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Cupolas are a great aesthetic option for your next metal barn or steel building project. Not only do they add a traditional look to your building, but they also can be used to incorporate ventilation functionality. Cupolas assist with pulling fresh air into your building, as well as help control humidity, thus reducing the risk of mold, rot, and other issues associated with moisture that’s unable to escape.

Worldwide Steel Buildings has three different sizes to choose from, they come pre-painted to match the design of your project, and they’re easily assembled on the job for incorporation during the construction process. Each of our cupolas can be designed to incorporate louvers or windows, depending on your needs.

When working with our designers, we’ll be able to help you choose the location and number of cupolas to fit your project. Since they can play an important role in ventilation, our team can help you decide if you need more than one, and where the best location to place them for both aesthetics and functionality.

To learn more about cupolas, contact our steel building specialists today to learn more about the benefits of adding a cupola to your steel building project.

 Model 240
 Model 360
 Model 480
 Base Size
 24″ x 24″
 36″ x 36″
 48″ x 48″
 Side Height
 Roof Height
 Overall Height
 Free Area (Sq. In)
 Roof Overhang



2×2 Weather Vanes

3×3 Weather Vanes

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