The Step-by-Step Breakdown of How to Build a Metal Building

Posted on October 20, 2016

Oftentimes, the fear of construction stops potential customers from pursuing their dream metal building project — whether it’s a project as straightforward as a DIY metal building for a metal garage or pole barn, or as complex as a barndominium. Many worry that metal building construction, especially for a sturdy steel building, won’t really be a DIY task. They fear it will require extensive professional labor, or substantial investment in heavy equipment. But don’t worry. Worldwide Steel building systems are designed for easy construction and are cost-effective.

To ensure you get the most building for your budget, Worldwide Steel Buildings designs buildings for an easy assembly process. This construction process adheres to all relevant building codes, making the erecting phase straightforward and compliant.

Steps of the Metal Building Assembly Process

  1. Site Preparation: Pour a concrete slab to accommodate the square foot dimensions of your prefab metal building design, ensuring the slab is set and free of debris.
  2. Offloading Materials: Offload all building materials necessary to erect your metal building kit, and ensure you have everything required for your metal building project.
  3. Setting the Trusses: Set the truss legs on either side of the debris-free slab. This marks the official first step of your metal frame construction — congratulations!
  4. Adding Girts: Also known as wall studs or secondary framing, these pre-engineered components are placed on two-foot centers for superior strength.
  5. Setting Girders: Assemble these on the ground first, and then hoist them into position.
  6. Adding Purlins: These are also placed on two-foot centers, ensuring your metal structure is the strongest on the market.
  7. Completing End Walls: Use endwall columns and side plates to complete this phase.
  8. Framing Openings: A Worldwide Steel representative will advise on the best sizes and types of doors and windows for your building type before you order, ensuring a perfect fit.
  9. Installing Doors and Windows: Install any doors or windows, noting that overhead doors require different framing.
  10. Sheeting Walls and Roof: Use sheet metal panels and roof panels.
  11. Adding Deluxe Trim Kit: If chosen, add this along with gutters and other trim components.
  12. Enjoy Your New Steel Structure: Whether it’s the workshop you’ve always wanted or a garage for all your equipment, your Worldwide Steel Building is ready to withstand all weather conditions.

If the idea of erecting your own steel building seems daunting, remember that many inexperienced builders have successfully completed their DIY metal building projects without issues. Plus, there are experienced contractors in your area who can assist with the building process if needed. The quick assembly of a high-quality steel building kit also means reduced labor costs.

At Worldwide Steel, we’re not only your partner through the design process, we’re also your building manufacturer! That’s right — no middle man. That means we can be confident enough to offer you a 50-year structural warranty on your steel frame building … which in turn should make you more confident in Worldwide Steel, and in your own steel building construction abilities. 

To get a quote on your new garage or workshop today, call us at (800) 825-0316.

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