A cost-effective, durable option for any construction project

Worldwide Steel Buildings pre-engineered, prefabricated building systems offer an advantage over more costly, labor-intensive conventional construction.  We are an innovator of do-it-yourself steel building systems, and the leading open web truss manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings in the U.S. since 1983.

Reduced labor and cost

Steel is stronger and more durable than other framing materials, and because of its strength-to-weight ratio can span greater distances without support columns, making for easier and faster construction.  Compared to wood, steel structures can be pre-fabricated in our plant and then once on your site go together like an erector set cutting construction cost down by as much as 40%.

Worldwide Steel Building kits are engineered and prefabricated to go up quickly and with less required expertise.  Our do-it-yourself building systems, with our simple to follow installation manual take the guess work out of your construction project.  We manufacture the components of your building right in our U.S.-based factory and ship it direct to you cutting out the middle man.

Strength, durability, versatility

Steel is a tempered alloy made up of iron and carbon, giving it a high tensile strength.  As a building material, steel does not absorb moisture, is not vulnerable to mold, termites or other vermin, and stands up to extreme environmental conditions far better than wood.

Because of this, our engineered steel building systems are adaptable to virtually any use and climate.  Weather you need an agricultural buildings to aircraft hangars, horse arenas to churches and recreation centers, commercial buildings, garages and workshops, industrial buildings, storage units, and residential buildings, whatever your need, we’ve got a building for it.

Good for the environment

Steel is a versatile, energy-efficient building material, requiring fewer natural resources to produce than wooden construction materials.  By contrast, wood twists, cracks, and absorbs moisture, making it prone to structural weakness and dry rot as it ages.  This greatly increases the need for maintenance driving costs.

Steel is increasingly preferred over wood as a green building material.  It is 100% recyclable, able to be reclaimed from everything from cars and other machinery to buildings, ships, and an infinite number of consumer products.  Steel is the world’s most recycled material.  By 2012, 88% of all steel in the United States was recycled steel, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute.

To find out more about the quality of steel over other building materials, and to explore the many options available to you in the design of your commercial or residential building project, surf the links in the menu on the left. While you’re at it, request a free planning kit, or call (800) 825-0316 to speak to one of our knowledgeable steel building professionals today.

When you look at an old home, the design and architecture might be one of the first things that jump out at you, but sure enough it is always the durability and lifespan of the property that takes the cake as the most impressive factors.

They say: “They don’t make them like they used to,” and will comment on the low-quality workmanship and cheap materials that go into so many buildings today. This may be sad yet true among many building designs today, but there is a solution—a building that holds up to a one-of-a-kind warranty, guaranteed to stand strong for 50 years, even when put up against harsh working conditions and extreme weather.

We are speaking, of course, of metal and steel buildings. Metal buildings are a versatile and durable solution to your building needs, perfect for everything from outdoor storage to residential homes. The buildings are affordable and will go up quick, making them an ideal solution for budget building projects.

The ease of construction and low cost, while huge advantages of these building structures, makes many people wary of their durability and strength. However, this is not necessary. Steel buildings are made of the strongest metals on earth, and are designed in a way that allows the building to stand up to absolutely anything you could throw its way.

At Worldwide Steel, we know the value of the metal building kits. Seeing these buildings in action is enough to calm any nerves. This is why our steel and metal building kits come with a 50 year structural warranty directly from the manufacturer. It is our promise that your building will be designed and manufactured to meet your specific building codes and withstand the test of age, whatever that may include.

Steel buildings are ideal for all sorts of needs, from barns and stables to garages and workshops. The steel buildings are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, functioning as commercial and residential properties just as easily as an airplane hangar.

Whatever your building needs are, a metal or steel building kit can meet your purposes and meet them well. When you opt for a metal building, you know you are finding a budget-friendly solution to your building needs—one that will last a lifetime without issue. For more information about construction and materials, contact us.


In any new construction project there are certain areas for concern. These are usually looked at as the biggest risks, and while every new construction project is going to be associated with some level of risk, the most ideal situation is one in which those risks are minimized to protect investment costs.

When it comes to starting a new construction project, the most common risks include:

  • Excessive material needs
  • Prolonged or slowed construction that adds up to excess labor costs
  • Difficulty regarding compliance with laws, codes and regulations

Aside from these major risks, the process of starting a new construction project requires an incredible level of planning, from the basic stages of finding a location and choosing structure and material types, all the way to design and aesthetics of the project.

There is an easier way.

Metal building kits create an alternative that puts ease-of-use ahead of the complex nature of construction projects. These building kits make construction projects faster, less expensive, and more efficient. With metal building kits you can put your construction project together fast and on a budget by installing a building on your property, to the size and specifications that you need for your home or business requirements.

Metal building kits work because of the manufactured steel parts that are produced with building needs in mind. The buildings are easily customized and tailored to different needs, making them a great way to install something as large as an aircraft hangar or as practical as a barn or workshop on any sized property.

These steel buildings are easily constructed, often taking only a matter of weeks to go from project planning to full fruition. The parts of the buildings themselves are manufactured directly in the Worldwide Steel Building factory and every part is guaranteed to fit. This means that you can get your Building kit quick, and it’s guaranteed to to be right. The steel buildings themselves are structurally stable and easily adjusted to be environmentally controlled. The metal building kits are often utilized in the construction of garages and workshops in addition to residential buildings, business headquarters, religious foundations, and aircraft hangars.

Metal building kits can take the hassle out of your construction process saving you time and money and help you get the building you are looking for at reduced cost and in half the time compared to conventional construction.