Steel buildings have gained an incredible amount of popularity in recent years as a result of their versatility, stability, and ease of erection. In fact, one of the largest draws towards the steel building construction process is the fact that the buildings will go up fast, and the process of putting up the steel building is incredibly cost effective in comparison to the construction of similar building options.

What makes steel buildings unique is the manufacturing process that is completed behind the scenes. Ultimately, we do more work upfront so there is less for you to worry about during the actual construction process.

Building Assembly: The Simple Process
Steel buildings are pre-engineered and pre-manufactured at Worldwide Steel Buildings. What this means is that we design and fabricate all of the pieces of your building prior to the start of your construction process. The pieces are manufactured in a controlled environment that ensures their effectiveness, stability and reliability along with a strict quality assurance program. When you are ready for your building, the pieces are easily compiled and shipped to your job site and have been fabricated to fit the exact specifications your project requires.

To get the building started the legs are set in place. Once the legs are set we add girts on two foot centers and then set the girders. The next step is to add the purlins, (also on two foot centers) which offers further reinforcement and helps give the steel building the supportive reputation it has as the strongest steel building available. From there, it is time to start sheeting the walls and roofing, which means you want to frame the openings and install any doors and windows. Doors and windows can be placed where you need them, and in whatever size you find necessary, whether that is going to include a garage opening or a smaller door.  The final step of the project is adding the trim, which finalizes the aesthetic appeal of the building. With a 50 year structural warranty you will have the confidence that you have protected what matters.

Each of these parts comes directly from our factory in the exact size that you need. The result is a kit that fits together perfectly, like an erector set creating a building that is perfectly tailored to fit your home or business needs. For more information about steel building construction, contact us.

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