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If the time has come that you’re thinking about building your own metal airplane hangar, you probably aren’t new to aviation.

Most hobbyists begin by renting space at a local hangar. But eventually, aviation becomes a lifestyle. While renting is cost effective for a while, it comes along with its own challenges and inconveniences. You don’t get to choose where your aircraft is located, you can’t control the climate inside the hangar, and sometimes you can’t even come and go as you please.

When the cons of renting an airplane hanger begin to outweigh the pros, or if you’re investing in an expanded aircraft fleet, it starts making a lot more sense to build your own personal metal airplane hangar.

Worldwide Steel Buildings knows how important it is that your aircraft is protected from all the things that could potentially damage it – natural disasters, weather conditions, excess humidity, extreme temperatures, vandalism and more. And our experts know just what it takes to keep your investments safe.

Worldwide Steel is a member of AOPA, so you can trust our commitment to your aircraft as well as your building. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you design, craft and build the perfect steel aircraft hangar for your needs. Our consultants have worked on all types of hangars, from single aircraft storage and t-hangars, including a hangar that houses the helicopters for a St. Louis Children’s hospital, and our customers have never experienced aircraft damage due to steel building failure.

When you work with us, you get the ease of a metal building kit with the power of customization that is anything but off-the-shelf. Whether you’re housing commercial airplanes, a personal prop plane, helicopters, gliders or any other type of large vehicle, a Worldwide Steel building kit can accommodate your needs.

Because there’s no middleman when you work with Worldwide Steel, you can design everything to spec. We recommend bifold doors for aircraft hangars, but if you want something different? We can do that. Want to add office space to your hangar? We can do that too. You can add plumbing, electricity, even a tarmac.

You can check out just a few of the aircraft hangar projects we’ve worked on recently to get a feel for your options. Check out the variation in size, color, use, location, and general aesthetics. These hangars all look so different, but fundamentally, they’re built from the same strong, energy-efficient, precisely manufactured building kits.

At Worldwide Steel, you get to design the hangar of your dreams (really – you can get started right now with our online 3D building designer) without sacrificing quality or durability. We manufacture all our own steel building parts right here in the midwest, which means the components of your custom-designed hangar are delivered straight from our hands to yours. And we’re so confident in the structural stability of our metal buildings that we offer an industry-leading 50-year warranty on all our metal building kits.

If you want a steel aircraft hangar that’s yours and yours alone, an aircraft hangar that you designed from scratch (with a little reassurance from the experts), an aircraft hangar that can be passed down the generations … then you want Worldwide Steel.

To learn more about designing an aircraft hangar that will fit your needs, and to learn more about the benefits of working with Worldwide Steel Buildings (like our DIY steel building kits and that 50-year structural warranty), give us a call! Reach our experts at (816) 608-8520.

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