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Steel Buildings in Iowa

Steel buildings are designed to stand up to long years of wear and tear, and at Worldwide Steel Buildings we specialize in designing and delivering our building kits with high quality open web trusses and secondary framing that are made to last. Our engineers and architects can design the Iowa steel buildings that will fit any project, whether you’re working on an aircraft hanger or a small storage unit.

Steel Building Advantages

Steel makes an extremely effective building material since it can withstand so much more weight than wood buildings. They don’t require much maintenance nor are they susceptible to insect invasion, wood rot, warping or cracking. Our trusses are designed to handle any wind/snow load in the U.S. and they are precision welded and double dipped in rust-proof coating to ensure quality construction that lasts.

We have our own factory dedicated to producing high-quality components. This also allows us to deal directly with the customer and create even more savings. We even offer a 50-year structural warranty on our products so you can make your purchase with confidence.

Steel Buildings Iowa

Building in Iowa

There are a lot of uses for a steel building in Iowa. Where this state was once known for its agricultural industry, it has since diversified its economy greatly and there are many industries and individuals who can make use of these structures. There are, of course, specific considerations, like how the large number of lakes leads to humidity and extreme temperatures, but at Worldwide Steel we manufacture our buildings to meet or exceed all the local regulations.

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