Top 10 Dream Garage Ideas

Posted on January 23, 2017

Think about your garage. How do you feel? If you’re like most people, you probably feel … uninspired. Sure, your garage keeps your car protected and adds some much-needed storage space to your home, but is it the best garage you can imagine? Doubt it. Usually, our garage makeover dreams stop at a garage organization overhaul. Useful when it comes to storage, sure, but not all that exciting. 

What if you could completely customize your garage design to fit your every need? Think beyond a remodel of your current one-car garage and imagine your ultimate garage: the one you would build if you were starting completely from scratch. You can, with Worldwide Steel Buildings. 

Our metal garage kits are fully customizable to your unique garage plans, so you can design and build exactly what you want from your new home garage. 

To get the design ideas flowing, we’re showing you the top 10 features every dream garage should have.

1. Add Windows

Is your current garage dark, dreary, and depressing? Let the light in with a few windows. Adding windows to your walls or garage doors, or skylights to your roof, will make your building look custom and will offer awesome natural lighting.

A metal garage with a beige exterior and a white garage door

2. Fix Up Your Flooring

A concrete floor may seem like the easy choice, but why not amp it up a bit with an epoxy floor? Adding an epoxy coating to your garage floor is an easy way to turn boring concrete into a work of art. These days, a floor coating is also durable, so you don’t need to worry about messing it up if you drop something heavy.

3. Wash Off with a SinkShelves and a tool bench inside of a metal garage

What happens in the garage should stay in the garage! If you’re constantly tracking grease and grime into your family’s kitchen, adding a sink with some garage cabinets underneath (to store soap and paper towels) can help contain the mess. The ability to wash up where you work will not only keep your garage a cleaner space, but your home as well. 

4. Stock Up On Storage

The garage is the top place for clutter to accumulate, but the right garage storage can help. Take a look at an unused garage wall and measure it for cabinets, shelves and hooks. See if you can add to this storage system with a freestanding storage unit for bulkier items. You’ll be amazed at how much difference it makes in your access to stuff you use all the time (while eliminating the eyesore of built up junk).

5. Power Up with Electricity

If you’re not wired for electricity, you’re wasting tons of potential in your space. Most of the tools used for woodworking, fixing up classic cars and generally facilitating a garage workshop need electricity. Add outlets in convenient spaces to expand the opportunity for future electrical needs. Not to mention, without electricity you can’t have these awesome features below…

6. Turn It Up with Audio/SoundA tool bench with a lot of storage and a mounted tv inside of a metal garage

Who says the garage can’t double as a man cave? Install a sound system and flat screen television. Enjoy the big game with the boys, fix up your dream car, and make DIY jobs a breeze by streaming instructional videos, right in your workshop.

7. Lock It Down with Security

You’ve invested in some really cool stuff. Make sure you protect it! Don’t forget to incorporate a security system and install security sensors on your new garage doors and windows. If you want to further control who has the keys to your castle, consider adding a keypad lock to your door with your own personalized security code.

8. Workbench

A man putting together a work bench with tool storage

DIY enthusiast? Install a workbench near your new storage solution. Make it fully functional with a vise and electrical outlets for all of your favorite power tools.

9. Lighting

Windows may improve natural lighting conditions, but some special projects (or those that keep your attention long after the sun has gone down) require special lighting. Add high-quality LED lighting overhead, and dimmers for more lighting options.

10. Keep Your Cool

Working on a project, or having your buddies over to enjoy your new digs, means you will need refreshments. Forget about trips back and forth to the kitchen! Install a refrigerator and keep your cold drinks right where they belong.

When you work with Worldwide Steel Buildings, the custom garage of your dreams is closer than it seems. Call us today for more information (800) 825-0316 or contact us online. We’ll help you find the best steel building kit to meet all of your dream garage needs.

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