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Metal Building Kits

Worldwide Steel Buildings is a leading provider of metal buildings in the United States, offering metal building materials directly from the manufacturer to you, the contractor. Metal buildings are a great solution for personal and business needs, from workshops and tool sheds to airplane hangars and personal storage houses.

Metal building kits offer a strong alternative to traditional building methods, delivering a more affordable solution that goes up in a fraction of the time typically required of brick and mortar construction. What’s more, these buildings are easy to install; there is no need for an oversized construction team or weeks of wait time while a building crew milks your budget. Metal building kits go up easily, and are the most common build-it-yourself solution in the construction industry.

Metal Buildings: Protect What Matters

Metal buildings are an ideal solution for both residential and commercial needs. While they are less expensive and easier to install than traditional building styles, they are actually among the strongest and most durable building solutions on the market.

Why choose metal buildings? Metal buildings are an ideal solution for:

  • Agricultural needs
  • Workshops and tool sheds
  • Commercial enterprises
  • Personal storage of RVs and collector automobiles
  • Airplane hangars

The metal building kits are both designed and manufactured in-house at Worldwide Steel Buildings by our own experts. When you purchase a metal building kit from us, you are buying directly from the source. This allows us to give you the lowest price possible, with no middle man and no sales team driving up the price along the way.  These kits are all-inclusive, meaning they give you everything you need to create a building on your property, on your terms. There is no need for expansive knowledge in building construction. This is the ultimate do-it-yourself project, and the result is one of the sturdiest and most trustworthy building designs on the market.

Since we create our own metal buildings, we know what you want and we stand by the product we provide with the strongest warranty in the industry. If you aren’t satisfied with your building, or if there are any structural issues with your metal building, we’ll make it right.  For us, this is what it means to “protect what matters.”

Prefab Metal Building Kits

Prefabricated metal buildings have created a shift in the construction process, making it possible for steel buildings to be erected in half the time and with half the budget of traditional building processes.

The benefits of prefabricated buildings starts at the factory, where the raw materials of the building are welded together and organized to the specified needs of your building. From there, the components are made a part of a metal building kit which can be utilized to easily construct a building for virtually any purpose, on any property, without the need for heavy equipment or skilled labor. This removes much of the financial burden from the construction process, and makes your options in building needs limitless. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or hiring out the build, steel buildings go up fast and easy.

Why Prefab Buildings? 

There are many benefits to prefab buildings over other forms of construction. These benefits include:

  • Buildings can be erected in a fraction of the time of a traditional building, with many buildings able to go up in just a matter of days
  • Prefabricated metal buildings are ideal for commercial and residential needs, including for homesteads, garages, barns, warehouses, shops, and airplane hangars
  • Versatility in building design and structure, including material use. This makes it possible to adjust your building to your needs for budgetary concerns, size needs, or environmental concerns
  • Prefab steel building kits are the more economical choice thanks to easier construction processes and pre-made materials that are easily adjusted to your personal project needs

Prefab buildings are pre-customized to make meeting your unique needs more cost effective. Worldwide Steel Buildings offers prefab barns, prefab garage kits, prefab metal buildings for commercial properties, prefab metal buildings for residential properties, and prefab steel buildings for all other uses.

Combine prefab buildings with our metal building kits, and you have an easy-to-construct package that will deliver you a fully functional building that can meet your commercial or residential needs. The prefab metal building kits come complete with trusses, sheeting, trim, closures, screws and bolts to take all of the questions out of your building construction process.

Why Choose Worldwide?

  • Quality

    High quality products throughout the building process.

  • Durability

    Durable materials with a 50 year structure warranty.

  • Experience

    More than 100 years of building experience.

  • Factory Direct Advantage

    Shipped direct from our factory.

  • Strength

    Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

  • Ease of Assembly

    Engineered for simple modular assembly.

  • Versatility

    100% usable space clear to the peak.

  • Design

    Designed to meet required loads and codes for your area.

  • Service

    Dedicated support from first phone call to final bolt of assembly.

  • Value

    The longest lasting metal building kits at an affordable price.

We look forward to helping you design the ideal garage, workshop, storage building, or any other metal building kit to fit your needs. Contact us today for a free quote at 800-825-0316 or click here to fill out our contact form.

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