Strength, durability, and ease-of-construction are the WWSB advantage

WorldWide Steel Buildings is an innovator of do-it-yourself steel building construction systems, and one of the leading manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings in the U.S.

Since 1983, we have provided industrial and residential customers alike with quality, American-made steel structures adaptable to any use as a much stronger and more cost-effective alternative to traditional construction.

Our trusses are precision welded, rust-proofed, and undergo a rigorous inspection process to ensure the highest quality in our structures.

Our process

Our purlins and girts are formed from rolls of galvanized American-made steel. Our heavy duty open-web trusses are built on custom jigs manufactured exclusively for our process.  All of our framing is MIG welded and double-dipped in rust-proof coating.

The steel advantage

Steel is an alloy made by a varying tempered combination of two elements: iron and carbon.  This process gives steel its immense strength and durability.

Preferred ten-to-one over wood and brick construction, steel has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, capable of supporting a building of the same size as wood with less material and less need for interior support structures.  This reduces cost and labor significantly.  And because of its durability, steel buildings cost less to maintain, insure and can stand up to extreme environmental conditions far better than traditional construction.

“Hurricane Ike pounded our partially built arena with 80–85 mph winds from the East, North and Westerly directions for several hours,” write Christine & Steve Seat of Almosta Ranch in Houston, TX.  “Needless to say, the main structure survived the storm without damage.”

The application of the steel building construction is virtually limitless.  From agricultural buildings to aircraft hangars, horse arenas to churches and recreation centers, commercial buildings, garages and workshops, industrial buildings, storage units, and residential buildings, the possibilities are endless.

The WorldWide Steel Building difference

WorldWide Steel Buildings manufactures pre-engineered steel building kits that can be safely and reliably put together by the handy do-it-yourselfer.

Our trusses are pre-punched to be easily bolted together.  The purlin and girt clips are factory welded and attach with self-drilling screws for ease of construction.  The sheet metal attaches with self-drilling screws that are flanged and self-sealing to prevent leaks.

To find out more about our process and explore all of the options available to you in the design of your commercial or residential building project, surf the links in the menu on the left, then request a free planning kit, or call (800) 825-0316 to speak to one of our knowledgeable steel building professionals today.


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