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MW-100™ Low Profile Ridge Ventilator Model MW100-25 2-½” Throat

  • This ten foot long low profile ridge vent provides 30 sq. inches of free area per lineal foot for ventilation and only rises 3” above the ridge.
  • The MW100-25 comes standard with a 3.75” flange which equals a 16” overall coverage to fit more building applications.
  •  Hemmed edges are standard for easier, safer handling and to guard against rust.
  • Each vent is individually cartoned for less damage.
  • Standard 29 gauge galvanized painted steel for strong, long life

Plyco Ridge Vent

2-1/2” THROAT The 2-1/2” throat ventilator is designed for low profile applications rising only 3” above the roof line. This vent provides 30 square inches of free area per lineal foot — ideal for attic ventilation or the entire building. Snow and rain are diverted away with little restriction of air flow around the diverter. Adequate intake air through soffits or louvers is a must! We recommend a continuous vented soffit on both eaves of equal capacity. A vented soffit area of 15 square inches on each side of the building creates equal pressure and maximum air flow.

General ventilation rules:

This ridge ventilator is designed to exhaust air out of an attic or building. If used as an air intake, snow and rain will enter the building. For proper flow of air out of the ridge, equal amounts of make-up (intake) air must be provided into the attic or building. We recommend soffit vents, louvers, or windows spaced along both sides of the building to provide makeup air year round. It is especially important in animal buildings where high humidity levels exist, to provide intake air even in winter so that the natural air flow occurs out the ridge. If louvers or windows are used for intake air, we recommend spacing of no more than 30’ so the flow is even throughout the building.

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