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Steel Building Kits for Every Application

Worldwide Steel Buildings offers the largest selection of pre-engineered steel buildings available anywhere. Our steel building kits are 100% American made in our own state of the art facility and distributed worldwide. Worldwide Steel Buildings uses only the most durable materials and a modern, precision process to manufacture our steel building kits. Our trusses, purlins and girts are manufactured entirely by us, and we offer multiple options for the steel sheeting in a variety of colors along with doors and windows. We stand behind our steel building kits with an exclusive fifty-year warranty.

We design and manufacture kits for a variety of uses including:

We offer complete steel building kits ranging in size from ten feet to one hundred forty feet and in virtually any length. Worldwide Steel Building kits can meet any commercial, industrial, or residential codes required. We even offer custom designed steel building kits to fit your individual special needs.

A Worldwide Steel Building kit offers superior strength and versatility over traditional building systems making our simple designs superior in many ways. We design, fabricate, and ship directly to you, eliminating the costly markup of a dealer or middleman. Whether you are an individual or a professional builder, our steel building kits are the right decision for virtually any application.

Simple Assembly

Worldwide Steel Buildings engineers each of its steel building kits for simple, trouble free assembly. The need for heavy equipment is nonexistent with our easy to assemble steel building kits for sale. Our simple screw and bolt together designs eliminate the need for any welding, and our clear, concise directions make assembly a snap.

Adding to the ease of construction is the fact that all our steel building kits are prefabricated and and built on jigs making assembly fast and easy. With the help of a couple of friends you could literally build the shop of your dreams over a weekend. Wirth construction cost at approximately 50% of traditional building, Worldwide Steel Buildings are perhaps the most cost effective building solutions available.

Contact Worldwide Steel Buildings today at 888-229-9972 to get started on your steel building project, or just to learn more about our outstanding products and services. The building you build today should be designed and built to serve you for many tomorrows.

Remember when a garage was nothing more than a big box with walls, ceiling and a floor? And a shed was a littler version of the same? Customers wanting one didn’t ask for much more than a space to store vehicles or an odd assortment of tools. But somewhere along the line, circa the early 2000s, the common garage and shed began to evolve. Secondary buildings took on an entirely new look and purpose. They became places to store and display collections, or as private getaways for family and friends. The market for these souped up sheds and garages, variously called hobby shops, toy shops or man caves, quieted a bit when the Great Recession reared its ugly head around 2008, but the builders we talked to said it never really went away, and the market is once again growing slowly forward. In this issue of Rural Builder, we decided to show off some of these special buildings.


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