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Garage kits and workshop kits are available from Worldwide Steel Buildings, and can be delivered anywhere in the US.

Our customers, including many homeowners, trust us with their significant building projects. These range from business facilities to structures safeguarding heavy equipment, and ensuring the safety of their loved ones.

However, not everyone is ready for a major metal building project. That’s perfectly fine! Particularly in certain climates, many people realize that their need isn’t for an extensive structure like an airplane hangar or barndominium, but rather for a practical storage solution like a shed. Is a steel shed the most visually striking option? Maybe not, but it’s undeniably one of the most functional and durable options available.

If you’re considering the benefits of having a separate outdoor storage shed for your garden tools, lawnmowers, bikes, or snowblowers — those essential personal use items that seem to increasingly occupy space — you’re likely weighing your options: metal vs plastic shed or wooden shed. Which type of shed offers the best material for your storage needs? Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of these shed materials:

Plastic (Vinyl or Resin) Shed

Plastic sheds, which are usually made from vinyl or resin, are a good choice for many people because they have some great benefits. They don’t get damaged by rot, bugs, or corrosion, which means they can last a long time in different weather conditions. Also, because they’re light, they’re easy to put together and move around if you need to.

But being light has its downsides too. Plastic garden sheds might not do well in really bad weather, like strong winds or heavy snow. They’re also not the strongest when it comes to keeping things safe from thieves, compared to metal or wood sheds.

Another important thing to think about is fire safety. Plastic or resin sheds can catch fire easily, so you have to be careful about where you put them, especially if you live in an area with a risk of wildfires. Also, bigger animals like squirrels and rabbits can sometimes damage these sheds.

While plastic sheds are rust-resistant, they can still start to look old pretty quickly. The sun can make them fade or change color, which might not look great after a while.

Even with these issues, resin or vinyl sheds require less maintenance than their competitors. They don’t need much work to keep them in good shape, unlike wood or metal sheds. This makes them a nice option for people who want a low-maintenance place to store their stuff without having to worry about a lot of upkeep.

Wood Shed

Wooden sheds are a common and popular choice for keeping things like garden tools and bikes. They look nice and can be changed to fit what you want, both in how they’re built and in their appearance. This makes them a good pick for people who want a shed that matches their style.

However, wooden garden sheds can be more expensive than other types of sheds because of the type of materials and work needed to build them. They’re also heavier, which might make them harder to set up.

When it comes to lasting a long time, wooden sheds need some extra care. They can be damaged by things like fire, getting wet and warping, mold, and bugs, especially in certain weather. Over its lifespan, a wood shed can require extensive maintenance, making it less of a maintenance-free option for homeowners. To keep them in good shape, you’ll need to paint or seal them regularly.

Also, even though wooden sheds give you plenty of room to store stuff, you might need to add strong locks or extra secure doors to keep things safe. They’re great for storing all sorts of items, but you have to keep the inside tidy and look after it.

In short, wooden sheds look great and you can make them your own, but they cost more and need regular looking after. They’re a good choice if you like natural materials and don’t mind putting in the effort to maintain them.

Metal Shed

A steel storage building or shed might initially seem industrial, but customization options from Worldwide Steel can transform its appearance. Metal sheds can harmonize with surrounding homes and landscapes while maintaining their own appeal. The perception of an industrial look is the minor downside compared to the numerous benefits. Metal sheds are cost-effective and easy to assemble, even for first-timers. Their durability is evident in their fireproof and weather-resistant qualities, alongside their resilience to natural disasters, extreme temperatures, and theft. They are immune to rot, rust, termites, and pest infestations. Additionally, metal sheds are sustainable, energy-efficient, and require little maintenance. At Worldwide Steel, we back our metal sheds with a 50-year structural warranty, ensuring long-term protection for your storage space.

Working with Worldwide Steel differs significantly from purchasing a shed from a retail outlet or Amazon. Our team consists of building specialists who provide guidance through shed kit design and construction and assist in understanding local building codes and zoning regulations.

Now is an excellent time to enhance your property with a storage shed building. If you have questions about shed types, the durability of shed materials, or the best material for your climate, give us a call at (800) 825-0316! Ready to start? Experiment with your ideas using our 3D Building Designer or request a quote online.

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