The Kupp: 30×30 Tiny Home Kit

Meet The Kupp, a spacious 30x30 tiny home kit that's big on style and comfort. This modern prefab metal kit is your ticket to embracing the tiny house movement without sacrificing the square footage you crave. Packed into its smart 30x30 sq ft design, The Kupp offers high ceilings and a one-story floor plan that's as flexible as it is functional, allowing for a sunlit living room, cozy dining room, and a peaceful master bedroom. The single slope wedge roof is stylish and practical, quickly shedding rain and snow, perfect for places with changing weather. Plus, The Kupp is designed to bear the load of solar panels, making it a sustainable choice that helps reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a future homeowner dreaming of a small house that's big on charm, The Kupp invites you to imagine a life with less clutter and more living.

Discover The Kupp: a 30x30 tiny home kit that's shaking up small house plans with its unique blend of comfort and convenience. With more than 900 square feet of optimized living space, this kit is a standout choice for those seeking a small home that delivers a spacious feel. This modern house plan is meticulously designed, providing homeowners with a living room perfect for family gatherings, a dining room that hosts memorable meals, and a master bedroom that promises restful nights. It even has a front porch for relaxing outside.

Solar panels? The Kupp's got it covered. Its roof is pre-designed to handle the load, so homeowners can use the sun, reduce energy costs, and support a sustainable lifestyle. Large window openings welcome natural light, illuminating the modern interior finishes you'll choose to match your style—whether that's chic and sleek or rugged and rustic.

For DIY fans, The Kupp is a dream. It's a prefab metal building kit that simplifies the construction process, making it easier for you to build a home that stands the test of time. And because life's unpredictable, this home design is thoughtfully crafted to evacuate snow and rain swiftly. This tiny home can also be made ADA accessible to ensure it's welcoming for everyone.

Each of our tiny house kits comes with detailed tiny house plans, ensuring DIY home builders can approach the construction with clarity and confidence. Designed with ease of assembly in mind, the components are pre-cut and numbered, allowing for a straightforward building process that saves time and reduces waste. This approach simplifies the DIY journey and provides the satisfaction of building a personal and well-designed living space with your own hands.

With The Kupp, you're not just selecting a tiny house; you're choosing a living space that's as adaptable as your life. Turn it into your family home, a guest house, or your personal retreat. Its high ceilings make the square footage feel even more expansive, offering a sense of freedom and openness that's hard to find in other tiny home plans.

So, if you're scrolling through house design options, seeking the best house plans that balance affordability with a quality living area, The Kupp is your answer. It's more than a blueprint; it's a step towards your dream home—a small house that makes a big statement.

Purlins and girts are not included with wood frame kits but are included with steel frame kits. Doors, windows, and interior finishes are not included with any kit and must be bought separately. Contact us for details and pricing.

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