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Worldwide Steel Buildings can incorporate steel I-beams to assist with load handling of long span structures. This allows us to transfer the load of your building without incorporating columns in the middle of the project, and we use only American-made steel for transfer beams, straight legs, and more.

Each project undergoes strict load calculations to ensure your building is built to last. When needed, we will design your building to use steel I-beams instead of our standard truss system, which allows for larger spans and heavier loads.

We only select the highest quality materials to support your project. When it comes to strength and durability, our buildings won’t be beat. We have a huge selection of I-beams that we utilize to ensure your building can handle whatever project you have in mind.

Worldwide Steel Buildings uses American-made materials, and every piece for your project is handled by our team before it leaves our plant, ensuring quality materials every time.

To learn more about available I-beams, click here to view our table, or contact one of our metal building specialists for more information.


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