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Unsure about building your own metal building? You’d be amazed how easy it can be with a prefab steel building kit from Worldwide Steel! Not only can you save money by choosing to DIY your steel building, but our building kits are designed for easy metal building assembly, making them a perfect choice for your new building project. Our prefab building components, including purlins, trusses, roof panels, and wall sheeting, make the building erection process straightforward and cost-effective.

Check out how simple the building process is, as well as the other benefits of purchasing a Worldwide Steel Building, a leading building manufacturer in the USA.

Steel Building Kits Designed for Easy Assembly


If you have the tools and the time, our DIY building systems are so easy to assemble, streamlining your building construction process. We make it so easy that you can completely forego hiring a contractor for your building project. All trusses in our metal building kit are pre-punched, and the purlin and girt clips are factory-welded, simplifying the metal building assembly. Even the screws are self-sealing to prevent leaks in your new building. With our building installation guidance, all you need are the tools, a concrete slab, and a little bit of talent!

Afraid to buy it before you try it? That’s ok! Check out our online assembly manual, complete with building solutions, to see if you’re up to the task before committing to the purchase.

Tools Needed to Assemble a Worldwide Steel Building

An additional benefit of choosing a Worldwide Steel building kit is that, outside of a few basic tools – which you most likely already have – everything is included in the kit. This means you’ll have less ordering, less traveling to pick materials up, and most importantly, lower costs in your building installation! The kit includes anchor bolts, fasteners, and clear span components, ensuring a comprehensive package for your construction process. Want to see if you’ve got the necessary tools? Click here to see the 4 tools you’ll need, besides your toolbox basics.

How DIY Steel Building Kits Can Save You Money

Not only can you save money by not hiring an outside contractor, but you’ll also save time because our DIY building kits come with everything you need, all in one, cost-effective, ready-to-assemble package. Our prefabricated steel building kits include overhead doors, eave struts, roof sheeting, and steel frames, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers. This integrated approach ensures you can focus more on the building project and less on managing supplies.

If you’ve ever had a hand in putting together a building, you know one of the great hassles (and costs) is getting all the materials together from many different sources. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you with our engineered steel building kits, which means you can skip the additional markup costs and hassle of finding the best deal amongst many different sources.

Comparing Steel to Other Building Materials

When considering a DIY building project, the choice of material is crucial. Steel offers several advantages over traditional materials like wood or concrete. For starters, steel is incredibly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it a more reliable choice for long-term stability. It’s also fire-resistant and pest-resistant, unlike wood. In terms of cost, steel can be more economical in the long run due to its low maintenance requirements and longer lifespan. This makes steel an ideal choice for your building project, ensuring a sturdy and lasting structure.

Customization Options for Your Metal Building

With Worldwide Steel Buildings, the possibilities for customization are nearly endless. Whether you’re looking for a specific size, color, or layout, our steel building kits can be tailored to fit your unique needs and preferences. You can choose from a variety of door and window configurations, roof styles, and even interior finishes. Our flexible design options ensure that your metal building is not just functional but also visually appealing, perfectly aligning with your vision for the project.

Future Expansion and Scalability

One of the fantastic features of our steel structures is their scalability. As your needs grow, so can your building. Our building designs allow for easy expansion, whether you need to extend the length, add new sections, or even stack additional stories. This scalability ensures that your investment is future-proof, adapting to your changing needs without the need for a complete rebuild.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Maintaining your metal building is straightforward and low-cost. Regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris, checking for any signs of moisture or damage, and ensuring proper ventilation are usually all that’s needed. Unlike wood structures, metal buildings don’t require treatments for pests or rot, and they’re less susceptible to weather damage. A little bit of care goes a long way in keeping your metal building in top condition for years to come.

Moving Forward with Your Metal Building

Embarking on your DIY journey with a Worldwide Steel building kit means embracing an experience that is cost-effective, customizable, and tailored to your specific needs. From the ease of assembly to the long-term benefits of a durable steel structure, our kits offer an unparalleled solution for your building projects. Whether you are planning a small metal garage, a large storage building, or anything in between, our steel building kits are designed to meet and exceed your expectations. And with the flexibility for future expansion and minimal maintenance requirements, a Worldwide Steel building is not just a purchase; it’s a long-term investment in efficiency and quality. Contact us to get your free quote today.

Ready to take the first step toward your new steel structure? Explore our range of steel building kits, customize your own design with our 3D Building Designer, or get in touch with our team for expert advice. Your perfect steel building design is just a few clicks away – start your project with Worldwide Steel Buildings now and bring your vision to life! Click the image below to try it out!

One of the best things about building your new metal building from a pre-engineered kit is that it’s truly a do-it-yourself project. Really. No prior experience or advanced skill required. Never set foot on a construction jobsite before? Don’t worry about it.

Worldwide Steel Buildings designs steel structures a contractor would be proud of, but so easy to assemble that a weekend warrior can do the job (and we’ll admit — that’s the customer who might be a little bit more proud when all’s said and done).

Because our building systems are manufactured in-house to our exacting standards, and many of the building materials are pre-welded, there won’t be any unwelcome, frustrating surprises in store. 

In fact, the average DIYer will need only the power tools and hand tools already in their toolbox … plus these four extra tools (and some safety equipment, like hard hats, safety goggles and a first aid kit. Safety first, kids).

An extension ladder being used outdoors1. Extension Ladder

Consumer reports offers this handy buying guide for extension ladders. They recommend you:

  • Buy the right ladder for the job.
  • Choose the right height for your project.
  • Test it out. Take a moment and climb it. Three steps up and it should not bend, tilt or “walk.” 
  • Familiarize yourself with the mechanisms used to lock and adjust the ladder.

2. Tin SnipsA pair of tin snips being used to cut a sheet of metal

Quality tin snips can cut into metal as easily as scissors cut paper. The longer blades make it easy to cut straight leaving a smooth edge. If you don’t already have a pair, make sure you get tin snips designed for the gauge metal supplied in the garage kit.

3. Screw GunA woman using a screw gun

A screw gun takes a lot of time and effort to add the fasteners to your building. Screw guns are similar to power drills, but the nose holds onto screws and makes your job a lot easier.

A metal cutting blade in use with spark flying4. Metal Cutting Blade

These blades are made from specially hardened steel. Their precision design consistently delivers accurate cuts on even the most challenging materials, like steel. They are engineered to dampen noise and lessen vibration, making cutting sheet metal a dream.

Toolbox Basics

In case you are wondering, and we know you are, the following is what we expect the average DIYer to have in their toolbox:

  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Socket
  • Ratchet
  • Wrench
  • Level & Plumb Bob
  • Drill
  • Tri-Square
  • Shovel
  • Vice Grips

Don’t worry – if you’re missing any of the tools mentioned, you can find them at your local hardware store for a reasonable price.

These suggestions apply to all our pre-engineered metal building kits, by the way. Sure, airplane hangars and fleets of storage buildings may seem more complicated than carports or sheds, but the principles of the building construction are all the same. 

Worldwide Steel Buildings wants you to breeze right through the construction process, so we’ve put together DIY instructions that’ll walk you through it! You can find those here

Want to know more about the process, or get a free quote? Give us a call! One of our experts would be more than happy to talk you through the benefits of choosing Worldwide Steel (like the durability, the affordability, the industry-leading 50-year warranty …). Reach us at (800) 825-0316. 

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