The Petrov: 25×30 Modern Tiny House with Loft Kit

Discover the charm of tiny living with The Petrov, a 25x30 modern tiny house with loft. Crafted for simplicity and elegance, this prefab tiny home kit is designed to maximize your living space without sacrificing comfort. Whether you're looking to downsize, add a guest house, or step into the eco-friendly future of housing, this tiny home kit offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Its minimalist interior design is a blank canvas for your imagination. It allows you to tailor the design from modern to rustic, fitting your unique style. With its clever use of square feet, including a loft bedroom and optional garage, this tiny house plan is a dwelling and a lifestyle choice that encourages less clutter and more harmony with the environment.

Embrace the simple life with our 25x30 modern tiny house with loft. This pre-designed metal building kit redefines small-space living. The Petrov prefab tiny house kit is not just a house; it's a movement towards off-grid, eco-conscious living without missing out on the luxuries of a master bedroom loft or the functionality of built-in storage.

The Petrov, praised as one of our best tiny house kits, invites natural light through its large window openings, creating a spacious atmosphere throughout its smaller floor plan. The dual single slope roof design adds an architectural edge and promotes efficient evacuation of snow and rain, making it ideal for various climates. The roof's strength easily accommodates solar panels, providing the option for a sustainable off-grid lifestyle.

Inside, the living space flows seamlessly into a versatile kitchen area, with modern countertops and space for a stacked washer and dryer, reflecting a perfect blend of form and function. The loft design, accessible by a sleek staircase in the living room, features a cozy sleeping loft that overlooks the main floor. Downstairs, the living area has the perfect space for both entertaining and relaxing.

For DIY home builders, assembling this tiny house design is a rewarding project with its prefabricated components. It's a canvas for creativity, from the interior design to the potential for a garage addition—ideal for storage space or even a workshop. This small house packs a punch with its customizable options, including a variety of home designs, from a rugged, rustic look to a clean, modern aesthetic.

By choosing this tiny house plan, you're not just investing in a home; you're adopting a lifestyle that values quality over quantity, freedom over size, and personal space over unused square feet. The Petrov proves that a tiny footprint can lead to a richer life, with each square foot of the house purposefully designed to enrich your living experience. Welcome to The Petrov, where tiny living meets big dreams.

Purlins and girts are not included with wood frame kits but are included with steel frame kits. Doors, windows, and interior finishes are not included with any kit and must be bought separately. Contact us for details and pricing.

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