8 Awesome Upgrades for the Ultimate Man Cave

Posted on January 25, 2017

Have you always wanted your own man cave, but haven’t found the time to make it a reality? We’ve got some inspiration to get you back on track! Check out these ten must-have features for the ultimate man cave.

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1.  The Boys Need a Bar

Every man cave should come equipped with a wet bar. Slide in a counter, add a few comfy stools, and stock it with all the best beer and cocktail fixings. If you’re going to do it big, this is definitely one feature you’ll need to include!

2. Upcycled Welding Benchwwsb-personal-welding-bench-airplane-enthusiast (1)

Your personal welding station should be more than functional. It should make a personal statement about the kind of craftsman you are.

Airplane hobbyists can not only craft their own designs, but they can do so on a welding station that channels their inner pilot with an upcycled airplane lift outfitted as a welding bench like the one on the right!

3. Hi-Tech Keg

Gone are the college frat days of the aluminum keg in a trash can full of ice. Grownups have a sleek keg on wheels with a professional tap on top. Click here to explore all the hi-tech options!

4. The Real Deal Theaterwwsb-man-cave-theatre-garage-workshop (1)

Sure, you may have a huge flat screen television with the latest gaming system hooked up and streaming services, but do you have a projector that re-creates the theater experience? The go-big-or-go-home mentality definitely applies in this situation!

5. Submerged Lift

Although you may love to restore a classic automobile from time to time, that’s not always what’s on the menu in your man cave. Install a submerged hydraulic lift and keep your floor space open in between projects.

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6. Master Remote Control

Doubtless, your man-cave will be filled with hi-tech gadgets. Too many remote controls spoil the fun. Pull it all together with a single master control unit and quit wasting time looking for the right one to do the job.

7. Personal Climbing Wallwwsb-indoor-rock-climbing-wall (1)

Sky’s the limit, right? If you’ve got a larger-than-life space that needs filling, get your own indoor climbing wall! Skip the bench press and go vertical.

8. Secure the Goods

Upgrade entry security to “Fort Knox” level with an entry door facade that imitates a bank vault. If that’s too over the top for your taste, at least lock up your space with a remote locking system. That way you can play gatekeeper from anywhere!

Ready to get started on your man cave? Contact the experts at Worldwide Steel at (800) 825-0316 for more information on how we can make your man cave a reality with our steel building kits!

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