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Steel Sliding Door

A steel sliding door is one of the many door design options available as part of a Worldwide Steel building kit. When you’re designing your metal building and choosing between door types, you’re probably aware that there are different choices for residential and commercial buildings than there are for large equipment and storage buildings. But even for the second category of building, there are a variety of door design options: metal sliding doors are just one of them.

Why Choose Metal Sliding Doors

A steel sliding door can be preferable to a bi-fold door because it’s often less expensive. That’s because sliding door systems are almost always operated manually, and don’t require electricity or specialized motors to open them. For this reason, our customers often choose sliding doors for their barns. A sliding barn door, which is opened by manually pulling along a bottom-rolling barn door track, is preferable if you’re keeping livestock inside the barn. If you were ever to lose electricity to the barn, you would need to have a way to get to the animals inside. On a similar note, if you are storing emergency equipment (like snow plows, tow trucks or other potentially life-saving vehicles), you don’t want that equipment to be stuck inside a metal building when the power goes out.

Sliding doors can also be appealing at a residence. For example, a sliding glass door off the back of a metal home can function as a patio door, let in fresh air, and serve as a source of light for the room. A sliding closet door or interior pocket door lets the make the most of your interior space, because you don’t need to account for inswing space as you’re filling the room.

Making Decisions about your Steel Sliding Doors

When you are considering a sliding door system for your metal building, there are five crucial questions to ask yourself:

  1. How wide should the door opening be? A sliding door panel cannot be wider than the wall it’s going to slide open onto.
  2. How tall will the door opening be? Sliding doors mean that the ceiling height inside your building is unrestricted, but you need to make sure anything you want to move in and out of the building is shorter than your sliding door panel.
  3. Do you want a single sliding door, or a double door design?
  4. Do you want a track cover for your sliding door?
  5. Do you want to attach your door using a side mount or top mount hanger? This choice means a difference in your barn door hardware.

Once you’ve decided on the basics of your stainless steel sliding door, the team of experts at Worldwide Steel can walk you through the details. For example, sliding door hardware, including the door lock and door handle, can make a big difference in the aesthetics of your building. You can also determine which “extras” you want added to your sliding door system. These can include end caps, vertical rails, latches, center bars and latch chains, glass panels, door pulls, track covers, box girts and more.

Check out the images and guides about sliding door systems below – you might find they answer some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about this door type. If you still have questions, contact us today! Our experts are waiting to help you make the best decisions about which kinds of doors are best for your metal building project.

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