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Hangar Doors

Although they’re most commonly used for airplane hangars, large bi-fold doors offer a wider opening than can be made from traditional overhead and rollup doors. By allowing for a wider opening, a hangar door will allow metal building owners to more easily store wider items, such as farming implements, large machinery, and of course, aircraft.

Common types of hangar doors:

  • Bi-Fold Doors: These hangar doors are horizontally split, allowing it to fold in half when opening. Bi-fold doors are typically run by an electric motor that lifts cables or straps.
  • Hydraulic Doors: similar to a garage door you might find at home, these hydraulic doors open overhead and rise as a single unit. These doors typically occupy ceiling space when open since they don’t fold up like a bi-fold door.
  • Stack Doors: although less common, stack doors are still an option for aircraft hangars. When using this type of door, the opening on your building will be limited by the width of the overall structure, as these doors slide open along the side of the building.

As with any door or steel building accessory, Worldwide Steel Buildings can help you incorporate hangar-style doors in your next steel building project. Our team will help you design your next prefab steel building kit with the right type of doors for your application. Contact our team today to learn more.

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