Is Your Steel Building Strong Enough For Where You Live?

Posted on June 13, 2014

wind_zones_in_the_united_statesThere are various wind ratings based on area throughout the country, with a heavy concentration of extremely high wind zones in the mid-western region of the country, reaching down into several southern states. Many of these states are subject to tornadoes as well. According to FEMA, even in parts of the county where there are significantly lower chances of high winds, there are “special wind regions” that can experience strong winds. Of course, weather can often play a role in wind speed and the southern and eastern coasts are also at high risk for experiencing hurricanes.

No matter what area of the country you are in, Worldwide Steel Buildings have proven time and time again to withstand, not just the test of time, but of winds and weather as well. Our buildings are set to the highest standards and internal codes and have proven to sustain minimal, if any, damage in the most severe conditions with proper maintenance.

Steel is a cost-effective and very strong material that can easily be designed into a great building used for almost any purpose, from barns to storage to churches. There are several designs we offer that should be considered based on your location and the wind and weather conditions that may come your way.

  • Rigid frame – This frame is also referred to as an “I‐beam” or the “red iron” and rigid frame buildings are typically built for commercial or industrial use. This frame can be great for any type of condition, but you’ll want to consider the type of shallow roof zoning required for your area first.
  • Open Web truss – This type of building has a higher roof pitch than the rigid frame and is often used in residential areas. With an extremely heavy weight, these have incredible strength in any condition that almost no other building can beat.
  • Quonset Hut – These are commonly called “arch buildings” because of their curved nature.  They were once used primarily for military purposes but are now used often in agriculture and farming. These buildings tend to be open and only used as a basic covering or shelter. Enclosing and insulating them can be inconvenient and costly. These are better used in areas that do not have high wind or snow load requirements.

harmony hills steel barnWorldwide steel constructs our buildings unlike any other steel buildings with a strong and solid frame that beats the design and standards of our competition. In fact, our strongest buildings have 4-5 times the strength against wind compared to most other steel buildings. The buildings are designed to beat Mother Nature and withstand the worst of weather.

Before choosing your building, be sure to consider your needs, weather conditions, and zoning and building codes in your area to avoid any unforeseen issues.