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Steel Walk Doors

Our steel walk doors are ‘field located’ – you can plan and install them anywhere on the building, so long as they’re not obstructed by a column or bracing cables, and can be added to any project. Although they’re not traditionally included in the design of your steel building, we can help ensure proper location for your walk door to make so it won’t impede columns or bracing. All steel walk doors available through Worldwide Steel Buildings include the necessary materials for installation.

When choosing a location for your walk door, it’s important to make sure that it won’t be in the same location as columns or other support structures. Additionally, it’s good to keep in mind the location of your walk door in conjunction to interior spaces, loading areas, larger sliding, rollup, or folding doors, or anything else that could cause congestion or safety issues.

To learn more about steel walk doors and how to incorporate them into your metal building kit, contact one of our Steel Building Specialists. They’ll be able to help you with door sizes, window options, locksets, and more.


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