The Rosell: 30×20 A-Frame Tiny House Kit

Discover the perfect blend of innovation and sustainability with our DIY 30x20 A-frame tiny house kit, The Rosell. Designed for those who crave the freedom to customize their living space, this prefab wonder is not just a tiny home; it's a lifestyle. At a compact 30x20 sq. ft., The Rosell is your ticket to affordable, energy-efficient living. It's a small house with big potential. Reduce your carbon footprint while embracing a simpler, clutter-free life.

Whether you're looking for an Airbnb rental opportunity, an off-grid retreat, or a comfortable guest house solution, The Rosell provides endless possibilities. Say goodbye to the excessive use of building materials and say hello to an a-frame home that perfectly blends classic charm with modern practicality.

With an interior base of 600 sq. ft., The Rosell offers a thoughtfully designed floor plan that maximizes every square foot of its 30x20 dimensions. Step inside, and you'll find a cozy yet functional living room, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. The A-frame design not only adds a touch of timeless charm but also allows for a variety of windows (not included), flooding your living space with plenty of natural light.

Constructed with precision and ease in mind, The Rosell comes as a prefab kit with a pre-cut steel frame that simplifies the building process. The included house plans guide you through the construction, ensuring you'll have your dream tiny house up and ready in no time. Whether you're a seasoned builder or a first-time DIY enthusiast, The Rosell is a cost-effective choice that ensures a straightforward and rewarding experience.

The Rosell isn't just about reducing your living space; it's about reducing your carbon footprint.
The metal roof is designed to hold the load for solar panels, making it an ideal choice for those looking to harness the sun's power. Embrace an energy-efficient lifestyle while enjoying the comforts of a modern cabin design.

Our 30x20 prefab a-frame house kit, The Rosell, offers more than just a space to call home. Its versatile design allows you to customize your living area to match your unique style, whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or any other aesthetic. The possibilities are endless, and you're in control.

The Rosell captures the essence of classic home design with a modern twist. It's a cost-effective choice that not only conserves space but also conserves your budget. By requiring fewer building materials, it exemplifies an eco-friendly approach to tiny living.

The A-frame structure of The Rosell ensures its resilience against the elements. It efficiently evacuates snow and rain, making it an excellent choice for various climates. So, no matter where you choose to place your tiny home kit, you can trust in its durability and longevity.

Elevate your lifestyle, reduce your carbon footprint, and live comfortably with The Rosell: the perfect 30x20 A-frame cabin kit for those who desire modern, sustainable, and customizable living spaces. Welcome to the future of housing. The Rosell is available at a base price of $10,000, with add-ons available to create a space unique to you and your needs.

Purlins and girts are not included with wood frame kits but are included with steel frame kits. Doors, windows, and interior finishes are not included with any kit and must be bought separately. Contact us for details and pricing.

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