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The Difference With Worldwide Steel Buildings

The Right Choice

Most people are buying a building to protect something of value to them.

The Worldwide Buildings system offers you the peace of mind when the snow starts falling or the wind begins to blow, because our system is the strongest building system available in the industry. Each building we deliver will be designed to your local snow and wind requirements.

Custom steel building kits from Worldwide Steel Buildings are made to withstand your local environmental conditions for a sturdy metal storage building.

Truss Design

Our trusses are heavy duty web design and come in four easy to handle bolt together sections. This system saves you from having to rent large equipment to set you trusses saving you time and money.

The trusses made by Worldwide Steel Buildings are high grade steel and designed to be bolted together for a quick and easy construction.

The Beginning

With a Worldwide Buildings system you start by anchoring the legs into simple piers that you can pour yourself. Then attach your girts on the pre-welded clips on two foot centers which are edge mounted for superior strength. They are put on with self drilling self tapping screws.

You can build a custom steel storage building, garage or home with little or no special equipment with a building kit from Worldwide Steel Buildings.

Truss Girders

Once your legs are in place, you lay out the girder part of the truss and bolt them together. The trusses are all built on jigs for perfect hole alignment saving you time from drilling and trying to make things fit.

Worldwide Steel Buildings truss girders are American made with high grade steel and quality manufacturing for a durable custom metal building.

Set Your Girders

Lift your girder and bolt them to the legs. All the trusses are pre-welded in our plant on jigs, making hole alignment precise.

The custom steel buildings from Worldwide Steel Buildings are pre-welded to make alignment precise and construction of your custom steel building easier.

You then put your purlins on using the same process as the girts, they are also on 2′ centers. Frame in your doors and windows with material supplied in your package and your ready to start sheeting.

Finishing the Framing

Build your own custom steel storage building, garage, barn, or house with a steel building kit from Worldwide Steel Buildings.


With the Worldwide Buildings system the sheet metal is strictly the aesthetics. There are no sheet metal to sheet metal connections unlike other buildings. Putting our trusses on 10′–12′ centers and secondary framing on 2′ centers is why our buildings can handle everything that mother nature throws at them: wind, snow, ice and rain.

Sturdy framing makes the custom steel building kits from Worldwide Steel Buildings withstand all types of weather including wind and snow.


You start sheeting your building with our 80,000 psi sheeting on the walls using self drilling self sealing fasteners, if you are insulating your building the insulation will go between the sheet metal and purlins & girts also creating a thermal block. The side walls and roof are cut to length making sheeting your building quick and easy.

Sheeting your custom steel building is quick and easy with self drilling and self sealing fasteners from Worldwide Steel Buildings.

Once you have completed the walls, the roof panels get installed. Our standard sheet metal carries a 40 year warranty giving you a maintenance free building for years to come.

The roof panels on your steel garage, storage building, or warehouse are cut to length and have a 40 year warranty from Worldwide Steel Buildings.

Finishing Touches

We also include in your building package the extra you need:

Inside and outside closures (to keep out birds & varmints)
Heavy 16 gauge door framing for your overhead doors.
Simple to follow erection manual.

Finish off with the deluxe trim package supplied with all our buildings, install your doors and you are ready to enjoy your maintenance free steel building. With Worldwide offering the longest structural warranty in the market (50 years) you’ll have peace of mind when mother nature comes to call.

Worldwide Steel Buildings offers a wide selection of extras and accessories to add that perfect finishing touch to your custom steel building kit.

The Worldwide Difference

Don’t forget we are the manufacturer and will be there to offer you guidance from the time our truck shows up with your building, to the last screw.

Call now at (800) 825-0316 and let one of our trained building consultants help you design the building of your dreams at a price that can’t be beat. Worldwide Steel Buildings the best value in the market.

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