Unloading, Handling and Assembling your Metal Building Kit

Posted on November 12, 2020

A partially-assembled building
At Worldwide Steel Buildings, we pride ourselves on three things above all else:

  1. Industry-leading metal building kits (with industry-leading 50-year warranties)
  2. Our sky’s-the-limit design/build expertise (no middlemen to be found)
  3. A true DIY construction experience (no special skills or equipment required)

We say you can DIY the assembly of your metal building, and we mean it. 

While other steel building vendors require you to hire contractors and rent expensive specialized equipment, our user-friendly metal building kits mean no need to hire outside help, no need to buy unexpected supplementary materials or tools, and no need to slow down the construction of your new metal building. 

With a toolbox full of basic tools, an extension ladder, steel-toed boots and thick gloves, tin snips, a screw gun, a metal cutting blade and a way to unload and hoist your building materials, you’re ready to start building.  

Our metal building kits show up ready to be assembled, straight off the truck. All you need when your steel building kit arrives is a way to unload the materials from the and to hoist the steel trusses during assembly.

Everything we package and deliver is designed to make the unloading, handling and assembly of your steel building kit as easy and safe as possible. 

However, as soon as our delivery truck arrives on your property, that property becomes an active construction site. There will be heavy materials involved in your build, and safety should be your top priority. 

Here are some tips and things to keep in mind while unloading, handling and assembling your metal building kit: 


  • Wear protective shoes, gloves and safety gear. 
  • Clear your jobsite. Make sure a truck can access your concrete foundation and there’s room for all your building materials upon delivery. 
  • Know how you are going to get your building material off a flat-bed trailer. Most of our customers like to rent a tractor or skytrack if they don’t already have one. 
  • Remember that least-handled material is safest-handled. Know exactly where each part of your building kit is going when it comes off the truck, and unload in a manner that creates an easy pathway to get materials where they’re going.
  • Know what’s in each bundle you’re unloading so you know where to put it the first time.
  • Be prepared with 2x4s. You won’t want to unload your metal building materials directly onto the ground where water or mud could damage them. 
  • When your material bundles are delivered, inspect them for any damage that may have occurred during shipping. If you find any, let the driver know so a notation can be added to the Bill Of Lading.


  • Once again, we recommend only handling your metal building kit when you absolutely have to. The more materials are moved around, the more risk there is for injury or damage. 
  • Be careful with painted surfaces. Our paint coating is durable and impact-resistant, but dragging it across other metal surfaces may mar the finish.
  • We don’t recommend storing your metal sheeting in its bundles. If, however, something prevents you from starting assembly right away (like inclement weather), keep your materials as dry as possible. We recommend keeping them off the ground, elevating one end of roof and wall sheets, and covering materials with a canvas (not plastic) tarp.


  • Worldwide Steel metal building kits are delivered with easy-to-read step-by-step building instructions. Read them carefully. This isn’t the time to wing it. 
  • Don’t try to be a superhero. Make sure you have enough manpower to assemble your metal building safely. You and your crew don’t need to be experts, but you do need to be clear-headed and wearing proper safety equipment. 
  • Don’t be afraid to brag. Once your metal building is assembled, take a few steps back and admire it. You designed and built that yourself! 

Worldwide Steel metal building kits – no matter what type of building they become – are easy to assemble. And with some pre-planning and proper precautions during unloading, handling, storage and construction, they can be fun to assemble, too. 

Want the fun to start right now? Check out our 3D Building Designer online and watch your steel building take shape virtually. Then give us a call at (800) 825-0316 and talk to one of our steel building consultants about turning it into reality.

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