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Steel buildings are a great alternative to traditional wood structures, and at Worldwide Steel Buildings, we offer a wide range of options and high-quality components for many different projects. We have been in business for since 1983, and our engineers and architects have designed a variety of buildings for everything from aircraft hangers and equipment storage to residential and agricultural purposes. Our New Hampshire steel buildings will meet or exceed all the local building codes while they provide decades of maintenance-free use.

Our Focus on Steel

At Worldwide Steel Buildings we have our own factory dedicated to producing high-quality steel trusses and building kits so we can cut out the middle man markup to deliver great prices and reliable products. We inspect everything we make both at manufacturing and then once again when it is loaded on the truck. We can also mitigate many of your assembly costs with our prefabrication methods and precision-welded components. Steel is a great choice for a building material, and we will make sure that everything you need is delivered on time.

Steel has 25 times the weight to strength ratio over wood, and since we double dip our steel trusses in a rust-proof coating, they will last for years with minimal maintenance. You don’t have to be concerned with wood rot, warping, cracking, or insect infestations. Once your building is in place, it will stand up to years of wind, snow, rain, and all the other severe weather conditions in New Hampshire.

Steel Buildings New Hampshire

Understanding New Hampshire Building Conditions

Whether you’re building a storage building for the many granite quarries in the state or a personal workshop or garage for your own equipment, we can help you get the right designs for New Hampshire. While the summers are warm and the winters are cold, you can count on precipitation almost all year long. Our trusses can resist any wind and snow load, which is important in some places of the state where winds can hit hurricane speeds as they go through the mountains.

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