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Tony B. of Glouchester, VA finished his garage / shop. He had needed the additional space for some time and with the wind and rain he dealt with over the last few years, he wanted to make sure he got the strongest, most secure building available. The other consideration for Tony was that he could build himself. That’s when Tony found Worldwide Steel Buildings, offering a all steel or a hybrid building package designed for the do-it-yourselfer. In just a couple weekends Tony was able to complete his building project. He is now ready to get some grass in and say good bye to the mud forever. Tony’s new building gives him a place to start working on those projects he has wanted to complete for a long time.


Whether you are looking for a shop, hangar, home, agricultural shed or any other type of building, Worldwide Steel Buildings has the design for you. Worldwide offers building widths of 12’ through 100’ clearspans, with options to do second floors and self supporting overhangs. All Worldwide buildings come with a 50 year structural warranty and 40 year sheet metal warranty, making it the right choice for your building project.


What is it that makes a house a home? Some would say that home is where the heart is; others claim that home is where your family resides. Home means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but at its heart the home is a place of security and comfort, a place where you can rest your head and rest assured that you and your loved ones are safe from harm’s way.

What makes a house into a home, then? Security, strength and durability. These are the attributes that a steel building can provide, and often at much reduced cost to traditional home construction methods.

Why to Choose Residential Steel Buildings

The act of building homes out of steel trusses and metal building kits is on the rise, and for good reason. The current economy makes purchasing a home difficult for many people. For those who already own property, steel building kits are the most affordable, fastest, and overall easiest way to erect a structure on any piece of land.

Why are steel buildings the easiest way to go?

  • Metal building kits are comprehensive, meaning that everything you need to erect a building is included in the kit.
  • These building kits are affordable, with financing options available as needed.
  • Steel buildings have one of the highest ratings for durability and stability
  • Metal buildings are easily customized to your individual property needs

Based on these benefits, as well as just the general ease of the construction process, steel building construction has gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. This steel-style construction has been a favorite of the agricultural and manufacturing industries for some time, as the steel buildings are a great option for barns, warehouses, distribution facilities and corporate headquarters. The same features that have drawn businesses to these structures is reassuring many homeowners that steel construction buildings are the right choice for their personal residential needs.

For more information about steel construction residential buildings, contact us.

Astral Valley is an interactive art gallery and organic orchard nestled on over 230 acres in the Missouri Ozarks, just outside of French Village and 45 minutes south of St. Louis. The land is home to a traveling group of giant puppeteers known as the Astral Gypsies, who perform at multiple festivals across the nation. Their performances include famous events like Burning Man, EDC, Electric Forest, and Wakarusa. Wanting to share their art with their Midwest community they decided to start hosting their own fun filled events. The dream materialized when they completed the construction of “The Heart Beat of Astral Valley”, a 3200 sq ft performance art stage. The stage was engineered by the design experts at WorldWide Steel Buildings, complete with a 5 ft cantilever rain canopy and a 12 ton weighted steel truss system specially designed to meet the needs of large scale productions. Several times a year thousands gather in the Valley to participate in Music & Art Festivals featuring nationally renowned bands, hundreds of independent artists, and of course the Astral Gypsies and their giant puppets. To learn about their upcoming events visit .

Cosmic - Night Stage

Worldwide Steel Buildings offers top of the line steel building kits making at affordable prices.

Metal buildings are quickly rising to one of the most common construction types, and the reasons for this shift in construction practices is clear. Steel and metal buildings are durable, reliable, and simple to erect. This means that they go up fast with minimal construction needed—and ultimately this adds up to a more affordable construction process.

Affordability is Key

What makes steel building construction process so affordable is the use of comprehensive building kits. These kits include everything necessary to erecting a steel building—from the trusses to the last fastener.

What makes steel buildings so affordable are the same features that make them unique and sought after. These benefits include:

  • Buildings are able to be erected in minimal time, oftentimes within just a matter of days
  • Steel buildings can be constructed with unskilled labor thanks to the comprehensive building kits and a easy to follow erection manual that make putting together a building a simple task
  • No heavy equipment is necessary for construction, which further reduces labor and rental
  • Steel kits are light weight, which makes it easier on the construction process, but the steel frames themselves are designed to stand up to harsh winds and other environmental concerns.

Steel buildings are steel at their core, which means the frame of the buildings are made out of the durable and stable materials. From there, it is up to you what materials you use to finish the building, which means that you have even further control over the total cost. Exterior finishes are available in sheet metal, vinyl, stucco, wood or brick, and while all offer enhanced durability and strength, each can provide your building with a unique finishing touch.

Financing options are available to make the construction process even more affordable. At Worldwide Steel Buildings, an expert can help you determine what size and material types are best for your project needs, meaning that you won’t have to waste precious funds on unnecessary building materials or put money into a project that doesn’t meet your needs. Contact us for more information about steel building prices.