At Worldwide Steel, we’ve noticed something interesting. Often, when potential customers are researching their new building project, they’re drawn to a metal building (and for good reason — there are so many benefits to a steel structure). But they’re immediately wary of metal building prices. For some reason, the price of steel has gotten a reputation for being more volatile than the price of other building materials. And yes, the price of steel does fluctuate along with the economy. But so does the price of every other material. Look at what happens to the price of wood, tile and brick as the economy fluctuates!

So rather than looking at just the cost of building materials, it makes sense to consider the cost of metal building kits against traditional construction from start to finish. And when you do that, you’ll see steel building cost benefits begin with construction and last a lifetime. 

Affordability is Key

Steel and metal buildings are cost-effective from the very beginning. Because they are so customizable, you’re largely in control of the final price tag. With Worldwide Steel, you can design something well within your price range. Of course, larger buildings with more add-ons will come at an additional cost, but your design will be very affordable per square foot regardless of building size. 

From there, it is up to you what materials you use to finish the building, which means that you have even further control over the total cost. Exterior finishes are available in sheet metal, vinyl, stucco, wood or brick, and while all offer enhanced durability and strength, each can provide your building with a unique finishing touch.

You’ll also see metal building cost savings beginning with construction costs. Because your metal building is so simple to erect, it will go up quickly with minimal construction needed. That means a smaller crew, fewer days dedicated to building, and less need to rent equipment, all of which ultimately add up to a more affordable construction process.

Another factor that makes the steel building construction process so affordable is how comprehensive Worldwide Steel building kits are. Our steel building kits include everything necessary for your metal building, from the trusses to the last fastener. That means:

  • Buildings are able to be erected in minimal time, oftentimes within just a matter of days
  • Steel buildings can be constructed with unskilled labor, thanks to comprehensive building kits and an easy-to-follow manual. When putting together a building is truly a simple, DIY task, you’ll save big on labor costs.
  • No heavy equipment is necessary for construction, which further reduces labor and rental
  • Steel kits are lightweight, which makes for an easier construction process

While it can be tough to think past the initial costs when you’re about to make a big financial investment, it’s crucial — especially when it comes to a new building. When you’re investing in something you’ll own and maintain for years to come, the cost of that maintenance is a major factor in the cost of the building over its lifetime. 

Steel frame buildings are extremely low-maintenance, durable and energy-efficient, all of which means they’re cheaper to own over the decades as well as upfront. Because our steel frames are designed to stand up to harsh winds, heavy snow loads and other environmental concerns, they’re less likely to fail under normal circumstances. They’re also less susceptible to common annoying building issues, like rot and insect infestation.

We’re so confident in our building systems that each one is backed by an industry-leading 50-year structural warranty. 

Affordable Steel Buildings From Worldwide Steel

Ready to see exactly how much your prefab metal building will cost? Worldwide Steel Buildings offers top-of-the-line steel building kits at affordable prices. Call us at (800) 825-0316 for a free building quote, or request a quote online.

A Worldwide Steel Buildings expert can help you determine what size and material types are best for your project (for example, a metal barn used to house animals may have different requirements than a metal garage built to store heavy machinery). That means you won’t have to waste precious funds on unnecessary building materials or put money into a project that doesn’t meet your needs. 

Contact us for more information about steel building prices! Financing options are available to make the construction process even more affordable. 

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