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You have worked hard to get the tools, equipment, and vehicles you need for work and play. They only last as long as you protect them, and steel buildings can be built for the perfect protection. The durability steel offers lasts giving you piece of mind knowing you will get the years out of your prized possessions.

brick exterior finish on steel building


When it comes to spending your hard-earned money, it is important to get the best value for your dollar. Worldwide has been designing and suppling steel and metal building kits since 1983 and understands what customers need and know you want security in making the right choice the first time. Our kits are designed for the DIY person so you can save the cost of a contractor. If you want to use a contractor, many will give a great rate because the ease of how a Worldwide building assemblies. The kit includes everything you need with the exception of anchor bolts that you can grab at your local material supply outlet. Not having to worry about what other parts you will need to complete your building makes Worldwide the top choice for your garage, shop, hangar or any other building you want to build. Financing is also available through one of our partners (LightStream).



Steel is not only a green product, but offers so many advantages in terms of durability. Steel will not absorb moisture, rot or get infested with insects keeping the areas you need dry and safe from damage. Buildings are customized for your environment (snow and wind loads) to give excellent protection in harsh weather conditions. Even though a steel building can be constructed 3-5 times faster than other standard buildings, the longevity isn’t sacrificed. Our metal buildings come with a 50-year structural guarantee so you can feel confident your steel garage or workshop isn’t going anywhere and neither are its contents.



Our kits make steel garage construction easier than ever. Most of the work has been done in our manufacturing centers so you spend less time on the actual building site. All trusses are built on jigs and are pre-punched, just in need of a little assembly. Our easy-to-follow assembly guide lays out every part of the process making the whole operation as seamless as possible. Every piece is included in the kits so once it arrives on site in one shipment, you can begin work immediately for the steel garage, shop or other use you want. All of our garages are custom built for your exact needs in mind. It can be as large or small as needed for your equipment with the features built in. If you need to expand, the live trusses make that process a breeze at any time in the future.

The perfect garage for your toys and equipment doesn’t have to be a long-term goal away. Steel lends itself as an affordable option. With over 100 years of building experience, you can rely on our Worldwide to help you every step of the way. From the first model built with our online 3D Designer to final screw placed, our customer service will be there. See just how easy and affordable your new steel garage or workshop can truly be.


For more information about metal building kits contact us, or start designing your building with our online 3D Building Designer Tool by clicking the image below.

When investing in your agricultural needs, there is no better option than customizing your own steel building. The options are limitless and Worldwide can help you design the building that works for you and your farm. You want a building that works as hard as you do and that is why we offer a full range of DIY all steel and hybrid buildings to fit your unique situation.

Steel building arena


  • Barn

We have all seen them. Driving down the road, there rotted and ready to fall down wood barn no longer good for housing anything but mice, racoons and dust. That is something you won’t see with our steel framed barns. With the fifty-year structural warranty, you can rest assured that your barnyard friends, equipment or hay are safe in the comforts of their steel framed home. Whether you are housing cows, poultry, horses, or any other livestock, we have got you covered.

  • Hay Storage

Safe from the weather and damage done outside, hay supplies are kept dry and safe in the strongest metal building available. Molding and loss of hay are reduced by providing dry, ventilated large areas customized for your individual storage needs. Our buildings are also great at keeping pests out due to the impenetrable metal saving you the hassles that come with infestations.

  • Machine Storage

In addition to barns and hay storage, our buildings serve as an excellent option for housing your relied-on machinery. Keeping them safely indoors will increase their long-term performance while maintaining their value. Your equipment takes care of you so you want to be sure and take care of it. We provide the perfect, low maintenance buildings to do that with customized sizing to keep all of your equipment. Large doors are not a problem along with self-supporting overhangs for extra storage area. Thinking you may need to add on later? Steel buildings can easily be expanded in the event your fleet grows bigger.

  • More

Anything you can think of for agriculture, we can do it! Have a special project in mind? You can call one of our consultants today and receive a free quote.

agricultural steel building barnLongevity and Accessibility


Our buildings are built to last throughout the years and seasons. You know as well as we do that you can’t fight nature. We can customize your building to fit any climate to ensure you are getting the right structure for your area. The materials we use to build also give us the confidence to guarantee all our products so you know you are getting the right value for your money. With a 50-year structural warranty, you can trust these buildings are made to last so your investment can keep producing for you in the years to come. Are you a devout DIYer? Our kits are designed for those of you in mind. The ease of installation can cut huge costs leaving you with the deep satisfaction of looking out onto your latest completed project. If that isn’t your desire, a local contractor can help with the job. Either way, with your idea and our design you will have just the right steel building to meet your needs.


For more information about metal building kits contact us, or start designing your building with our online 3D Building Designer Tool by clicking the image below.