No Gray Area: Choosing the Color of Your Metal Building

Posted on September 1, 2021
A metal garage building with a brick red exterior

All our buildings are steel, but not all our buildings have to look like steel.

Sure, there are ways to add siding of different materials to your exterior, but even if you choose to stick with the metal panels (like most of our customers do), there’s a world of possibilities to explore beyond gray. 

In fact, we think designing in different colors is one of the best ways to make your steel building feel less like a steel building. When you’re thinking through all the possibilities of a metal building kit, thinking them through in color can help bring your ideas to life.

All the components of Worldwide Steel metal building kits are available in 17 classic, sophisticated color choices including burnished slate, rustic red, charcoal gray, gallery blue, and so much more. Check out the color chart here! You can choose your metal roof color, trim color, wainscoting and wall panel colors individually, which means the color combinations are nearly endless.

But wait — 17 metal building color options? Can’t I head to the hardware store and choose from hundreds of shades? With Worldwide Steel, you don’t have to. And we don’t think you’ll want to,  either.

When you’re crafting your ideal Worldwide Steel building, you don’t have to factor in the time or cost of painting your new building once construction is complete. We offer pre-pigmented CentralGuard (powered by Valspar) Panel-Loc Plus metal panels. That means the actual colors aren’t just a layer on top of the steel … they’re part of the steel. We aren’t just trying to save you work (although that doesn’t hurt) — we’re adding yet another layer (or six) of protection to your steel building.

The six-layer CentralGuard panels consist of a protective backer, dent-resistant steel, rust-resistant Galvalume, two layers of primer for paint adherence, and an outer top coat. By combining the durability of ceramic and select inorganic pigments with the strength of a proprietary silicone polyester resin, these panels deliver a durable finish.

They’re incredibly resistant to the effects of sunlight, UV rays, ice, snow, acid rain and pollution, which means they resist color fade in even the most hostile environments (especially important for roof panels, which get hit the hardest by sun and precipitation).

While other pigmented metal buildings begin to fade after seven years and show significant fading (and decreased energy savings … more on that below) after 15 years, CentralGuard metal buildings display only minimal fading for 30+ years. And the inclusion of silicon polyester resin means they resist dirt, staining and abrasion.

How to Choose Your Steel Building Colors

All the available colors offer this same durability and low-maintenance benefit. Some offer additional energy efficiency benefits, as well. If you want to keep your metal building cooler inside, a dark-colored roof and walls can absorb heat and help keep your interior temperature up. Likewise, a polar white, more reflective roof and walls can help keep a metal building cool.

A commercial building with a two tone gray exterior

Beyond that, we advise our customers to consider the building’s planned usage. If you’re building an agricultural building, there’s always the traditional red and white barn, or you could choose earth tones for a calming, neutral presence (that can also better hide any mud or mess that comes along with animals). If you’re building a home for your business, you can take cues from that — we think green siding makes a beautiful storage building for a landscaping business, for example. And if you’re constructing your building near other structures, you’ll probably want to take the color of those into consideration as well.

A metal farm building with a cream colored exterior
A metal building with a red exterior against a sunset
A digital rendering of a metal building with a dark green exterior

Mostly, though, we just want you to choose something you like. To choose a metal building kit you’re excited about. To look at your building and be happy with your choice for decades to come.

So let’s get started! Check out our color selector tool and start exploring your options with this interactive color visualizer! Just remember, that the colors in the tool are a close representation but may look different on different monitors. What you see as crimson red on your laptop might be a slightly different shade on your metal home or commercial building. The way light hits your building can affect the way the colors appear, as well. Physical samples in the form of color chips are always available upon request.

If you have questions, just contact the team. One of our experts can make suggestions, show you examples of other Worldwide Steel buildings in the color scheme you’re imagining, and walk you through some pros and cons of choosing various colors.

Really, though, metal building color selection at Worldwide Steel is like everything else about customizing our building systems: there are no rules. Whatever you want, we’re here to help make it happen. If you want to begin thinking through your metal building options, you can explore some of our pre-built customizable designs, and further think through your color scheme with our online color selector

Ready to learn more about designing, building and using a Worldwide Steel building (or more about our industry-leading 50-year structural warranty), or receive a free quote on your project? We’re standing by at 1-800-825-0316.

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