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Let’s face it. No matter what form your building takes–whether it’s a simple backyard shed or a spacious machine shop–paying for it will require some planning. If you’re attracted to the value of a high-quality steel building, but worry that you’ll have to pay a hefty premium for it, we have some good news!

Customers frequently discover that working with a Worldwide Steel Building Kit is substantially more budget-friendly than they thought. Here are a few reasons why:

Lower Installation Costs

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of our do-it-yourself building solutions. Most quality steel buildings are specialty projects constructed on-site, using hired labor and heavy equipment that can rapidly grow your total cost by several thousand dollars. Many do-it-yourselfers are intimidated by the prospect of erecting a steel building, but our easy-to-assemble steel building kits make the process so simple that any property owner with access to these tools can do it.

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Because our parts are prefabricated in easy-to-handle units that are simply bolted together on-site, no welding is necessary, and the only heavy equipment you might need is a power lift–which, thanks to the ease of assembly, you’ll only have to rent for a day or two instead of weeks at a time. So the money you save on labor and equipment can go toward what really matters: higher quality building materials and getting the building you’ve always dreamed of.

Built to Last with No Hidden Maintenance

WWSB-steel-structure-outdoor-trussesMany property owners fail to consider the maintenance costs that will sneak up on them over the life of your average building, and that’s a big mistake. What many forget is that wood buildings require continual monitoring and periodic treatment for wood-destroying insects, moisture penetration, and basic rot and decay.

Composite roofing requires replacement every ten years, and paint jobs fade even sooner. Worse, an inadvertent lapse in maintenance or an undetected infestation of termites can lead to structural problems, requiring costly major repairs.

By contrast, our steel buildings are impervious to water, require no treatment for insects, and come with pre-painted sheet metal boasting a 40-year warranty–and that’s on top of our industry-leading 50-year structural warranty on all prefabricated trusses. Your return on investment (ROI) is substantially higher with steel because you’ll enjoy a much longer use of your building, and the premium you pay for superior materials will likely be more than offset by the amount you save in long-term maintenance.

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Special Financing Options

Our customers are shrewd bargain-hunters, and we respect that. That’s why we keep our prices competitive and regularly offer special pricing deals and discounts that can help you kick-start a project at an even better value. We’re also proud to offer affordable in-house financing with low fixed rates for well-qualified customers. Our partnership with Lightstream means you may be eligible to borrow as little as $5,000 or as much as $100,000 through a paperless application process, with no fees, no down payment, and no collateral requirements.

If you’re ready to invest in a high-quality, made-for-a-lifetime steel building, then now is the time to act. Give us a call at (888) 339-6201 for help selecting a package that is just right for your budget. Our guys will gladly lead you toward making your dream a reality–for less than you might think.


Choosing the Right Company from a Plethora of Hangar Manufacturers

As an aircraft owner, protecting that sizable investment is important, perhaps even paramount to you. But how do you decide who to contract to supply your airplane hangar and get perhaps your prized possession protected from the elements? At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we understand how important that investment is to you, and we provide custom designed steel airplane hangars and complete steel airplane hangar kits to do just that; protect your investment. The damage mother can inflict on your sizable investment and the possibly extensive depreciation caused by exposure to the elements is completely avoidable when it comes to your personal airplane.

Here at Worldwide Steel Buildings we are an AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) Lifestyle member, working with clients in all fifty states on the design and construction of private airplane hangars, airplane hangar houses and multi unit hangars. Our experienced consultants are here to assist you the entire way from your aircraft hangar design to the actual airplane hangar construction.  Our experience in aircraft hangar design and manufacturing covers all airplane hangar houses from single aircraft storage to t-hangars.

Worldwide Steel Buildings designs and manufactures the strongest steel airplane hangars available. We have never had a single aircraft damaged due to a Worldwide Steel Building failure. Worldwide Steel Buildings offers clear spans ranging from 24 feet all the way up to an immense 225 feet in width with a virtually unlimited length; enough space to easily handle just about any aircraft storage needs.

Whether your new steel airplane hangar will be an airplane hangar house, becoming part of your personal estate, or it’s going to fall under the airport hangar construction heading; when you choose the experts at Worldwide Steel Buildings, you have chosen the very best in the aircraft hangar construction industry.

Contact Worldwide Steel Buildings today at 888•211•9524 to help you design the perfect hangar for your prize possession. Start protecting that huge investment today! After all, you’ve no doubt worked hard to acquire your own aircraft; why would you allow something as simple as protection from the elements clip your wings at this point?

Aircraft hangars can be built on residential and commercial properties as a valuable resource in protecting personal aircrafts and business jets. The hangars are small or large, sturdy and easily built, making them the perfect resource for anyone with any type of aircraft to care for.

It is important to store an aircraft in a dry, environmentally controlled environment. While becoming more popular, aircrafts are huge investments and are quite expensive. It is not recommended to store aircrafts outdoors as this may result in damage to the plane and costly repairs for you. Hangars make caring for an aircraft easier, and they are not a hassle to install.

Steel aircraft hangars are pre-manufactured and easy to install on your property. The size of the hangar can be adjusted to the specs of the property and aircraft. Typically, aircraft hangars range from 24 feet to 225 feet clearspans. There are multiple design options available for hangars as well, including those with one large opening and others with multiple doors to accommodate more planes. Hangars can be sized to fit small planes and helicopters as well as larger personal aircrafts.

There are many benefits to storing a personal aircraft at home or on site at a company. They provide a safe and convenient place to store an aircraft. Steel manufactured aircraft hangars are equipped to stand up to harsh environmental disasters, including hurricane force winds. For more information about aircraft hangars, contact us.