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Insulating Your Metal & Steel Buildings

Similar to conventional construction, steel and metal buildings can be insulated to help maintain temperatures inside the building. The designers and engineers at Worldwide Steel Buildings can help you plan for insulation into your new steel home, workshop or garage, agricultural building, or any other steel building kit. Our team will help you plan where to add insulation, and how much to add in order to best meet your needs, desired application, and geographic location.

Types of insulation for your metal building kit:

  • Rolled: sometimes called batting, rolled fiberglass insulation is one of the most common types of insulation. Available in different R-values, rolled insulation can easily be obtained at local hardware stores, is usually the cheapest option per square foot, and can often be done without professional assistance.
  • Spray Foam: available in open cell or closed cell variations, spay foam is a great way to ensure surfaces are fully covered. Open cell is the cheaper of the two types, but requires a thicker application than closed cell. Closed cell is more effective, as you won’t need to apply it as thick as open cell in order to have better insulation. Spray foam is applied via a spray gun, so it allows you to target the areas you want to insulate, giving you more control. However, spray foam can be 10 times more expensive then rolled insulation, not to mention the uneven texture might be less appealing for more finished areas.
  • Rigid Foam: sold in 4’x8’ sheets, rigid foam insulation panels are a great option to quickly install insulation during construction. These closed-cell insulation sheets can easily be cut to fit along your exterior walls, but you’ll want to ensure proper vapor barrier is used to help prevent condensation and deterioration, as rigid foam insulation panels are not a good moisture barrier. Insulated panels can be expensive, and don’t provide as much R-value as rolled or spay insulation, but are a great option to quickly insulate a metal building that doesn’t require large amounts of insulation. Insulated panels also work great when installed under a metal roof, as they can help reduce radiant heat caused by a metal roof in the summer.

To learn more about insulation options and how to incorporate it into your new metal building kit, contact one of our Steel Building Specialists. They’ll be able to help you determine where to insulate, how much to insulate, and more.

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