Metal Building Design Examples

One of the best things about working with Worldwide Steel is the versatility of our building systems. We offer nearly endless custom designs so you can maximize the functionality, the curb appeal and the future possibilities of your metal building by creating exactly what you want and need. We allow you to customize your dimensions, finishes, doors, windows, roof and other interior building materials and facades until you’ve chosen the custom metal building of your dreams.

We know, however, that the nearly unlimited freedom of creating your own unique design and floor plans can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we pre-load our 3D Building Designer tool with examples of what can be built with our steel building kits.

Start with the type of building that seems closest to your project, then pick and choose the building components that make the building “yours.” And rest assured that no matter how your building comes to life, it will be manufactured with the durable, energy-efficient, low-maintenance steel frames Worldwide Steel guarantees, meet or exceed your local building codes, and will come together with the same simple construction methods our customers love.

Below you will find pre-built designs that you can load into the 3D Building Designer tool and then customize yourself. When you’re finished, save your design, get a free quote, share it with your friends or discuss it with our experienced design teams.

Click on an image below to get started!


Want to see what these metal building systems look like as real-life building types? Check out the photo gallery of just a few of our customers’ steel frame building projects, from airplane hangars to two-story homes. You’ll see how they incorporate interior design, natural light and personal touches to make the most out of every one of the square feet in their steel construction project.

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