of combining your building project and your steel building financing with two companies that specialize in steel buildings.

Here’s what you can expect from one of our Financing Partners:

  • A lender that specializes in financing steel building construction loans at competitive rates.
  • A lending partner that can provide the perfect solution to your financing needs anywhere in the US.
  • A seamless transaction regardless of if you are purchasing a barndominium, a metal garage, a carport or a commercial metal building
  • Transparency around your application and loan terms
  • Easy, intuitive self-service payment options
  • No prepayment penalty

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All loans are subject to credit approval by New Century Bank. If approved, your APR will be based on loan purpose, amount, term and your credit profile. Conditions and limitations apply. Advertised rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

New Century Bank is an Equal Housing Lender/Member FDIC.

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At All Western Mortgage, we offer a diverse range of home loan programs tailored to meet your needs. Our partnership with Worldwide Steel Buildings will help your dream of homeownership become a reality, and only requires 10% DOWN. We offer Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA financing options on your final loan. Our construction team understands that having the right mortgage partner is crucial for your investment.

Don’t delay, apply today! All applicants are subject to credit approval of AWM. Additional conditions may apply based on program guidelines.

All Western is an Equal Housing Lender.

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The following provides a general overview of Borrower permissions & requirements when obtaining a steel-frame home construction loan through First Federal Bank of Kansas City. These permissions & requirements are subject to change at any time and are provided for general information only. Borrower must confirm all of these permissions and requirements with First Federal Bank of Kansas City during the loan application process.

15% Cash Down, plus Closing Costs

  • Equity in the land may be used to cover down payment and closing costs
  • Equity in your current home may be used to cover down payment and closing costs, provided you plan to sell your current home prior to obtaining permanent financing for the home you are building

Borrower may act as General Contractor

  • Exceptions: If you build in Texas, you must hire a General Contractor and be in accordance with Texas laws
  • The General Contractor is an administrative role; it does not imply that any work may be performed by the Borrower. The General Contractor manages the entire build process and is responsible for all aspects of the build process including making sure all laws and regulations are followed.

All work must be performed by professionals who do the work on a daily basis as their primary occupation

  • Exception: Finish work may be performed by the Borrower. Finish work is generally understood to mean work that takes place after preparing interior works for painting. Finish work may include painting walls; laying floor tile; installing trim work, cabinets and fixtures.
  • Exception: if the Borrower performs similar work on a daily basis as their primary occupation, they may be allowed to perform the work on their construction project

Borrower may live on the property while building provided they meet all local laws and regulations. Example: Borrower may live in an on-site RV or Camper during the build process

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Agriculture Projects Only

No Barndominium Projects

AgriFinancial is a premier lender backed by ag expertise, dedicated to understanding your long-term goals in the face of ever-changing markets. Our comprehensive approach and tailored financial solutions sets your operation on a strong financial foundation for success. When it comes to choosing a partner, AgriFinancial will find a solution that fits you. Maximize your options and minimize your risk with an Agrifinancial lease today.

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Learn more about the terms and conditions to be aware of when you finance your metal building kit. Your loan terms and financing options will depend on a combination of factors, including your down payment amount, current federal interest rates, your credit history and credit score, and the type of loan you choose. This loan application process may require proof of income and a credit check to determine eligibility.

Investing in a Custom Metal Building

When you order in a Worldwide Steel Building, you’re making an investment. Steel buildings are some of the most long-lasting structures available today due to their durability and strength. They are resistant to corrosion, rust, mold, mildew, fire, and flooding. They are able to withstand intense wind speeds and heavy snow loads.

Learn more about metal building financing options with Worldwide Steel Buildings

Do you have questions about the metal building financing available, or anything else related to the purchase of your metal building? Worldwide Steel building specialists are standing by to help.

Contact us today at (800) 825-0316. We’re here to answer any FAQ (like what’s the difference between an eave and a soffit?), talk through the financing options from New Century Bank and First Federal Bank, provide a free quote, give customization options on our building kits, or tell you about our industry-leading 50-year structural warranty! Give us a call today!

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Use our 3D Building Designer to plan and design your own custom steel building and see what the final product will look like from Worldwide Steel Buildings.
Worldwide Steel Buildings provides a wide variety of custom options for steel building kits to produce the metal building that works best for you.

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Whether this is your first metal building project or you’re
looking to stretch your expertise with a more involved
custom metal building, Worldwide Steel Buildings is
beside you every step of the way. When you’re ready to
get started, our team of experts is here to answer any
questions you have about our building systems. For now,
if you’re brushing up on your metal building kit
knowledge solo, we provide these helpful guides to help
you get started.

Unlike many other steel building companies, Worldwide Steel operates as more than just a middleman. We’re your building manufacturer, your expert advisor (questions about clear span, job site requirements or local snow load recommendations? We’ve got answers) and your steel building project champions – from idea to completion.

When you need your metal barn, metal garage or other metal building kit to be high quality, cost-effective and fully-customizable, you need to work with Worldwide Steel Buildings.

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