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Barndominium with wrap-around lean-to

If you’re running out of space in your home or commercial building, the thought of extending your area may have entered your mind a time or two. Unfortunately, building add-ons can seem like an extra hassle or expense you haven’t planned for. Luckily, a lean-to can be a simple and affordable solution to your additional space needs. A lean-to is a simple way to add a new building or space to a pre-existing metal building and expand the usable area of your main building. These high-quality metal structures can be designed and built to your specific needs, whether you want a small space or a more considerable expansion. Whether you’ve already been thinking of adding a lean-to to your metal building or are just getting started, we’ll guide you through some basic information to help get your wheels turning. 

What is a Lean-to?

If you’re an avid outdoors person, you might be familiar with the concept of a lean-to shelter. In a pinch, somebody can build a lean-to structure out of a few supports, rope, and a tarp for the sloped roof. These simple structures are created by using another existing structure to build off of. Essentially, the building looks as if it is leaning against another building. 

The metal lean-tos you might have in mind are much sturdier than creating a basic shelter if you have to spend a night in the woods. While they are traditionally built as add-ons to another building, lean-tos can even be created as standalone structures. A lean-to may be a shed or garage that is attached to the wall of a larger building and usually has a single-slope metal roof. These can remain open or be enclosed as a building addition. This structure is a simple and cost-effective way to extend the dimensions of your home without much investment. These can be the perfect addition to garages, barndominiums, workshops, or any other existing building. 

There’s no shortage of ways to use metal lean-to sheds. From outdoor patios to enclosed storage, the only limits are your imagination and your budget. Explore some of our ideas for using a lean-to addition on your metal frame building to get inspired!

7 Uses for Lean-tos


One everyday use for a lean-to shed is as a one-car metal carport. Lean-tos are typically wide enough to fit a single vehicle and can help protect it from the sun and elements. Whether you have a garage or not, a lean-to carport can be an ideal solution for those who don’t have the space to cover another vehicle. 


A step up from the metal carport lean-to, a metal garage provides even more durability, protection, and storage space for your needs. Adding on a lean-to and enclosing the walls can give you the additional space you need for vehicle storage. This gives you more privacy and protection for your vehicle storage. 

Storage Shed

The lean-to storage shed is the perfect addition for all your storage overflow. If you’re limited on storage space in your home or need a specific location to store your outdoor equipment, an enclosed lean-to can provide the storage space you need. These can be fully enclosed and sized to your extra storage needs. This storage building can be ideal for storing lawn care equipment, power tools, patio furniture, firewood, and more. 

Animal Pen

Whether fully or partially enclosed sidewalls, a lean-to can provide excellent shelter for livestock as an add-on to a metal barn. The covered area can help animals to stay out of the elements and protect them from inclement weather conditions, while any open-air sections provide fresh air. This structure could be customized with stalls or feeders, whether it’s built for medium-sized animals like sheep or even smaller chicken coops. 

Shaded Garden

Are you considering adding a vegetable or flower garden outside your home? Not all plants love full sun. An open-air lean-to allows you to control which garden section has full sun versus shade. This helps you to plan for all your planting needs and provides the gardener extra coverage from the heat. 

At-Home Gym

If you’ve always dreamed of an at-home gym but don’t have the space, a lean-to addition could be a simple solution to creating your own space. Building on the side of your home and enclosing the area is a great way to create a blank canvas for your workout needs, and it can always be updated in the future as your vision changes. 

Outdoor Patio

Creating an outdoor oasis to spend your spring and summer is the dream of many homeowners. Adding a lean-to can help provide the foundation to build this space. A lean-to patio offers the ideal shade for enjoying the afternoon sun from the comfort of your seat. This area could even be screened in for more protection from pests. 

Get Started Planning Your Metal Building Lean-to Addition

At Worldwide Steel Buildings, each metal building can include a lean-to or overhang that can leave it open or enclose the sidewalls. And all our metal buildings include a 50-year warranty so you can rest easy knowing we have standards of durability and high-quality for each structure. So if you’re ready to add on to your pre-existing structure, contact the building specialists at Worldwide Steel Buildings to see how we can help you make your dream a reality. Call us today at (800) 825-0316. Our experts are standing by to help answer all your questions and create the building design to fit your needs.

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