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Worldwide Steel Buildings - High Quality and Affordable

Worldwide Steel Buildings has been manufacturing the strongest, high-quality, steel & metal buildings and trusses since 1983. Unlike most building companies, we eliminate middle-man mark up by producing our own steel trusses and secondary framing from our own factory.

Your building can be designed to virtually any desired dimension to achieve the optimal solution for your building requirements. Some of our most popular past projects have come in the form of Garages & Workshops, Residential Steel Buildings, Commercial Steel Buildings, Steel Churches & Rec Centers, Steel Industrial Buildings, Agricultural Buildings, and more.

We manufacture our own open trusses from American made steel so our buildings can be designed for any snow or wind load in the United States. Worldwide Steel Buildings offers a wide-array of structural systems including clearspan rigid frame, modular rigid frame, tapered beam and open web truss. All are available in standard or long bay options.

Whether you're looking for a building for your business, home or farm, Worldwide Steel Buildings has a solution that can work for you. When you buy direct from our plant you save money and with the quick and easy assembly your complete project will come in at the most economical price available.

Reasons to Choose Worldwide Steel Buildings


Worldwide uses only American recycled steel and trusses are built on jig tables to maintain the same quality on every truss. Each truss is then inspected prior to being dipped in our rust inhibitor / primer tank. Worldwide opened our truss plant in 1983 and currently owns and operates the largest open web truss facility in the industry.


Offering a structural warranty of 50 years, your Worldwide Steel Building is set apart from the standard 1–2 year warranties offered by other steel building companies. The premium sheet metal that we use also offers a 40 year warranty giving you a maintenance free building with the durability to last a life time.


With over 100 years combined experience, Worldwide consultants will help you design the building project of your dreams and get you in your building at the most economical price available.

Factory Direct Advantage

Your Worldwide Steel Building package comes directly to you from our factory. We can track your order from start to finish, ensuring that delivery dates are met. Custom requests are handled effectively and efficiently. The greatest advantage of factory direct is the savings avoiding the middleman. We deliver to all corners of the world.


Only Worldwide designs buildings to withstand what Mother Nature dishes out, putting our secondary framing on two foot centers creates wind load strength 4–5 times that of a standard steel building.

Ease of Assembly

Worldwide Steel Buildings are pre-engineered for simple modular assembly. No need for heavy equipment. No need for full foundations. No welding. With simple clear instructions and an all bolt and screw together design it assembles with ease.


Every Worldwide building gives you 100% usable space clear to the peak. We can design them for any type of application. You can add a second floor or loft storage with our exclusive bar joist system. You can have up to a 14’ self supporting overhang for addition roofed storage outside your building and all our buildings offer an expandable end wall for future expansion. Worldwide buildings are 100% steel but also offers the ability to use wood secondary framing if preferred. With secondary framing on two foot centers, finishing interior walls become easy and very economical making a Worldwide Steel Building the most versatile building in the market.


All steel buildings Worldwide manufactures are designed to the required loads and codes for the location they are erected. We have buildings in all 50 states that have been designed for high winds or heavy snows and in 27 years have never had a building fail do to structural design.


From our first discussion with you to the final bolt of assembly, we will be there to help every step of the way. As a privately owned company we understand the importance of quality product and quality service. Communication is important when it comes to service and Worldwide Steel Buildings goes the extra mile. With the best building in the industry and a service level to match, you will be proud to recommend Worldwide Steel Buildings to your neighbors, family and friends.


Worldwide Steel Buildings is uniquely able to deliver long lasting building packages at a truly affordable price. Designed precisely to meet your needs, Worldwide Steel Buildings provide economical solutions to hundreds of commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial applications. Our consultants work with our architects and engineers to put together the highest performance building package at the lowest cost; making our buildings the best value available.

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Associated Builders and Contractors Member Best of Business Award Winner, Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry American Welding Society Member Affiliate A Rated Member of the BBB Proud Member of the NAGC CCR Registered World wide steel buildings facebook